Monday, 26 March 2012

Pregnancy Dreams Are The Stuff Of Nightmares

It has to be said that being pregnant totally messes with our minds as well as our bodies.

Not only do I struggle to get through the simplest of tasks when awake I have found myself having THE weirdest dreams over the past months.

My head is constantly elsewhere, whether I'm working, doing things around the house or I'm snuggled up in bed.

Apparently it's the increase in hormones that cause our dreams to go wild. Everything gets blamed on them doesn't it? *shakes fist at hormones*

Let me share some of my dream gems:

  • Driving a rally car with Craig David - and no, we weren't making love by Wednesday
  • Running away from a giant tidal wave of Iced Gems. WTF?
  • Blowing up a condom to giant proportions and using it as some sort of phallic hot air balloon
  • Having an indepth debate with a tree about the pros and cons of camouflage. Again, WTF?
  • Having my baby just appear in my arms and my tummy returning to normal size in an instant - I blame The Sims for that one
  • Being cut in half by Paul Daniels. Now that's magic!
  • Being a female 007 and managing to go undercover to foil a plot of world domination by thousands of seagulls. I think this is because my car has been attacked by poop lately.
  • Having sex at a party with Simon Cowell (yup, that's the nightmare). Lets just say it was good and I got through to Judges houses!

So, there you have it. I'm actually surprised I have time to dream all this seeing as I feel like I'm constantly awake with heartburn or toilet trips!

I'm hoping normal dream service will resume shortly.

Friday, 23 March 2012

If Only I Hadn't Picked Up That DVD

Picture the scene.

It's December 2010 and we are staying in an apartment in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Mini Cheddar is 20 months old and there's a huge winter blizzard blowing outside - we can see the snow rising on the French doors. We just want to cuddle up and watch a DVD together so rummaging through them I find something suitable that I think MC will enjoy - Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas. It's almost Christmas so why not?

That was it. That was the start of the obsession with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  MC loved the DVD!

When we returned home we realised there was a young Disney Channel on Sky called Playhouse Disney (now known as Disney Junior) and episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse filled our TV screen. She was hooked. Cbeebies was cast aside and replaced by the Disney empire.

Then we made the mistake of introducing her to our local Disney Store. Seeing her face light up with the characters was just heart-warming. Birthday, Christmas and general presents began to have a Disney theme and soon MC's love for Minnie Mouse became apparent. 

If only I hadn't picked up that DVD. 

We would have saved a lot of money.

Yes but if I hadn't picked up that DVD we wouldn't have gotten to experience the pure joy of the last 15 months of MC's admiration for Disney.

Matt would never had made the suggestion that we had a last blow-out holiday before the new baby arrives and we would never have gone to Walt Disney World.

Yes, we would have saved A LOT of money. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Disney rocks!

And so does my daughter. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I Can't...

                   ...see how I'm ever going to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes

                   ...find anything I'm looking for as my brain has turned to mush

                   ...figure out how I'm going to fit in freelance work around a 3 year old and a newborn

                   ...believe how much I miss my charity work already

                   ...see how we are going to fit two lots of child's accessories and toys in this house

                   ...see that my boobs will ever be the same again after another round of breastfeeding

                   ...believe I'll ever look at a bunch of grapes again without thinking about haemorrhoids

                   ...see my rings ever fitting back on my sausage fingers

          out how I'm ever going to get rid of the sock ridges on my puffy ankles

                   ...see how Matt and I are ever going to find the time (or the energy) for sex again

                   ...see me ever having a social life again

                   ...think there will ever be a time when I consume 144 Rennie tablets within 2 months

                   ...see my feet

                   ...see my foof

                   ...wait to meet my baby

Taken 2 weeks ago @ 36+1 weeks

Monday, 19 March 2012

Pregnancy Patter - 38 Weeks And About To Lose My Foof!

I can't believe the end is almost here. It's the home run now and it can't come quick enough.

I've been suffering the past week or so with sickness, dizziness, tightenings and pressure 'down below'. I actually said to Matt the other day "It feels like my foof is going to fall out!" He just looked at me confused and slightly disgusted. Men!

It only seems like yesterday I was sat in Tesco cafe crying (with happiness) after founding out we were expecting a baby again and here I am 34 weeks later about to bring another baby into the world. It's been a bit of a roller coaster this pregnancy. It's been SO much harder than when I was pregnant with Mini Cheddar. How I ever coped driving 124 miles every week day to and from work I'll never know.

We still aren't entirely ready for the new arrival. I still have washing, ironing and sorting to do but if the baby did put in an early appearance then we'd cope which is the main thing. Problem is, we are considering putting our house on the market and have gone so far as to have valuations done on the house. We certainly pick our moments don't we? What with MC being ill it's been a bit crazy this last week or so. I have a list as long as my arm of things to do but most of the time I'm too knackered to do a thing!

I'm feeling more and more at ease about things as I near the end but I'm still so scared that something is going to go wrong or there will be a problem with the baby. I just can't seem to shake off the feeling. It wasn't helped by the fact I bumped into my neighbour who lost her baby the other week. We hadn't had contact apart from me sending her a card and her texting me as she's been keeping herself to herself, understandably. It was in a place neither of us expected to see each other and all the time I was trying to cover up my bump with my coat so as not to flaunt it in her face. I could see the pain in her eyes and it broke my heart.

My new baby!
Matt went away down to London this weekend for his best mates stag night. Unfortunately, the timing and location of the wedding means we won't be able to attend. It's really upset us as this wedding has been planned for over 18 months and I was really looking forward to taking MC to her first wedding. I wasn't too worried about Matt going away - even if he was missing for the morning of Mother's Day. MC had made me a lovely card and a painted heart in a trinket box in play school which she brought into my room of her own doing - melted my heart. We picked Daddy up from the station just before 1pm and we went to McDonalds to grab a quick lunch. Nothing like being treated on Mother's Day! Anyway, Matt excelled himself totally as, when we got home, he produced a beautifully wrapped present and card from 'MC & Bump'. As I was opening it he said "Don't get too excited, it's not much". My jaw hit the floor when I realised it was a new iPad3! The boy done good...he can go away more often!

Heartburn is still getting to me although not as bad. The dreaded 'cankles' have started to form slightly. I took to wearing Matt's socks the other day as the sock marks mine left were getting pretty bad. Thankfully they aren't as bad as when I was pregnant with MC. It was proper baking bread in my shoes that time (in case you don't get that reference then watch this you tube clip - don't watch it in front of the kids!). The amazing news is I've managed to get through another pregnancy without a single stretch mark! Woohoo! You watch, now I've said that I'll get one overnight.

I've been sent some fabulous goodies to review for the new baby. The superb new Sanamama baby carrier which I can't wait to try out. It certainly looks and feels excellent quality. Having tried a carrier with MC which she really didn't like, this one looks 100 times better (easy to use and a better position for baby) and I'm hoping bump will enjoy it when the time is right.

This morning I received the new Mirano change bag from Pacapod. I had been looking at the Pacapod change bags following recommendations from some Twitter friends but I had opted for Logan style as I reported in a previous update. So imagine how delighted I was to be offered the gorgeous new Mirano. It's such a beautiful bag and I'm in love already - can't wait to use it!

So, that's about it for now. I wonder if I'll make my next update due at 40 weeks? Guess you'll just have to wait and see...

2 weeks ago I ran a competition to win a bumper pack of HiPP Organic goodies. 
I'm pleased to announce that the winner (selected by random number generator) was 
Well done Zoe!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Huzzah! MC Loves Mike The Knight!

I have to admit, when Mike The Knight started following me on Twitter I was a little bit excited.

You see, back in early November I attended a blogger event and left Mini Cheddar in the capable hands of my husband. When I returned home all MC kept talking about was someone called 'Evie' and neither of us had any idea who she was on about.

Then, about a week later an advert for a new series on Cbeebies came on the TV and immediately MC pointed and shouted "Evie - she's my best friend".

Turns out that Evie is Mike The Knight's little sister and, somehow, MC must have seen an episode when Daddy wasn't paying full attention *rolls eyes*

Mike The Knight swiftly became a firm favourite in our house. Every frog that MC saw in a book or on TV instantly became 'Mr Cuddles' (that's Evie's pet frog to you and me) and every horse was called Gallahad!

Then came the sayings.

Having MC run around shouting "By the king's crown!" or "Huzzah!" was just too cute.

Her favourite episode is 'Scary Dragons' and, I kid you not, she must have watched it a hundred times - I'm surprised she didn't kill off our Sky+. She loves nothing better than stomping and roaring around the lounge. See the video evidence below here...

Excuse the state of her - she was still poorly!

Anyway, I was very excited to be offered an advance copy of the new Mike The Knight - 'Mike In Training' DVD and the new 'Meet Mike' Book. I knew they'd be a big hit in this house!

The DVD is over an hour long and contains 5 super knightly missions for Mike and his friends. Imagine how happy MC was to discover 'Scary Dragons' is one of the episodes on the DVD. Huzzah!

The book is full of lots of the best bits from the first series and contains some great pictures - MC loves looking through it. I have noticed there is also a 'Scary Dragons' book coming out so we will definitely be buying one of those!

Make sure you get your knightly hands on the new

Mike The Knight DVD 


Monday 19th March 2012


This is not a sponsored post.  
HIT Entertainment did send us advanced copy of the DVD and book but 
all words, views and opinions (and the video!) are entirely my own.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mini Cheddar's 3rd Birthday

On Monday I put some pictures up on a post showing Mini Cheddar on the same day each year from 11th March 2009 to 11 March 2012. 3 years. 3 whole years. I honestly don't know where they have gone.

As I sit here waiting for the arrival of baby number 2 my mind is cast back to the birth of MC.

3 years ago.

3 years!

My little girl has grown and blossomed so much in those 3 years. She's a right little chatterbox and comes out with some corkers. She's definitely got a great sense of humour.

Sadly she was ill over her birthday. She started with a bad cold on the Friday night but thankfully by the Sunday she was that excited it was her birthday that she just got on with it.

As my due date is so close we decided not to organise a big party for her. Can you imagine if I went into labour and we had to cancel? We just decided to invite family over to ours and then we all went out for a meal at lunch time. I had organised a cake for her and the restaurant (and my Sister) decorated the table with balloons, streamers and glitter.

Perfect. No cleaning or washing up involved!

Sunday night, Matt and I had planned a 'Minnie Mouse' themed tea party for just the 3 of us. Trying our best to capture the small amount of time we have left with just MC before we become a 4. Unfortunately MC took a turn for the worse and was sick mid tea party. So we had to abandon it and it was an early night for all of us in the end.

She's still not right bless her.  My mind flicks back to her birthday week last year that ended up with her in hospital.

I'm hoping her 4th birthday will be a more healthier occasion and she will also have a little sibling to share it with.

I still can't believe my baby girl is 3 years old. I was fighting back the tears as we sang Happy Birthday to her and she blew out her candles.

Here are the photo's of us celebrating her birthday with her...

The scene in our lounge the night before

First ride on her new Minnie Mouse bike


A quick wash 'n blow dry straight and she looks even older

Enjoying her birthday lunch out

I'll always love this photo of her

Me 'n my gal

A kiss for Daddy

Balloons thanks to her Aunty Sharon

Ice cream - om nom nom

This may end up being the last photo of us as a 3

Lunch was clearly exhausting

Feeling poorly but always time for balloon fun

Just before she took a turn for the worse and threw up

Illness kicks in and it's an early night

Monday, 12 March 2012

3 Is The Magic Number

A simple photo post in celebration of Mini Cheddar's 3rd Birthday yesterday. 

I can't believe our gorgeous little girl is 3 already and in a few weeks time she is due to be a big Sister!

11th March 2009

11th March 2010

11th March 2011

11th March 2012

Friday, 9 March 2012

It's My Last Day Today

*blows big teary snot bubbles into a man size pack of tissues*

Yes, this is it.

I'm due to have a baby in a few weeks so I have to say (a hopefully temporary) goodbye to the Save The Children shop that I've volunteered in for the past year or so.

Today is my last official day and I'm going to miss it SO much.

I know I bang on about my volunteering work a lot. It's not that I am trying to big myself up. There are so many people who do vast amounts of charity work - they are amazing.  All I do is spend a few hours each week helping out in the shop.

No, it's because I get so much from it and want to spread the word on how doing something like this can make you feel soooo good.

Yes, I volunteer for ME.

There, I said it.

Yes, I decided to volunteer to help a charity but it's become more than that. I volunteer to meet new people, to gain new skills, to enjoy myself, to get something more out of life - something different.

Becoming a volunteer has given me a new lease of life.

All I have to say is that if you have any time whatsoever, please please PLEASE consider helping your local charity shop. Have a look at what Save The Children have to say about volunteering - there are a variety of roles that you can get involved with.

If you'd like to read my journey over the past year as a volunteer then please check out the Save The Children link at the top of my blog.

In the meantime, whilst I'm not working at the shop I will continue to blog about Save The Children as my chosen 'blog' charity. At the end of December I blogged that I was part of the #66cities campaign for the charter to end hunger. Just to let you know that my letters were heard by the MP's and sent to David Cameron and I received replies in January. Just doing something simple like this helps the efforts of Save The Children. I was invited by Save The Children to deliver the petition to No.10 but I was away on holiday unfortunately.

Don't leave it too late. Get involved. Every action, however small, helps.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Daddy's Home!

Yes, he came home last week but this post is really to let you all know that thankfully unfortunately, we found out yesterday, he didn't get the job.

I think I mentioned in my post last week that we were even surprised he got a first interview, nevermind a second, third and forth (in America!). The job specification asked for at least two languages and Matt only speaks one. Apparently that's the only reason they decided against him.

They have said though that there may be something else in the future if the UK business really takes off.

Still, their loss is our gain! Plus he got a free trip to America and also got to see some of our relatives which was a nice bonus.

Yes it would have been a good opportunity but, as I mentioned previously, Matt came back from America full of doubt about whether he would take it even if it was offered to him. They said they would want him over in the States at least 4 times a year as well as spending a couple of days in London each week (we live in North Wales). It wasn't something he felt comfortable about.

Neither did I.

Having 'Daddy' away from home for so long had a bigger impact on Mini Cheddar than I thought it would. She missed him terribly and for the first few days after his return she would get anxious if he went out anywhere without us and would say "I just want Daddy to come home".

She was SO excited the day he was due home. I had told her that his plane had landed in London but he needed to make his way back on the train. Then I got a text to say he was getting into the station a couple of hours earlier than we'd first thought. When I picked her up from play school and told her she was beside herself.

Yes, there was one good thing about Matt going away to America.

Him coming home again.

Who needs a fancy new job when you have a gorgeous daughter who loves you more than anything?

Monday, 5 March 2012

Pregnancy Patter - 36 Weeks And A Bumper HiPP Giveaway!


The winner chosen by random number generator was:

Zoe Corkhill

Congrats Zoe :)

1.     Emmainbromley (comment)
2.     Jenny (comment)
3.     Zoe Corkhill (comment)
4.     Zoe Corkhill (tweet)
5.     Katherine De Riera (comment)
6.     Katherine De Riera (tweet)
7.     Marianne Whooley (tweet)
8.     Alison T (comment)
9.     Alison T (tweet)
10.  Gifts From Nature (tweet)
11.  First Time Daddy (comment)
12.  First Time Daddy (tweet)

My last update at 34 weeks was a bit of a low point. For that, I apologise.

I know I've thanked you all for all the support you gave me but I wanted to do something else to say thank you (more on that in a moment).

I'm feeling more positive about things now, although the feeling of anxiousness won't dissipate until our baby is in my arms, safe and healthy.

We've had our consultant appointment where we discussed whether it was to be another c-section or a VBAC. Well, after lengthy talks we came to a decision and all will be revealed in due course. You know me, I've kept the sex secret and now the birth...I just love surprises! All I can tell you is it wasn't an easy decision to make and I'm nervous.

Since the last update Matt has been away to America for a job interview which was extremely hard. I didn't realise just how difficult those days without him would have been. The time difference and distance was just awful being so heavily pregnant but he's home now and it's helped ease my feelings. He's still waiting to hear about the job but because they've kept him waiting so long he doesn't think he's got it. He told me again last night he'd be relieved as at least he wouldn't have to make the decision on whether to take it or not. We'll see...

Whilst he was away I've been busy 'nesting'. I've washed all the baby clothes and bedding, sorted the nursery (got everything ready for the new arrival and hung the new curtains) and I've made sure my hospital bag is completely packed. I've bought a brand new change bag which I absolutely love! I've also got all birthdays, anniversaries and weddings up until the middle of May covered by buying cards and presents in readiness so I don't have to think about it for the first month of the new arrival. How organised am I?

My heartburn is getting worse. A lot worse. I seem to be living on Rennie at the moment. Chocolate gives me bad heartburn. Does it stop me eating it? Hell, no! I'm not mad! Om nom nom.

So far *touches as much wood as I can* I haven't got the dreaded 'cankles' that I did when pregnant with MC. Also, I keep checking my stomach for stretch marks and so far, I'm escaping them again. Huzzah! However, over the weekend my hands decided to swell. I have been in total agony (even with ice cold water and soap) trying to get my engagement and wedding rings off. Thought I was going to dislocate my finger at one point and was close to tears it was so painful. Managed to get them off and I now feel naked without them.

Anyway, on to more important things. The very lovely people at HiPP Organic got in touch with me a couple of weeks back and offered me some goodies that I could keep for the new arrival or giveaway. Being the lovely and generous person I am *ahem* I'm putting them ALL up on here for you to have a chance to win the whole bundle as my way of saying thank you to all my readers.

I've always been impressed with the range of HiPP Organic products and I used to buy them for MC. I also joined the Baby Club online which is a great source of information. There, amongst other fabulous things, you'll find a wealth of information for your exact needs, polls, quizzes and superb special offers. What I loved most was the chat forums and the fact you could even 'ask a HiPP expert' a question. It's a fun and friendly place to be. Basically the club has everything for mums (and dads!) and mums-to-be. Make sure you sign-up.

So, fancy winning this bumper pack of HiPP Organic goodies for your little one?

2 x Banana Porridge Cereal
1 x Banana and Peach Breakfast
1 x Apple, Organge and Banana Cereal
2 x Apple, Strawberry and Banana Fruit Pouch
3 x Mango, Apple and Peach Fruit Pouch
1 x Coco and Vanilla Dessert Jar
1 x Apple and Vanilla Dessert Jar
1 x Spaghetti Carbonara Jar
1 x Spaghetti Bolognese Jar
1 x Celeriac and Tender Beef Hot Pot
2 x Little Nibbles Organic Carrot and Pumpkin Rice Cakes
2 x Little Nibbles Organic Apple Rice Cakes
1 x Little Nibbles Organic Apple and Blueberry Rice Cakes
1 x Little Nibbles Organic Tomato and Sweet Red Pepper Rice Cakes

Yes, this giveaway is worth over £30! I can also guarantee your little one will love it - as will you.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below saying you'd love to win and what you think your little one would like from the pack (if you win, you will receive the whole bundle). It couldn't be simpler!

For an extra entry, those of you on Twitter can tweet the following:

I'd love to win the Bumper HiPP Organic Giveaway with @SAHMlovingit & @HiPPOrganic

I'm not asking for follows but if you wish to follow me, or HiPP on Twitter, please do so - my ramblings can be quite entertaining sometimes...even if I do so say myself (there are other ways to follow me... just look at the top of the side bar of my blog). It won't get you any extra entries though. Sorry!

One lucky winner from the entries below (and from Twitter) will be drawn at random. The closing date for the competition is 9.30am Monday 19th March so you have two weeks. Go!

Competition is open to UK residents only.
Competition closes at 9am Monday 19th March 2012.
Entries will be drawn at random after the closing date and notified by Twitter/Email as soon as possible.
Winner will receive the complete bundle of HiPP Organic goodies listed above.
As always, views, opinions and words within this post are entirely my own.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Hair Today - Almost Gone Tomorrow...When Belle Nearly Lost It!

My blog has been a place of misreableness (yes, I checked, that is a word) lately. So I thought that before Helen downs another bottle of gin reading my posts I'd better lighten the air a little.

After all, my blog has been the home of some great hilarity over the past year and two months what with posts about korma specials in the pub, revenge on my husband, dodgy perms and poodle-tastic posts.  So, here I want to share with you something funny that happened on our January holiday to Orlando.

We had booked to take Mini Cheddar to dine for lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table inside the iconic castle itself. It wasn't a cheap affair by any means but it was totally worth it. Just to be in the castle - plus, we had a great seat right by the window overlooking FantasyLand. The food and service was amazing and MC got lots of attention from all the princesses.

Don't get too close Belle!
First, the lady herself - Cinderella. Then came Snow White. Then Princess Aurora (that's Sleeping Beauty to you and me). Then Ariel. Finally it was the the turn of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

As with all the princess meets it was hug and photo time.

A poor unsuspecting Belle pulled MC in tight and posed for the photograph. Little did she know what was about to happen.

MC's headband with little wire butterflies had become entangled in Belles barnet. When she realised that there was quite a lot of her hair entwined it became apparent from the look of horror in her eyes that she was in danger of losing her wig!

Can you imagine? All those little princesses on holiday dining nicely in the castle suddenly seeing their idol Princess Belle lose her hair.

So, what could we do? I had to step in to help her obviously. Meanwhile, poor Belle is trying to remain calm as well as keep MC from galloping away with her hairpiece. Also, by this time, a number of fellow diners had realised what was taking place and began gawping and tittering at the hilarious scene unfolding in front of their eyes.

Finally, after what seemed like an age I untangled the pair and Belle was free to continue her princess duties around the castle. She scarpered away from us so fast she forgot to sign MC's autograph book.

Personally, I think she ran off to change her royal knickers!

Matt managed to capture it all and so here, for your viewing pleasure, is the video evidence:

You can just make out Belle in a panic at 49 secs saying to me "Oooh don't pull my hair too much"


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