Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mini Cheddar's 3rd Birthday

On Monday I put some pictures up on a post showing Mini Cheddar on the same day each year from 11th March 2009 to 11 March 2012. 3 years. 3 whole years. I honestly don't know where they have gone.

As I sit here waiting for the arrival of baby number 2 my mind is cast back to the birth of MC.

3 years ago.

3 years!

My little girl has grown and blossomed so much in those 3 years. She's a right little chatterbox and comes out with some corkers. She's definitely got a great sense of humour.

Sadly she was ill over her birthday. She started with a bad cold on the Friday night but thankfully by the Sunday she was that excited it was her birthday that she just got on with it.

As my due date is so close we decided not to organise a big party for her. Can you imagine if I went into labour and we had to cancel? We just decided to invite family over to ours and then we all went out for a meal at lunch time. I had organised a cake for her and the restaurant (and my Sister) decorated the table with balloons, streamers and glitter.

Perfect. No cleaning or washing up involved!

Sunday night, Matt and I had planned a 'Minnie Mouse' themed tea party for just the 3 of us. Trying our best to capture the small amount of time we have left with just MC before we become a 4. Unfortunately MC took a turn for the worse and was sick mid tea party. So we had to abandon it and it was an early night for all of us in the end.

She's still not right bless her.  My mind flicks back to her birthday week last year that ended up with her in hospital.

I'm hoping her 4th birthday will be a more healthier occasion and she will also have a little sibling to share it with.

I still can't believe my baby girl is 3 years old. I was fighting back the tears as we sang Happy Birthday to her and she blew out her candles.

Here are the photo's of us celebrating her birthday with her...

The scene in our lounge the night before

First ride on her new Minnie Mouse bike


A quick wash 'n blow dry straight and she looks even older

Enjoying her birthday lunch out

I'll always love this photo of her

Me 'n my gal

A kiss for Daddy

Balloons thanks to her Aunty Sharon

Ice cream - om nom nom

This may end up being the last photo of us as a 3

Lunch was clearly exhausting

Feeling poorly but always time for balloon fun

Just before she took a turn for the worse and threw up

Illness kicks in and it's an early night


Adriana said...

 Happy 3rd birthday! So sorry to hear she was poorly. I'm sure she will remember the happy moments!

MsXpat said...

Looks like it was a smashing birthday its unfortunate it ended as it did. You do feel very helpless when your child ills. I sometimes wonder how parents with kids with chronic illness cope. If my son has nasal congestion I cry. I hope your daughter is on the mend, and she'll have her wonderful pressies to cheer her up when she's recovered.

northernmum said...

She's beautiful! Hope she feels better, and hurry up baby x

Older Mum said...

Ah. Happy Birthday to mini chedder and lovely photos of the eventful day!

Mama Syder said...

Awwww such a shame MC ended up unwell, bless her. Hope she is feeling ok now. Fab photo's...she looks like such a happy little girl...and I love the bike, I want one! x

Blue Sky said...

She looks as though she really enjoyed it even though she wasn't well, hope she is better now and Happy Birthday MC :)

All for Aleyna said...

Oh Heath she is just precious. And you look absolutely amazing, totally.  Get well soon MC xxxxx

Emma said...

MC is gorgeous! I'm so glad you all managed to have lovely day despite MC being poorly. I hope she is better soon. 

you look fab by the way :-)

Mummy Beadzoid said...

It goes so quickly doesn't it? We'll be celebrating a 3rd birthday in September - can't believe it.

Hope that MC is feeling better so she can take full advantage of those fab toys! xX


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