Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Daddy's Home!

Yes, he came home last week but this post is really to let you all know that thankfully unfortunately, we found out yesterday, he didn't get the job.

I think I mentioned in my post last week that we were even surprised he got a first interview, nevermind a second, third and forth (in America!). The job specification asked for at least two languages and Matt only speaks one. Apparently that's the only reason they decided against him.

They have said though that there may be something else in the future if the UK business really takes off.

Still, their loss is our gain! Plus he got a free trip to America and also got to see some of our relatives which was a nice bonus.

Yes it would have been a good opportunity but, as I mentioned previously, Matt came back from America full of doubt about whether he would take it even if it was offered to him. They said they would want him over in the States at least 4 times a year as well as spending a couple of days in London each week (we live in North Wales). It wasn't something he felt comfortable about.

Neither did I.

Having 'Daddy' away from home for so long had a bigger impact on Mini Cheddar than I thought it would. She missed him terribly and for the first few days after his return she would get anxious if he went out anywhere without us and would say "I just want Daddy to come home".

She was SO excited the day he was due home. I had told her that his plane had landed in London but he needed to make his way back on the train. Then I got a text to say he was getting into the station a couple of hours earlier than we'd first thought. When I picked her up from play school and told her she was beside herself.

Yes, there was one good thing about Matt going away to America.

Him coming home again.

Who needs a fancy new job when you have a gorgeous daughter who loves you more than anything?


Claire Hegarty B said...

I love those two photos.  They are so poignant and sweet.  My hubby goes away on business a lot but my little boy is used to it!  His Daddy gets disappointed when he isn't overjoyed to see him each and every time and just acts matter of fact about it!

Tanya (Bump2Basics) said...

 Oh that is so sweet!  Having done a long distance relationship and now living apart from my family in the States I know completely what you mean about one good think about long distance is the reunions

becky gower said...

gorgeous photos! Glad your man is staying with you.  x

farfromhomemama said...

What a beautiful photo of MC running down the platform. You're right. A happy family is much more important than a promotion. x

HELEN said...

ahh I'm so pleased for you...if you know what I least that decision has been taken out of your hands, it's not one that you really want to be making right now with your imminent arrival....I did well not to blub & your pics today too! x

Mari said...

One door shuts and another one opens - that's what my mum always says and that's so true too. I'm secretly happy for you all and I'm sure that all of this hasn't been for nothing, soemthing will come out of

HonestMum said...

Everything happens for a reason and sure this is the right outcome x

Northernmum said...

thats a fab picture, everything happens for a reason mrs x x x

bod for tea said...

I loved this photo when you used it on Sunday :D It's so magical seeing their faces when Daddy comes home isn't it? DD is used to Daddy going away as he's been doing it since she was born but as she gets older I think it affects her more. Glad you're happy with the way things turned out x

Mummyandthebeastie said...

Those pictures of MC waiting and running for Daddy are just heart melting. It takes me back to that photo and post with the Littlest Hobo song! makes you go ahhhhh.

I am glad that you are all back together and happy again and although he didn't get the job I think these things happen for a reason and it wasn't right for your family right now. What is meant to be will be!

Not long to go now hun eh :-) xx

grumpinator said...

What's for you won't go past you, it's hits you square in the face. I don't think this opportunity was meant for you both, at least not for now. You will both have enough on your plates in the coming months. I'm glad it worked out and it's so sweet to see MC so excited for Matt's return. x


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