Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I Can't...

                   ...see how I'm ever going to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes

                   ...find anything I'm looking for as my brain has turned to mush

                   ...figure out how I'm going to fit in freelance work around a 3 year old and a newborn

                   ...believe how much I miss my charity work already

                   ...see how we are going to fit two lots of child's accessories and toys in this house

                   ...see that my boobs will ever be the same again after another round of breastfeeding

                   ...believe I'll ever look at a bunch of grapes again without thinking about haemorrhoids

                   ...see my rings ever fitting back on my sausage fingers

          out how I'm ever going to get rid of the sock ridges on my puffy ankles

                   ...see how Matt and I are ever going to find the time (or the energy) for sex again

                   ...see me ever having a social life again

                   ...think there will ever be a time when I consume 144 Rennie tablets within 2 months

                   ...see my feet

                   ...see my foof

                   ...wait to meet my baby

Taken 2 weeks ago @ 36+1 weeks


scribblingmum said...

Awww, sweetheart! I nodded, smiled, laughed and vomited a wee bit in my mouth reading this list - brilliant. It will of course all work out, it's quite amazing how that happens but it's true X

Lisa said...

Right there with you! Especially about pregnancy clothes and the foof!

Notmyyearoff said...

You will you will you will!! :). You will do all those things and somehow a new routine will find its place in your life. I can't believe how fast your pregnancy has flown!

Emma said...

I love the last line, and you will do all those other things too! It'll be amazing! xx

PhotoPuddle said...

My brain is complete mush! It's words that I'm having trouble with. For example we put together a chest of drawers for my little girl this week. I am unable to stop calling it a bloody wardrobe. I have no idea why.
Keep wondering about the social life thing too. Well all I can say is I'm already in need a good bloody good night out - preferably with dancing - so this is something that will just have to happen one way or another!

Giggling at the foof comment too. There's got to be one down there still somewhere!

Blue Sky said...

You think you won't be able to do all these things, but you will, you'll amaze yourself  xx

bod for tea said...

Oh sweetie, I'm sure everything will slot itself into a new routine in time. Oh and the one about the grapes had me spitting out my coffee - he he!

farfromhomemama said...

This is definitely a list that I'll be passing on to my newly pregnant friends - is that evil of me?! Just want to let them know what they can expect later down the line ;-) You must be so excited now xx

Village Mama UK said...

Yes, definitely with you on that list-especially the sex one. Baby is now a month old and I'm coming out the other end of it all. It will all get back on an even keel eventually. x

grumpinator said...

I remember this stage well! Won't be long now though - the final countdown! xx

Actually Mummy... said...

Rennies! I laugh in the face of Rennies! I mainlined liquid Gaviscon for 5 months!

HELEN said...

ahh not long now...the wait to meet baby will soon be over x


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