Friday, 16 March 2012

Huzzah! MC Loves Mike The Knight!

I have to admit, when Mike The Knight started following me on Twitter I was a little bit excited.

You see, back in early November I attended a blogger event and left Mini Cheddar in the capable hands of my husband. When I returned home all MC kept talking about was someone called 'Evie' and neither of us had any idea who she was on about.

Then, about a week later an advert for a new series on Cbeebies came on the TV and immediately MC pointed and shouted "Evie - she's my best friend".

Turns out that Evie is Mike The Knight's little sister and, somehow, MC must have seen an episode when Daddy wasn't paying full attention *rolls eyes*

Mike The Knight swiftly became a firm favourite in our house. Every frog that MC saw in a book or on TV instantly became 'Mr Cuddles' (that's Evie's pet frog to you and me) and every horse was called Gallahad!

Then came the sayings.

Having MC run around shouting "By the king's crown!" or "Huzzah!" was just too cute.

Her favourite episode is 'Scary Dragons' and, I kid you not, she must have watched it a hundred times - I'm surprised she didn't kill off our Sky+. She loves nothing better than stomping and roaring around the lounge. See the video evidence below here...

Excuse the state of her - she was still poorly!

Anyway, I was very excited to be offered an advance copy of the new Mike The Knight - 'Mike In Training' DVD and the new 'Meet Mike' Book. I knew they'd be a big hit in this house!

The DVD is over an hour long and contains 5 super knightly missions for Mike and his friends. Imagine how happy MC was to discover 'Scary Dragons' is one of the episodes on the DVD. Huzzah!

The book is full of lots of the best bits from the first series and contains some great pictures - MC loves looking through it. I have noticed there is also a 'Scary Dragons' book coming out so we will definitely be buying one of those!

Make sure you get your knightly hands on the new

Mike The Knight DVD 


Monday 19th March 2012


This is not a sponsored post.  
HIT Entertainment did send us advanced copy of the DVD and book but 
all words, views and opinions (and the video!) are entirely my own.


Blue Sky said...

My kids are a bit old for the DVD, but the video of MC really made me smile :)

MsXpat said...

I must admit I'm a fan of the knight too!

Mari said...

Now I have heard something about Mike the Knight, I'm sure but not paid enough attention - you have enlightened me this evening and I will act on this and get Huzzah from my girls too

Mummy Beadzoid said...

I LOVE Mike the Knight! Hope it stick around for Babyzoid to get into - it's all about Peppa and Pingu in this house at the moment.

Loved the video! :D xxx

Anonymous said...

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Michael said...

I think Mike the Knight is a great show. There is a little life lesson for your kids in every episode. Sometimes he starts of acting brattish but who's child is always a perfect little angel.

Great post.



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