Friday, 23 March 2012

If Only I Hadn't Picked Up That DVD

Picture the scene.

It's December 2010 and we are staying in an apartment in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Mini Cheddar is 20 months old and there's a huge winter blizzard blowing outside - we can see the snow rising on the French doors. We just want to cuddle up and watch a DVD together so rummaging through them I find something suitable that I think MC will enjoy - Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas. It's almost Christmas so why not?

That was it. That was the start of the obsession with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  MC loved the DVD!

When we returned home we realised there was a young Disney Channel on Sky called Playhouse Disney (now known as Disney Junior) and episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse filled our TV screen. She was hooked. Cbeebies was cast aside and replaced by the Disney empire.

Then we made the mistake of introducing her to our local Disney Store. Seeing her face light up with the characters was just heart-warming. Birthday, Christmas and general presents began to have a Disney theme and soon MC's love for Minnie Mouse became apparent. 

If only I hadn't picked up that DVD. 

We would have saved a lot of money.

Yes but if I hadn't picked up that DVD we wouldn't have gotten to experience the pure joy of the last 15 months of MC's admiration for Disney.

Matt would never had made the suggestion that we had a last blow-out holiday before the new baby arrives and we would never have gone to Walt Disney World.

Yes, we would have saved A LOT of money. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Disney rocks!

And so does my daughter. 


Mummy Beadzoid said...

I feel the same way about introducing Babyzoid to Peppa Pig ;) x

Inside The Wendy House said...

Ella is still obsessed with Disney.  This is her birthday present this year! You are never too old to enjoy Disney magic :)

Blue Sky said...

I had to ban my Angel from watching Bambi more than twice a day when she was little.  I bet she still remembers every scene 17 years later!

HELEN said...

I love that picture.....a Minnie Mouse obsession is good though, it's timeless and her collection can be passed on one day..........or sold on Ebay so you can recoup some of your money!! x

Mari said...

Gogeous photo, my girls always snug down with a million teddies too - adorable Mickey collection

bod for tea said...

DD religiously watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before teatime and sings all the songs. Now when things go wrong she says she needs a Mousekatool!

farfromhomemama said...

I have all this to come and I cannot WAIT!! x

Sarah Leanne said...

My son LOVES disney too. But so do I and remember the magic around it from when I was little too!Disney rocks!

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Ohh wow, that is a serious addiction at a young age!  Mich x

Anonymous said...

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