Blog Love

I started blogging 31st Dec 2010 and I've been overwhelmed by the support offered to me by people in the blogging community.  I went into blogging thinking that it would be just somewhere to dump my stupid thoughts and feelings and that I may get the odd reader.  Never did I expect to get so much readership to my blog and so much help and support from others.

Here is a place to mention those people who've helped me, those people whose blogs I love reading, those who host fab blog hops and more importantly amazing blogger friends I've made.

I'll be adding to this on an ongoing basis so if you're not here yet don't panic ;-)
If you have a blog badge or want your blog mentioned here, just let me know.  You can grab my badge by copying and pasting the code on the right-hand side of my blog. Thanks.



Silent Sunday

    Adventures in Estrogen

Very Bored in Catalunya   Photobucket"


   Real Housewife of Suffolk County


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