Monday, 30 July 2012

Move Over Linda Blair

This evening I lost my sweet little girl for a while.

Sure, she's had the odd tantrum before (thankfully they are mild and few and far between) but tonight's performance was spectacular. If there was an Olympic medal for tantrums she would have won gold 100 times over.

Matt and I seriously thought that she was possessed at one point. I was totally waiting for her head to spin 360 degrees like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Yes, it was that bad.

So, what sparked this defiant outburst?

She didn't want to wear her pink shoes.


Yes, she went into total melt down because she wouldn't wear her pink shoes. Madam had decided that because her outfit didn't have any pink in it that she couldn't wear her pink shoes. I don't think Gok Wan himself could've convinced the forceful fashionista to be persuaded otherwise.

There was screaming.
There was crying.
There was dribbling.
There was kicking.
There was hitting.
There was feet stamping.
There was spitting.
There was shoe throwing.

I've never seen anything like it from her before.

The full force of it probably lasted a good half an hour. She even needed a wee half way through, took herself to the toilet and continued the tantrum whilst sat on the throne. Her knickers were thrown across the downstairs toilet as she kicked and screamed in a voice that I imagine the devil himself would be proud of.

So, what did I do?

I did what every good Mummy should do of course.

I secretly videoed her*

Hey, don't judge me...I need some good fodder for her 18th Birthday.

Let's hope we don't see Linda again soon

* I did consider blogging the video but I'm really not that cruel. If you want a copy, drop me an email ;-)

Friday, 20 July 2012

Rear Facing Is Definitely The Way Forward

When the subject of a group 1 car seat for Mini Cheddar came up just under 3 years ago I remember having a discussion with a friend about the news following research on forward facing seats versus rear. It was all over the news about rear facing being so much safer and was the law in Scandinavia.

My little girl had spent almost 9 months looking at the back seat of the car though and the choice of forward facing seats was immense. My friend and I both chose forward facing as we were looking forward to our little girls being able to see us.

Oh how naive we were.

I've always wondered about rear facing seats. Wondered if they were any good, how much leg room children had and if MC would like facing the back seat again. So when I heard that Tots 100 were supporting in their campaign, along with RoSPA and BeSafe, to raise awareness of rear facing car seats I put ourselves forward to trial a rear facing seat - how could I not after being so intrigued for so long.

Simple click and the
ISOfix button turns green
Following research from they found that a massive 70% of parents were unaware that Group 1 rear facing car seats even existed. This is so shocking considering that rear facing can be up to 5 times safer than forward facing seats. MC will be out of the Group 1 in a few months so I was looking to see if it was something we could use for Tiny Ched as he'd be none-the-wiser over forward facing for younger children. Cunning, I know.

Put the bar down at
the back and secure
A lot of parents have said that rear facing seats are difficult to fit so we were challenged to watch a video (which can be viewed here) and try and fit the seat according to the instructions. When we initially saw the seat we thought it would be difficult but after watching the video it was super easy and the few simple images on the side of the car seat were fantastic too. I think the video will definitely help those fitting seats with the belts. We were sent the ISOfix version.

Wind the front support
The seat was actually much easier to install than our current forward facing car seat. I have to say we are also mighty impressed with how great the seat looked and how incredibly study and secure it is - again, so much better than our forward facer.

But it wasn't really for us to decide. Mini Cheddar was the ultimate tester.

The verdict?

She absolutely loves it! She actually has a higher seating position so she can see so much better out of the side window and, instead of looking at an obstructed view out of the front window, she gets a whole back window to see out of. Believe it or not she doesn't like going in the forward facing seat that we've now put in my car (Daddy's got the new seat!). She enjoys watching the other cars on the road 'chase' us and will squeal with delight at how much more she can see.

If I'm being honest I thought we may be sending the seat back or passing it on to someone but no, we are definitely keeping it.

We are all rear facing converts.
MC very pleased with her new seat
Even 'dolly' loves it

This is not a sponsored post.  
We were sent a BeSafe iZi Kid ISOfix car seat to review but 
all photographs, words, views and opinions are my own.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I'll Be There For You

Before I had Mini Cheddar I pretty much just got on with my life.

Sure I was worried very occasionally about accidents, illness and the like but no more so than everyone else.

When I became a mother, just over 3 years ago, I experienced a massive change in how I looked at things and how I felt.

I was a mother. A mum. A mummy.

My primary job in the new role was to protect my child and be there for her...always.

I began to have feelings that made me slightly nervous and uncomfortable. Feelings that something bad was going to happen. To her. To my husband. To me. To all of us.

These feelings would vary in intensity. They weren't just dreams or nightmares, they were thoughts in my day to day life. Thoughts that were quite powerful sometimes.

For instance, I'd get het up if Matt was on long car journeys, worried that he wouldn't make it safely home to us. I'd actually even visualise policemen turning up on my doorstep..."Mrs Lucas?....I'm afraid we have some bad news". If I felt any pain or felt unwell I'd worry that it was something more serious and I wouldn't make it to see my daughter grow up. Even if I carried MC across the landing I'd have visions of me tripping and dropping her over the bannister. So I'd clutch her so tight and walk nearer the wall.

I started to think I was silly having these thoughts. Until I spoke to a few other mums and realised that it was perfectly natural.

When we become mothers it's as if someone flicks a switch on that makes us have these overly sensitive and protective feelings for our offspring. Perhaps it's a hormonal change. Maybe it's more powerful in some people than others. I really don't know. I don't have the answers.

Anyway, somewhere along the lines I became less anxious. The thoughts were there but they gradually dwindled away as MC grew older and I began to feel more comfortable. I still had worries but they were less intense. Less scary. Less frequent.

What a great day for an ultrasound!
Now I've had another baby the thoughts have returned. Albeit less often and less dramatic but it's brought it all back to me how I felt after the birth of MC.

I have been having a few problems recently which couldn't be diagnosed properly by my GP so he referred me for an ultrasound. I went to the hospital on Friday but kept it quiet from family and friends. All has come back clear but for those 2 weeks whilst I waited for my appointment, although I knew deep down that everything was alright, there was this tiny niggling doubt in my mind that something bad was going to come of it.

It's really made me realise that I need to take better care of myself so I can do my best to ensure I'm there for my two children for as long as I can be.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this post. It's been one of 'those' posts that has been lingering in drafts for a long time now. I'm guessing I just wanted to assure any other mums who have experienced or are experiencing these feeling that they are certainly not alone.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I'm A Bad Person

Okay...I'm not a bad person really but today I did feel like one.

Something happened that made me realise I'd been stupid as I'd upset someone.

This person isn't a friend or anything like that but it doesn't mean I still don't feel bad.

This person and I are thrown together on very rare occasions. Sometimes we can go a couple of years without ever seeing each other. I always felt this person didn't like me. Their body language and other things I picked up on made me think this. For instance, I always felt like I made the first move to be friendly and break the ice. Now, having taken time to reflect, it was probably just the sheer awkwardness of the situation we were both put in.

Anyway, I said a couple of things on Twitter. Yup, public forum. No, I didn't threaten to blow up Robin Hood airport! In actual fact I didn't say anything bad about this person but I just said bad things about the situation that, in hindsight, I shouldn't have.

I (stupidly) have always looked upon Twitter as my escapism. My followers don't know the 'real' me in real life apart from one or two who don't really use it much anyway. Well, appears that someone on Twitter is showing a keen interest in me as this person supposedly found out through a friend who was watching my Twitter feed. This I find a little stalkeresque which I did mention to them.

It did cross my mind for all of 30 seconds to shut down Twitter and my blog but I don't think it's needed. Yes it creeps me out a bit that someone who doesn't know me but knows 'of' me is following my movements but hopefully they will get bored and move along. Nothing to see here and all that. After all, the people who actually know me and are friends with me know that I always hold my family and friends close to my heart.

I've just suffered a moment where I just didn't think about the consequences of online banter hitting me in real life. I got caught up in the moment. Never for a minute thinking about Twitter being a public forum. Doh!

I have apologised to the person involved and I think (hope) they realised how genuinely sincere I was and it's all water under the bridge now and we can move on. We actually talked more than we've ever talked before. The odd thing to come out of this is that I actually have a lot of respect for this person and really feel in another life we could have even been friends.

Strange what life throws at you sometimes.

Friday, 6 July 2012

The MAD Blog Awards Carnival - Home

It's a great honour to be a finalist again in this years MAD Blog Awards and it's a great honour to get the chance to host a carnival of blog posts from some of this years amazing finalists.

Being a stay at home mum means I do spend a lot of my time at home and, as my name says so, I love it. So what better subject to talk about here on my blog.

Becky over at Baby Budgeting gives us all a great idea to make homemade craft boxes for our kids. As she explains, these are boxes of POTENTIAL which really give our children the creative outlet they need. I know I'll certainly be putting one together for the summer holidays - perfect for these endless rainy days we've been having!

Becky also has a great post over on her Family Budgeting blog where she shares her top food storage tips to try and reduce the average families yearly food wastage bill. Who would have ever known that keeping an apple with potatoes stops them budding? I certainly didn't. So many great tips I'll be using from now on.

Had enough of all the rain we've been having recently? Well, head over to Transatlantic Blonde and allow Ryan to transport you to a 24 hour heatwave in home of Glasgow. She shares some superb photos of 'Blondie Boy' giving his new paddling pool its first outing. He's so cute!

Want to learn how to avoid having your breakfast at home served by a dragon? Actually Mummy shares her insights into the 5 things she's learned from her parents in this hilarious insight from a child's perspective of life at home. 'How to argue' is definitely one we can all relate to. I have the flounce to a tee ;)
Maggy from Red Ted Art shares a guest post on her blog with super straight forward instructions on how to make a fabric noticeboard to brighten up your home. Having looked for a nice noticeboard for my kitchen for a while I know that they can sometimes be expensive so utilising an old frame to make one of these is a perfect idea.

I'd never thought of 'laying the table' as a learning chore until now and Elaine's post over at Littlesheep Learning really makes you understand the importance of this task for children. There is even a link to a laminated place setting mat which will really aid children in laying the table.

Emma and Kerry over at Science Sparks show us how to transform flower colours with transpiration! If you have some white carnations (or some celery!) then why not head over to their blog and see just what amazing colours you can create with science...and some food dye. Brilliant!

If you are moving or thinking of moving then Ruth from Dorky Mum will set your heart a flutter with this lovely sentimental look at how a house becomes a home. She has put her 2 bed flat with scuffed paintwork but full of love up for sale in this really touching post.

Mirka at All Baby Advice shares a couple of heart warming home videos of 'Sisters love' and 'Olivia at 3 weeks old'. I should warn you though, anyone feeling remotely broody should avoid this post. Actually, just go for it...just be prepared for your ovaries to twitch slightly.

Last, but by no means least, Multiple Mummy Kerry shares her story of how she came to discover the amazing Home Start UK who empowered her as a mother. I can't even imagine coping with 4 month old twins and a 19 month old at the same time. Kerry shows that there is always help for families when it's really needed.

Please take time to visit the blogs and show some love to these amazing MAD Blog finalists.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I'm Keeping My Big Mouth Shut In Future

I expect there are quite a few mums that hate me at the moment.

I have a 14 week old baby who will sleep 9-10 hours straight at night. He will have a quick feed, doesn't need changing most nights and goes straight back off.

It's bliss. I'm sorry.

However, I am not going to be smug. I'm going to just be prepared for the unexpected in future.

Yes, I'm just going to keep my big mouth shut!

As I turned off the bedside lamp last night I said to Matt, "You know what, I can't remember the last time he did under 7 hours straight".

I should have known as soon as those words fell from my lips that I was asking for trouble.

It's like when I have said "He hasn't cried at all today" and 5 minutes later he starts hollering just as we all sit down for dinner.

It's also like when I've said "He had quite a windy feed and burped loudly but wasn't sick" just as he vomits at the feet of people queuing up for their Sunday carvery in a pub.

Yup, last night he did 5 and a half hours.

Now, before any sleep deprived mums start throwing their laptops, tablets or phones across the room in anger because their little people only manage 2 or 3 hours, let me explain...

I've had a baby like that. Mini Cheddar didn't sleep through until she was much older. I've felt the sheer awfulness of utter sleep deprivation. So, this time I'm making the most of having a 'sleeper'.

That was until last night.

He woke up in some discomfort just before 2.30am. I decided to wind him but to no avail. By this time he seemed frantic for food so I latched him on. He fed very calmly and seemed extremely content. It was all a ruse. A secret baby plan to lull me into a false sense of sleepy security - like Stewie from Family Guy secretly plotting his next move. I, meanwhile, happily played on Draw Something (so shoot me) and emailed a friend.

He fed for a long time - a lot longer than usual. Then I felt an eruption in the nappy area.

The cause of the discomfort had finally reared it's head (or should I say bottom?)...or so I thought.

When he'd finished his feed I took him into the nursery and placed a very sleepy man onto the change table. As I opened his nappy I thought I noticed something on his 'little man'. Now, mums of boys will know the telltale sign that your man is about to pee by the column in question standing to attention.

No, it was all clear.

I moved in for a closer inspection just to check everything was okay (it was).

Just then it erupted. Yup, the good old urine fountain.

In a moment of sleep deprived panic I ducked and pushed him gently to his side away from me instead of grabbing a tissue to cover up the little offender.

The wee hit the nursery wall and ran down the back of the change table. It also covered his sleep suit.

Just as the realisation of what had happened hit me I heard a loud noise. I peered over the edge of the change table to see what I can only describe as a 'yellowy river' which was, as it felt like at the time, the size of the Amazon, run from his rear end soaking the towel he was lying on. It was a pooptastrophe of korma calamity proportions again.


By this point I think I'd been awake with him 2 hours. I could hear the birds starting to sing the dawn chorus - those chirpy happy buggers...I've never wanted a shotgun so much before!

I started to tackle his tackle, mopping up the pee and poo, whilst cursing under my breath at my husband who was snoring in the bedroom across the landing, completely oblivious to the crappy carnage that I was dealing with!

Just then, Tiny Ched opened his eyes and gave me the biggest gummiest grin ever.

My heart melted.

Then he puked all over himself.

Moral of the story. Just shut the hell up.

Don't let this pose lull you into a false sense of security


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