Saturday, 29 September 2012

Happiness Is...Being On Twitter On A Friday Night

My blog has been seriously neglected lately and, for that, I sincerely apologise to all my lovely readers.

Life with a new baby has been a blur. The past 6 months since his arrival have just flown. I honestly thought time went fast when Mini Cheddar was born over 3 years ago but now, the arrival of Tiny Ched has made each day whizz by in a blur of happiness.

Talking of happiness blurs. I'm very happy today.

I shouldn't be! I only had about 4.5 hours sleep last night. No, TC is still sleeping through.

I didn't sleep because at 9.55pm last night I received this tweet:

I had to pinch myself.


I should have been in a swanky London hotel enjoying the company of some fabulous bloggers and friends but I chose not to go. This was for two reasons if I'm completely honest. I have a baby who is exclusively breastfed (and I live in North Wales), I never in a million years thought I'd actually win an award.

I'm still shaking.

So, I'm just writing this quick THANK YOU to all my wonderful readers who voted for me. I honestly can't believe my little blog has won an award. I can proudly say I am 'Best Baby Blog'. Also thanks to Sally and the whole team at The MAD Blog Awards and to the lovely team at Emma's Diary for sponsoring the award (and collecting it on my behalf).

The last couple of weeks have been quite up and down for me so I've not been around - I'll be able to blog about it all soon - so this has really made my day (and week, month, year etc.)

A proper thank you post and details will follow but I just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive and regular blogging will commence shortly.

Thank you once again - and thank you from this little guy too...

Heather xx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

We've Found Our Perfect Pushchair Thanks To Cosatto!

Anyone who's followed me on Twitter will know I've was searching for the 'perfect' pushchair for Tiny Ched.

There were a few in the running in the end but none of them quite hit the spot somehow. They were either slightly too bulky, didn't come with the right extras or weren't exciting enough. I couldn't make up my mind.

Love at first push!
We have a travel system but frequently, especially for holidays and days out, we need a pushchair. The one we'd had previously for MC had come to the end of its life.

So, imagine my delight when the fabulously cool people from Cosatto came to the rescue by asking if we'd like to try out their Swift Lite Supa pushchair. The 'Little Monster' design was perfect for TC and I have to admit, I was in love with it before the box even arrived on our doorstep.

I've always loved the Cosatto brand. Their products are fresh, funky and fabulous - what's not to love about them?

We were off on a break to Tenby last week so it was the perfect time to really put the pushchair to the test...

MC showing just how compact the umbrella fold is
The Swift Lite Supa certainly lives up to its name. It's amazingly lightweight and folds down easily to the size of a 3 year old girl! I love how the clip goes into place on its own as soon as you fold it and it has a carry handle - two things our previous pushchair didn't have. It's lightweight but it's so strong and sturdy, so much more so than our previous pushchair. What's more, it comes with a fantastic 4 year manufacturer guarantee from Cosatto - not many companies would offer that level!

Although we were only going away for a week we had a lot of luggage! Going away on a UK break always means packing for all seasons (although we seem to luck out by selecting the perfectly sunny first week of September!) but add to that a 5 month old baby and all the trimmings you have a boot full! We managed to fit 2 medium suitcases, a large holdall, a travel cot and the Swift Lite Supa into the car boot.

Fast asleep on a day out to Folly Farm
The funky design of Cosatto products is one of their iconic features and the 'Little Monster' is no exception (there are 7 designs to choose from). When I posted pictures of the pushchair to Instagram and Twitter it was an instant hit with my followers. Being out and and about with the pushchair you can tell it's a head-turner and I've already had someone covet it. The 'Little Monster' design is carried throughout the pushchair and even underneath the hood which entertains TC no end. We haven't been able to try out the Cozy Toes yet as its been too warm but this looks fantastic on the pushchair and will be even more of a head-turner. What I really love about the Cozy Toes is that the fleecy lining goes right down inside rather than just around the top like most I've seen. Also, there are little hand warmer slots in the top so not only are little toes kept toasty warm but little hands are too! I can't wait for Winter.

The Little Monster enjoying the beach
TC found the pushchair so comfy. He fell asleep in it frequently and we were able to tilt the seat back until it was flat really easily. We used to battle with our previous pushchair which usually resulted in MC (our daughter) waking up. Because of the 3 position recline, the pushchair can be used from birth.

As I've said, the pushchair definitely lives up to it's name. As well as being really lightweight with a superb compact fold, the Swift Lite Supa is fabulous to push. It's really nippy and was a dream to use in and around Tenby. We negotiated hills, bends, cobbles and the beach and it was amazing. We even got a boat across to Caldey Island and the pushchair was lifted onto the boat complete with TC still in it, whereas other people who had larger heavy pushchairs had to remove their little ones and collapse theirs.

It also took our buggy board brilliantly so we were able to push MC and TC together, with ease. In fact, the Swift Lite Supa is actually easier to manoeuvre with the buggy board attached than our complete travel system.

So, all in all, the Cosatto Swift Lite Supa gets the thumbs up from our whole family. TC is just so happy in it. I've also done a brief vlog below (my first one...eek - maybe next time I do one I'll actually appear in it. A bit camera shy this week!) so you can see just some of the features I love about it.

"I love my funky new pushchair!"

Key features of the Cosatto Swift Lite Supa (RRP is £170 but there are prices from £130*)
  • Suitable from birth
  • 4 year Cosatto guarantee
  • A choice of 7 super cool and funky designs
  • Gorgeous fleecy Cozy Toes with zip and kangaroo pouch
  • Chest pads and head hugger
  • Superb compact umbrella fold with auto lock and carry handle
  • 3 positions for recline and 2 for calf support 
  • Lightweight and super sturdy
  • Swivel front wheels that are fully lockable
  • UPF 50+ hood
  • Raincover 

Here's a vlog of the features I love...

Please note: The buggy board and buggy board clips attached to the pushchair are not part of the Cosatto range. These were purchased separately.


This is not a sponsored post.  
We were sent the Cosatto Swift Lite Supa Pushchair to review 
but all photographs, video, words, views and opinions are entirely my own.
*prices correct at time of blog post


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