Saturday, 31 January 2015

#MeAndMine - A Family Portrait (January 2015)

Things were supposed to be less busy after the hectic last quarter of 2014.

I had plans.

Plans for my family and plans for my blog (I still haven't written about my 40th Birthday Party in October!).

TC is settled at play school meaning I have two mornings a week (if not more thanks to my parents) that I could use for blogging. 

That time has not been forthcoming.

January has passed by quicker than December and I find myself taking a couple of selfies the day before Me and Mine is due to go live. Doesn't help that Matt broke the lens of my 'proper' camera just after Christmas so I'm limited to my phone at the moment.

The old me would have got down about it. Been annoyed that I haven't been more organised but, you know what? I don't feel it. I'm in a wonderful place in my life right now. We are living in our dream home, I have amazing best friends and I've met some amazing neighbours who I've become close to, the children are happy and healthy and I'm just loving life - despite it being so hectic.

I love spending quality time with the kids and, as of the next two nights, I'll be spending quality time with my gorgeous husband.

Exactly 11 years ago today I went on a 'blind date' with a man I met on an online dating website just 5 days earlier. Little did I know I would find my soul mate. My one true love. My best friend. My lover. My life. 

Also, little did I know that exactly 3 years on from that first date he would ask me to marry him over a romantic dinner and a beautiful emotional outpouring.

We should have had a break away last year to mark 10 years from our first date but one of my besties was having a Hen Weekend and I didn't really feel ready to leave TC with anyone else but Matt for 2 nights at that point. 

This year though, we are going away.

To York.

I haven't been there for absolutely years and I cannot wait.

We have a luxury apartment right next to York Minster. We have bubbly and chocolate and we have each other. From tomorrow lunch time until Monday lunchtime. 


2014 was a year that something happened I didn't ever think was possible - Matt and I became closer than we ever had. We have always had a fantastic relationship but last year it just went from amazing to absolutely out of this world.

I love him so much.

I know we will miss the kids but this time is important.

Anyway, before I have you all throwing up, I'll fill you in on this months photographs. After we picked MC up from school yesterday we went to our local Starbucks for babycino's and shortbread as a treat as we won't be back until Monday afternoon. MC had run out of school all excited as she'd brought 'Fflic a Fflac' the school Welsh puppets home. She has to fill in a diary of her adventures with them this weekend as return it to school on Monday - all written IN WELSH! 

I'm smiling on the photos but inside I was crying at the stress of having to organise the diary in advance! My parents are having the children but I didn't want them to have the pressure of trying to help Freya as their Welsh is pretty much non-existent. Of all the weekends for her to bring them home!

Obviously Fflic and Fflac had to get in on our photographs and even managed to take them over!

Here's to a less stressful February.

dear beautiful


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