Tuesday, 19 June 2012

12 Weeks - 12 Photos

I can't believe this time 12 weeks ago we were a family of 3.

It feels like Tiny Ched has always been with us in some respects as he's fitted right in. Mini Cheddar adores her little brother so much and to see them together melts my heart. He is fascinated by her and if he's being a bit naggy I can always rely on MC to cheer him up.

I have to say, we are truly blessed.

I'm not saying the past 12 weeks have been easy - not at all. There have been some days that have been awful due to illness, sickness and/or wind. These days usually happen when Matt is away with work! Don't you just hate that law of sod!

However, TC definitely loves his sleep at night and I still can't believe that my exclusively breastfed boy will go nine and half hours without so much as a peep. I think it's helped establishing a night routine early on. When MC was a baby we just went with the flow and would often end up with her awake in the evening whilst we watched TV or something. She didn't start sleeping at any length for a long time. Or maybe it's the fact TC is a typical Lucas male? His Daddy, Grandad and Great Grandad all adore their sleep. A little too much sometimes!

Anyway, the fact is I love my little boy so much. He melts my heart completely. I've said before  I wondered how I would have enough love for another child.

Well I do.

My heart doubled in size 12 weeks ago.

I've been instagramming away these last 12 weeks and have managed to capture my little boys first 12 weeks. Looking at how much he's grown and developed in the last 12 weeks is amazing. It's made me realise how quickly it goes by and how I want to treasure these moments so much.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
That's my boy!

Thursday, 14 June 2012


My blog has been a tad neglected lately and so has my blog reading and for that, I apologise. I plan to catch up with everyone over the next few days. I promise.

My life seems to be passing in a blur. There aren't enough hours in the day sometimes. Although often I sit and ask myself "What have I actually done today?"

Often I can't answer.

I think it's something most mums experience.

I can't even claim to have a spotless house. I'm so behind with housework I think Kim and Aggie would have heart attacks if they popped by.

I can't claim to be snowed under with freelance work. It's a lot quieter on that front lately with things just ticking over nicely. I get behind on the little work I'm doing so I'm thankful that it's not too much right now.

I can't claim I'm taking care of myself. Yes I had my hair done a couple of weeks ago and looked half decent for about 2 days but that's well and truly gone now. Yesterday I opened the door to my glam neighbour. I looked like total crap - no makeup, hair scraped back and wearing baby sick on my shoulder. To make matters worse, 2 minutes after she left I realised the zip on my jeans was down. Oh the shame!

I can't claim to be spending time with Matt. He's so busy in his new job he's often working on the laptop until very late and I choose to just crash out.

I can't claim to be spending a lot of time with family or friends. On Tuesday of this week I actually went out for lunch with my parents - the most quality time I've spent with them in a long while. It was lovely to get out with them. I haven't seen my friends due to illness (them, me and the kids), immunisations (my kids) or just being busy doing other things or running out of time. I feel bad about that.

I can't really claim to be exhausted. Amazingly, Tiny Ched will sleep 9 hours at night without waking for a feed.

No, I can't claim a lot right now.

But I can claim this...

I'm enjoying having two beautiful children. Mini Cheddar makes me laugh every day and TC is starting to get a cute little personality and developing and growing well for only 11 weeks old. I'm extremely lucky. After MC I didn't think it would be possible to love another child as much but my heart has just doubled.

I'm loving being a mum of two and if that means I don't have time for other things right now then sobeit.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

My beautiful babies
Normal service will be resumed soon.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bank Holiday Bedlam

You know one of those days when everything is fairly calm and serene? No surprises? A little bit dull really, if you're honest.

Then something happens to turn your day around?

That was us a few days ago. Honestly, it was like a scene from a Carry On film.

On Monday we were enjoying the long Bank Holiday weekend. We'd been out and about a bit and after a day of rain on the Sunday the weather was warm and sunny. Life was good.

I'd already planned to cook a roast chicken for dinner. Matt was in charge of the kids in the front room after I'd fed Tiny Ched and left him to be winded by his daddy.

I had returned to the kitchen to turn the roast potatoes over. Above the noise of the oven being open and the spitting of fat I became vaguely aware of shrieks and hollers from the lounge. As I returned I was met by Matt and TC in the hall both covered in breast milk.

"He's been sick" Matt said looking slightly suspicious like I'd given TC a good shake before I'd passed him over to be winded.

No shit Sherlock!

Just then TC unleashed a second wave of chunder which drenched Matt and his slippers and made a spectacular splash on the laminate floor in the hall.

Just then Mini Cheddar appeared, who, I have to say, has THE worst gag reflex EVER!

She laid eyes on the vomit and immediately puked on the lounge carpet just inches from the 'wipe clean' laminate of the hall.

Yup, it was like Carry On Puking!

Then, freaked out and ashamed at the fact she'd also chundered, MC decides to make a run through to the kitchen to escape the carnage.

She slips on said puke.

She falls and smacks her head on the laminate.

Cue screams and tears.

Incidentally MC and TC both cried too.

Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Williams

Friday, 1 June 2012

Coming Out

Until the middle of last year only Matt knew about my blog. None of my family or close friends were aware of its existence.

It wasn't because I was ashamed. I'm actually really proud of my blog. I guess I just felt a little uncomfortable knowing they would be reading about things before I'd had chance to tell them myself. It's like having someone you know read your personal diary - I guess having strangers read it would feel different somehow, if that makes sense?

It wasn't until last Spring/Summer when I'd got some advice from a fellow blogger to help out my best friend. She asked me "So how do you know this person?". I was caught off-guard. I couldn't think of something quickly so I replied "Erm, well actually through blogging. I have a blog". Her response to my confession was very matter-of-fact. She didn't scowl at my secretiveness nor did she guffaw at my geekiness.

She merely asked how long I'd been doing it, looked slightly interested and asked me to send her the link.

I'd thought about coming out for a while and this was the first step.

When I made it to the MAD Blog Award finals last year I was over the moon. To be nominated for Best New Blog just 5 months after writing my first blog post was incredible.

I knew I wanted to go to the Awards Ceremony in London.

I decided to tell my parents about my blog *gulp*

I wasn't sure what they would think of their youngest daughter laying her life down on a computer screen to every Tom, Dick and Harry. I'd even featured pictures of my Mum and Dad and even their parents on my blog without them knowing. I'd given away secrets of my younger more crazy years and talked about  fuck buddies *cough cough*

Mum and Dad loved it.

Infact Mum reads it religiously and they always say how proud they are of me.

I love this so much.

Next I told a handful of close friends. I think one reads it religiously, a couple dip in and out and a couple probably don't read. As far as I'm aware they all think it's great and I haven't had any negative comments. Maybe I'm naive. Maybe they secretly think I'm a big geek!

Being nominated for 2 categories in this years MAD Blog Awards has completely blown me away. My blog doesn't have a massive following compared to others but it made the finals.

"Look Mummy! We are in the paper!"
An article went in last weeks local Chronicle newspaper about my blog being in the finals again and there's another article scheduled to go in another local paper either today or next week.

I have just shy of 200 'friends' on my personal Facebook, these range from close friends and family to ex-work colleagues, some old school friends, acquaintances I've made over the years and a handful of baby forum friends and blogging friends.

I keep my Twitter and Instagram feed separate from my personal Facebook account. I keep my blog Facebook page separate too.

An old school friend posted on my personal Facebook wall last week that she had seen the article in the local paper and that she had a look at my blog. She said it was amazing.

It's got me thinking.

Should I just come out properly once and for all?

What am I so afraid of?

It's been in the newspaper so anyone can see it if they care to look. I'm proud of my blog so what do I care if people don't like it or think I'm stupid? My blog has made me some pretty fabulous friends and brought our family some amazing treats, freebies and even some money.

Will people read it religiously anyway?  They may have a look when I announce it but once they've had a good look (and a laugh) they will probably never look at it again.

I don't know why it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. But then I thought I'd feel uncomfortable about my parents knowing about my blog but it doesn't - I really love it. I guess there would be a small handful of people I wouldn't want to see it so maybe that's what is putting me off?

I agreed for it to go in the paper so I must secretly want people to know about it. I think this is what I'm battling with at the moment. I think I am hoping people spot me up for an award in the paper so it makes me look better for having a blog maybe?

I'd love to hear if your friends and family know about your blog. Have they known from the start or did you 'come out'? If so, how did you do it and what was their reaction?

Only time will tell if I'll come out properly but for now I'm just jumping in and out of the shadows waiting for someone to put the light on. If the spotlight does go on my blog you can bet I'll break out in a cold sweat at the thought of everyone who knows me having a look at my secret blogging life.



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