Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Gallery - 24 Hours

When I saw the topic prompt from Tara I wasn't sure I was going to join in with this as I couldn't imagine ANYONE wanting to see photos from my day being a SAHM.  Me teaching my daughter, playing with her and cleaning.  Wow!  But then I thought I'd give it a go just for laugh.   So hold on to your hats for a roller coaster ride of excitement *sarcasm* here's how I spent Monday 7th February 2011...


Breakfast time.  Mini Cheddar (aka the human dustbin) ploughs through 3 (yes 3!) weetabix.  Then begs some "Mummy toast" from my plate.

Then it's wait for my doofus of a husband (aka 'Daddy Leg' as Mini Cheddar now calls him) to slide downstairs on his bottom - he's fractured his ankle and is in plaster...I may have mentioned it this once or twice ;-) - so I can make his coffee and breakfast.  Joy.


Having provided said plastered husband with provisions for sofa-based nappy changing I arrive at the dentist and sit in the waiting room.

The prospect of having a filling removed and replaced is not one I'm relishing.


I arrive back home to find my lounge trashed with toys.  Husband in plaster (foot up) trying to work on the laptop from the sofa.  Even Dory the fish looks pissed off!

I can't even moan at them both as I can't speak properly without dribbling out of the side of my mouth.  Damn dentist!

I make them both cheese on toast for lunch which they scoff on the sofa and jump back in the car.  I'm unable to eat.


I walk into the doctors waiting room and an amazing sight greets me, one I've never experienced!  It's empty!

I'm so happy to take this photo as next time I'm stuck in there with the loads of the silver-hair brigade coughing and a thousand kiddies running around snotting everywhere I'll remember this moment. Ah!


After a quick pit stop home to settle Mini Cheddar down for a nap (and check on useless man in plaster) I pick up some letters and head out to the 'Swyddfa'r Post'.

That's Welsh for Post Office incase you were wondering.


Just a quick 5 minutes before Mini Cheddar wakes to grab a coffee and a choccy break.  Not exactly what my dentist would approve of after all her hard work but hey ho I need a sugar fix!


Mini Cheddar decides that Teddy has come out in sympathy for 'Daddys Leg' so we have to bandage Teddys leg too and give him lots of cuddles.


Start to make dinner, set table and generally try to keep Mini Cheddar from trashing the place whilst I do.


Mini Cheddar and Minnie Mouse ready for bed!


2 very LARGE glasses of Baileys and ice and a selection of naughty treats for husband and I to relax and watch a film.  Well, it's been a rough old week ;-)

Bed at 10.30pm.  So rock 'n roll.

Rinse and repeat.

(I'll omit photos of us all asleep)

See, told you it was thrilling!


Herding Cats said...

Dentists and the doctors all in one day? I don't envy you! What an interesting insight into 24 hours of your life. I wish I had done a post like this now and not been so lazy!

But I can use morning sickness as an excuse, can't I?

Emma said...

If I'd have read this 2 years ago I would have been quite envious as I was working and so wanted to be living your thrilling lifestyle, at home with a baby.
Now I am and I still love it but can now see why it doesn't always feel so thrilling!

It is though, very often. Great post.

Mummy Mishaps aka Jenny Paulin said...

I think your day was very eventful! Doctors and the dentist on same day is a tad unfortunate though! Lovely photos, your daughter eats well, good ni her! I like the final photo mmmmm :0

Anonymous said...

3 weetabix?! Wow that's a good effort even for an adult, obviously one very hungry little girl!

jfb57 said...

I especially like the grown up bit at the end! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love ending the day with a good film and snack, just perfect! x

Mirka said...

Lovely photos and love the effect on them too ;) @Kahanka

Paula Virgo said...

Loving teddy's bandage!

Tara Cain said...

For me this is a perfect example of why The Gallery works: one day you will look back on this, when your life has changed/is busier/is more hectic and you will CRAVE for that 'excitement' again!

If I Could Escape . . . said...

Great photos, but now I am suddenly craving some chocolate! =P

..:.lab.:.. said...

Lovely day (apart from dentist and doctors!) and great photos! Lx

Karin @ Cafe Bebe said...

Please tell me that you ate more than a Kit Kat, Mini Eggs and Minstrels washed down with Baileys! New diet? ;)

Lovely day...exept for the drooling and waiting.


Anonymous said...

My sister did a similar thing with her teddy when she was little - there's a very cute photo somewhere of teddy in a sling...

Jenny said...

OK, now breathe.

tiddlyompompom said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your day!

Anonymous said...

3 weetabix? Teddy i palster but delicious Baileys to finish the day...ahhhh

mammacrazydude said...

Love reading about other people's routines and everyday stuff! It might seem unexciting to you but it's nice to know that it's not so different to my lifestyle! I think you accomplished a lot in one day though. I have done very little today but I did work a night shift so that's my excuse! The house is a mess and I have no alcohol, I have just pinched some of the children's sweets though and I might have to indulge in some chocolate shortly!

As Tara Cain said, it's a nice way of being able to reflect on your life now in years to come and to me that is what blogging should be all about and why I am trying to get into it.

Claire said...

What a lovely way to end the day! I am recording my 24 hours today and I hope to have an equally chocolicious end!

MLMB said...

♥ Aw what gorgeous pictures of your perfect little family :) I loved this post! I must say I am giggling at the thought of you trying to take pics of the dentists and doc's wihtout looking like a bit of a womble *chuckles* :) I hope your mouth is ok now :) *nom nom nom* chocolate.... *drools*


myevil3yearold said...

I liked it. The Kit Kat wrapper looks weird though

urbanvox said...

LOADS of chocolate! sounds like a great day!!!! hehehehe :)

Anonymous said...

Now, the choccy and Baileys one! the Best! Tho I do Love F's teddy :) x


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