Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Soundtrack To My Life

I was tagged in a meme last week by the lovely Lauren at The Real Housewife Of Suffolk County to share the music that I feel is the soundtrack to my life.  See Lauren, I promised I'd do it :-)

The meme originated at Him, Me & Three and it's a great one for sparking some memories and since my 80's post last week which seemed to reignite a lot of people's memories I couldn't resist!  Also, I hope it will give my daughter something to laugh about when she's older!

Right, here goes with a really mixed bag*

Matchbox - When You Ask About Love
KC and the Sunshine Band - Give It Up
I had to choose both these songs for my childhood (although I could have chosen anything by Danny Kaye from Hans Christian Andersen).  These are the songs that instantly transport me back to caravan holidays with my parents and my sister when I was little in the 80's.  They conjure up so many happy memories of going to the holiday park discos and spending all night shaking my little booty on the dance floor, occasionally running back over to the table my parents had collared by the dance floor by arriving 'early doors'.  They remind me of dancing with Richard - a boy a year older than me whose parents were friends with my parents when we used to go away together (most years).  Richard was probably my first 'love'....I say love as we haven't actually seen each other since we were 12 but we did exchange love letters for a good few years after they moved away.  I still have them!

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
Anyone who's stopped by my blog before will know from past posts I adore Depeche Mode  so it would be crazy not to include them in my life.  I could have picked any song as I played my vinyl albums to the death but this for me, brings back memories of the first time I ever saw them live when I was 16 - I remember this song with the lights reaching out across the audience on the chorus and everyones hands in the air was...it was mind-blowing.  The Violator album is definitely 'my album', the one that means so much to me.  This song also brings back memories of those awkward teenage years...enough said.

D:Ream - Things Can Only Get Better
This song immediately transports me to a time in my life when I was upset but I also felt set free (something that was going to come back again in later in my life).  It was the song that was a number one hit at the time I broke up with my first proper long term boyfriend.  We'd been together for 2 years and, although I was the one who ended it, it was awkward and I didn't shake him off for a while.  Ok, to put it bluntly, he made my life hell and stalked me for a long while - he was a dick (actually his name was Richard too).

Robbie Williams - Eternity
I used to be a HUGE Robbie fan - huge.  Even went to Paris to see him live when he was just starting out solo, I was there at the front when he performed Knebworth and there VIP stylee at Roundhay Park a few years ago.  Since then he's turned into a bit of an alien loving freak and don't even get me started on his return to Take That - it makes me cringe.  Anyway, sorry ranting a bit there.  Despite all this, I still have a bit of a soft spot for The Robster in his glory days and this is one of my favourite songs of his which takes me back to the time my first marriage was well and truly at a point well past saving.  This song was the song that made me realise I had to walk out.  It took a huge amount of courage to do what I did but Robbie helped me through.  Also, it helps that I bloody love the bit when he bends her over the pool table and kisses her back! Yes, my names Heather and I'm dirty-minded.

Razorlight - Golden Touch
Pete Doherty - For Lovers
Yes, Pete Doherty is a first class idiot but these two songs are the songs I think of when I think of my husband, Matt (not that Matt is an idiot obviously).  Razorlight because I remember him leaving part of the recording and a little love message on my home answerphone one night when we lived 100 miles apart.  I didn't delete it for ages!  Pete Doherty because this song was just so lovely and it was always on when we together.  Matt and I met on-line and so I'm a huge advocate of Internet dating!  After 6 months of trying a long-distance relationship we couldn't hack it.  I remember him ringing me and him sounding so down saying "This isn't working"...I honestly thought he was going to end it and my heart sank. He told me he couldn't be apart from me and he ended up relocating up north to be with me.  Yay!

If you press play on the video below just shut your eyes so you don't have to look at Pete!

Coldplay - Viva la Vida
This song....oh this song....I love it!  I first heard it before it's release when Matt and I were travelling America and Canada for 3 weeks.  We knew when we got home we were going to start trying for a baby.  We returned from our holiday at the beginning of June and I tested positive on that little pee stick on Saturday 12th July 2008!  We couldn't believe we were so lucky.  This song was constantly on the radio every day and I know many people ended up hating it but I still love it as it reminds me of my pregnancy journey.

Ten Sharp - You
Yes, it's strange to choose an early 90's song to finish up with but it's the song that was playing on the radio when my beautiful daughter was born.  It's her song and it's beautiful, just like her.

Now, I've said before I don't really like tagging people in these things so please feel free to do your own post and link back if you wish.  However, I did promise Alyson at Alysons Blog & Vickie at Never Found The Plot a tag next time so - you're it!

*These aren't necessarily favourite songs of mine, nor are they songs that tell a tale of my life...they are simply the songs that trigger the memories (good and bad) of my life.


Lauren "Real Housewife" said...

Love it!! Thanks for taking part. Last time I tag you I promise (unless if its something I can't resist ;-))

Give It Up always reminds me of family caravan holidays too.

Anonymous said...

The reason Coldplay is on there is the cutest ever. You have lifted this old hag out of her bad mood and cheered me up this evening. Thank you!

The syders said...

Ohhhhh can I jump in on this one? I'm music mad!
I Love your choices...all fab. I have a book on Pete Doherty written by his mother...Very moving, A Great read x


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