Thursday, 31 March 2011

It's So Funny, How We Don't Talk Anymore

No, I'm not paying homage to Cliff Richard *shudder* don't worry.

I was out with my daughter the other day and we decided to have a spot of lunch in a cafe - as you do...ladies that lunch and all that...

Well I say ladies that lunch loosely as it's with a pretty much one way conversation unless it's about Minnie Mouse, food or trumps.  You get the picture?

Mini Cheddar was eating, as usual, and I was people watching - no, I'm not some freakoid who sits and stares at random people for kicks.  There's just only so much watching a toddler devour a ham sandwich at record speed one can do you know!

Anyway, I digress - as usual.  What was I saying?  Oh yes...the cafe.

Photo credit: Ambro
I happened to notice quite a few couples in their 50's and 60's. Nothing strange there you say.  Well, it occurred to me that none of them were talking to eachother.  Not one of them! WTF?  This made me just watch them more.  Then another couple, probably in their 60's walked in.  The man sat down at the table whilst the woman went to the counter.  What is it with that age generation where the woman has to go and fetch?

She came back with two cups on a tray.

"I wanted tea" the man grumbled.

"I thought you said coffee" she snapped.

"No! I changed my mind, go change it".

No please or thank you. Charming.

Off she went back to the counter and duly obliged in getting him the tea he so obviously required.  I would have thrown the bloody cup at his head the ungrateful git but I'm a narky bitch at the moment!

She returned without saying anything and he didn't say anything to her.  They just sat in silence drinking occasionally shooting eachother a look of hatred when the other one wasn't looking.

At what point in their relationship did this become the norm?  At what point in their (I assume) married life did they stop talking and when they do talk they just snip at eachother?  How must it feel to be in that sort of relationship?

I then remembered a friend of my Mums once talking about her husband and saying "He's like a really tatty smelly old pair of slippers.  You hate wearing them as they look awful and they stink but they are SO comfortable that you don't want to throw them out an get a new pair".

Thank feck I wash my slippers to keep them fresh!


Liska said...

I picked the wrong day to read this post - me and hubby just had a big row about how behind with the housework I AM....
Wrong week to do it (I am holding a great deal of trauma inside about the fact that I go back to work next week) AND Aaron's been sick since Saturday so housework's kinda taken a back seat....
Anyway he is off next week so he shouted he is going to "show me how it's done".
Right now he is neither a comfy nor a dirty pair of slippers, he is an arse.
He decided to take Aaron for a walk (they're out now) and asked if I want to come, and I said NO I WILL TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE A SHOWER thank you... and I don't go anywhere without Aaron BUT I needed some breathing space from the GIT.
This would be a perfect time to right a guest post for the Moany Bitch club but sadly I gotta go and hang some washing on the line and hope it can dry in 2 hours.........
How long did it take mini cheddar to get her energy back?
Liska xxxx

Mrs E said...

The worst is when you see young couples who sit there in total silence the whole meal, spending most of their time either staring at their food or at everyone else eating theirs. Don't get me wrong I do have days where I can't be bothered to talk to my hubby, and maybe these people are having one of those days, but it does make you think!

Katie x

SAHMlovingit said...

Oh Liska! :( If I were you I would have got the vacuum cleaner and shoved it somewhere. How rude of him to say that. Thankfully my husband is always telling me to leave the housework when I'm stressing about it. Sorry to hear you're stressing about going back to work.
Mini Cheddar took probably about 4 days or so to get back to almost normal energy levels.

Katie - YES! I agree with you, seeing young couples sat in silence is worse but at least they will just sit there rather than snipe at eachother. Honestly, the venom with which this couple looked and spoke with eachother was awful :(

I'm So Fancy said...

I want to believe in love. Maybe it was her brother? Or boss? That's it! Maybe she is his executive assistant and then it would be her job to go fetch. Maybe?

multiplemummy said...

I think that relationships can become habit and they do require a lot of work to keep that from happening. I also think that people in their 60's and over are not from the generation of Divorce. I am not advocating divorce I think it is almost too easy to walk away these days, but I do feel that it it appropriate in some cases! My parents should have split at least five years before they did. I really don't want to be one of those couples that has nothing to say to each other! I look at my inlaws and they are in theor 70's over 40 years of marriage and they are still as in love as the day they married! I hope to be that lucky! However I think they have worked damn hard not to take each other for granted! x

P.s Liska, I would have hit my husband with the hoover before handing it to him and saying if you want a clean house, clean it your bleep bleep self! I suggest maybe you go away for a few days next week and see how he gets it done! Grrrr x

Kamika said...

Haaaaahahahaha that last part had me snorting tea out my nose I laughed so hard!


The lesson we all can learn is to keep working until you die. This way, you don't get time to become bored of one another's company once you retire/your kids grow up! My mum and dad are at the stage where they wind each other up, familiarity breeds contempt.

QWERTY Mum said...

Great bit of people watching there!
I will be monitoring the conversation next time I am out with my husband just to make sure we are not falling into the smelly slipper trap.

Inside the Wendy House said...

My parents have been married 55 years and are like a couple of high school sweethearts! They are my role models! Thankfully Ian and I still have a laugh together, which I think is the key to a happy marriage. If he turned into a smelly slipper, I'd trade him in for a pair of shiny, new DMs!!

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