Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Movie Meme - Leonardo DiCaprio

His characters name was Richard - the same as my ex
Hannah's theme this week is good 'ol Leo.

What's not to like?  Pretty-boy turned seriously talented actor.

For me this is a bit of a strange subject because even the mere mention of one film of his makes me go a bit squiffy.  That's because I dated a guy for a couple of years who could have passed as his twin brother.  Infact, when we went to the cinema once together there were quite a few hysterical young females that kept hassling him saying how much he looked like him.  I thought his bloody head was going to explode!

I do have a bit of a soft spot for Leonardo - and not for the above reason *shudder*.  Simply because he's matured into such a great talented actor and in the past few years his films have been amazing.

Yes there have been a couple I've not enjoyed - Titanic and The Aviator are ones I wouldn't rush to see again.  The Beach I quite enjoyed even though I'd read the Alex Garland book first - although the book is SO much better than the film and a lot darker (ripping bodies apart - lovely!).  So, if you haven't seen the film, my advice would be don't....get the book instead.

Anyway, I'm a little later than usual to the Movie Meme party so I'm not going to pick one film but just simply name the ones I love most from his career.  I know it's a bit of a cop out, sorry but I should imagine by this time all these will have been covered already.

In no particular order...

Shutter Island
The Basketball Diaries
Blood Diamond
Romeo & Juliet
The Departed
What's Eating Gilbert Grape

I guess if someone said to me I had to pick one I'd go with Shutter Island....although I dearly love Inception too.  Gah!

So, hats off to Leo.  He's done a few early amazing films, had a couple of blips but all-in-all he's one great actor....and thankfully now I can watch him without being reminded of my ex.

What's your favourite?  Head over to Hannah's place and link up!


Lady Estrogen said...

Hahaha.. get this - I used to have a scrapbook and it only consisted of 2 actors: Christian Slater & Leo. It was every article or picture I could find - which was a bit more difficult since Leo was just starting out on Growing Pains, but it was love at 1st sight. xx

Metal Mummy said...

Ooo I'd forgotten about Basketball Diaries. Need to watch that again!


Anonymous said...

I'd agree with that list!

LMAO at Lady Estrogen's scrapbook!

*whispers* Mine was Roberto Baggio (Italian footballer - eeeeeeek!)

Liska said...

You dated someone who looked like him??!! Gosh... you lucky duck x

SAHMlovingit said...

Haha Lady E...I'm with you on Mr Slater - I adored him....posters all over my bedroom walls and a scrap book too :)

SAHMlovingit said...

Haha Liska hardly lucky! He knew he was good looking that was the problem...bloody pretty boys!

He looks the spit of my ex in this picture:


Makes me actually shudder. I'll have to go up in the loft and get my old photos out :)

Vickie Ford said...

Fab choice I must say x

Mummy and the Beastie said...

He looks gorgeous there and yes you lucky thing having an ex who was the spit! (depending on the ex of course). I remember at the time (Titanic) thinking my then boyfriend had similar eyebrows to him and I even found it endearing when said boyfriend was all teary eyed after Titanic and I sucked them in! ha ha :-) x

Mummy and the Beastie said...

Also agree Shutter Island was fab, didn't get on with Inception though (but then had I bothered to watch it all then it might be different)...x

Kat said...

I loved him in The Beach too, as I wrote about it this week. But have never read the book. I prob should at some point!

The syders said...

I Love your list and Shutter Island is so Fab and I really enjoyed Inception...Very good. Too many to choose from. I did struggle with a favourite x

Mummy Mishaps aka Jenny Paulin said...

I havent seen The Basket Ball Diaries yet, will have to see it as I have seen it mentioned a couple of times today.
I agree he has mostly done some great movies with notable exceptions which you rightly named! Fancy you having an ex that looked like him lol xx

Ooh Baby - All things Cuteable said...

I'm married to Leo's double - well i think so anyway!!!! Seriously! I lurve him. Ever since The Beach and Titanic, *swoon* I have lurved him lol. I thought he was wonderful in Marvin's Room and especially This Boy's Life, Catch me if You Can, oh I could go on all day ;0)

myevil3yearold said...

I love Shutter Island and Inception but I admit I loved Titanic too.

Lauren "Real Housewife" said...

Random fact, my ex was the spit for Brad Pitt!
You are probably the only person I know who hasn't enjoyed Titanic, well next to my mum who I think is the only person to have never seen Titanic!

Brilliant post though once again :-D


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