Wednesday, 23 March 2011

All Aboard The Train To Vomit Ville

After last weeks overnighter in hospital with Mini Cheddar which put a stop on her birthday week (poor little love) I was kind of hoping for a bit of a break.  The sun is finally shining and it's warm enough to step out in a t-shirt pretty much.  But no, someone had other plans for me this week.

Early evening yesterday I started to feel really nauseous.  Then the stomach cramps hit. Bugger.

I thought I'd gotten away with it! Apparently there are 3 hospitals in the area I live that are shut now due to the dreaded norovirus so I guess my chances were slim.  I've already boarded the train to Vomit Ville and it ain't stopping.

Complete with hospital sick bowl
So, a truly awful nights sleep last night along with severe vomiting at 3.30am, here I am.

As I lay here on the bed feeling a little sorry for myself, I'm actually feeling more sorry for Mini Cheddar.  Not only did we have to cut her days out for her 2nd birthday short last week, then the poor mite had to be put on a drip as she couldn't keep any fluid down at here she is fully recovered but stuck in bed with me.  

Not only that, my husband is now trying to jump on my sickness bandwagon complaining that his tummy feels 'dodgy'.  Didn't stop him wolfing toast and a coffee this morning though did it?  Or stop him going to the chippy last night.  Why can't I just be ill on my own and be nursed properly?

He's just offered to get Mini Cheddar dressed.  It's 11.30am.  I've just been presented with the first question "What shall I put her in?"

"I'm sure you can choose an outfit for her" I shout from my sick bed.

I'm wondering what on earth she'll appear from her room wearing.  Men really have no idea.

Then comes the next one..."I think she may have poo'ed'.

"Well change her nappy"

"Does she need a vest on?"

"That depends what (bloody awful) outfit you dress her in!"


Ill or full of health, we never stop being mothers do we?

Actually, I really want my mum right now (I always do when I'm ill) but I don't want her to catch the train too.


Jacq said...

Oh nooo. You poor thing. I really hope your DH doesn't get it until you are feeling much better. There is nothing worse that spousal competitive vomiting.

Lady Estrogen said...

Ahhh, chicken! Sorry you've got it.
I had it a few weeks ago, as you know - and it wasn't pretty.

Lauren "Real Housewife" said...

:-( You're having a horrid time at the moment. Hope you are better really really soon xx

Inside the Wendy House said...

Hope you soon arrive at destination health! I feel better today after about 36 hours of bleurgh! Take care sweetie xxx

scribblingmum said...

Oh man, you're having a right stinker at the moment. I don't normally do this, leave a post on a comment, but just reading your post reminded me of a similar one I wrote a good while back and gave me a laugh re-reading it. We Mums never get to have fun being ill. Fact.

Hope it won't be long before you too can look back and smile.

MummyDichotomy said...

Oh poor you. Nothing worse than vomitville. And my husband is just as hopeless when I'm ill!

Metal Mummy said...

My hub is also bloody useless when it comes to dressing Freyja.

He's fantastic at everything else, but as soon as I ask him to get her dressed (when I'm brave/lazy enough to ask him), the sheer horror of what he puts her in is beyond me.

Beyond me.


Manic Mum said...

you poor cow!! i really feel for u. mummydom never stops, however fast the vomit train to vomitville is going. i had it a few weeks back, and i still mopped my bloody floors!!!

get well soon, thinking of u and sending u 'dry cracker' courage...

tamsyn x xx

jazzygal said...

Oh no! Poor little birthday girl....and poor you too. Gosh, I was in the same position with my WiiBoy was 3. he was so sick an don a drip in hospital and while we were there I got the tummy bug too! No adult meds in a kiddie hospital either!
Ansd when I was sick recently hubby made some.... interesting dinners!

I so know what you're going through!!

Hope things get better soon though :-)

xx Jazzy

Mummy and the Beastie said...

Oh poor you, I reckon he has sympathy pains! Is it ALL men that ask ridiculous questions when we are incapacitated? I am surprised they can even wipe their own arses...Get better soon :-) x

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! Poor you and mini cheddar. I hope you both get better soon. MAde me laugh about not wanting OH to dress her though, I'm exactly the same - daddy's just can't be trusted!

Sending rehydration vibes your way!!!! xXx

Claire said...

Hope you are feeling better! I hate it when men jump on our sickness bandwagons. We never do get a real break to recover. Sending hugs () x

Liska said...

Just read this post properly... he sounds so much like my hubby. Who's been known to:
* say "does he need his nappy changed? He hasn't done a poo".
* leave socks on when putting on a sleepsuit.
* Not do up poppers under vest when dressing after a nappy change...
... Could go on and on...
Liska xxx


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