Tuesday, 8 March 2011

F is for...Friends

It's quite apt that I'm posting this on International Women's Day 2011!  My friends are all amazing women.

I've mentioned my friends in quite a few of my blog posts before.  That's because friends are so important in my life.  Friends are the people you choose to share your life with you - whereas you're kind of stuck with your family. Thankfully though, I'm blessed with a great family.

Friends are the people in life who should always be there for you, when you're happy, when you're sad, when you're excited and when you're angry.  They will be the first people to congratulate you on good news and the first person to offer you their shoulder when you're upset. They'll also be the first person to hold your hair back when you throw up after too much vodka...but that's another story!

I've known friends who drop off the face of the earth when a new man comes along in their life and I've always tried not to be one of those people.  My husband doesn't really 'do' friends.  He's a bit of a loner in that sense.  He has is best friend who lives over 100 miles away but other than that all his friends are partners of my friends and he very rarely sees them.  It's the only bone on contention I have with him really as I just don't understand it.

My friends are all fantastic and I love each and every one of them dearly.  I'm not mentioning any names as only one of them reads this blog occasionally.  I've kept my blog quiet from my closest friends and family...for now anyway.

My best friend and I have been friends for 30 years this year.  It's hard to believe really, especially as our lives have taken us on totally different paths. She had her Son at the age of 19 whereas I was out every night pubbing and clubbing.  Now her Son turns 18 this year and she is the one out most nights whereas I'm in most nights with my (almost) 2 year old.  In our adult years we've only ever had 2 disagreements.  One of which, was last year.  But you know what? They've just made our friendship even stronger and I'm so grateful for that.  I'd be lost without her.

Then I have my close set of 3 girls.  We used to be really close but we don't see eachother as often anymore but when we do get together it's like we've never been apart. I love them all so much and couldn't imagine my life without them. I've known them 20 years, 18 years and 13 years.   We are all so different but the greatest of friends.   One of them has emigrated to Australia and I miss her but we keep in touch via the occasional email, text and Skype.  Hurrah for modern technology!

Last, but by no means least, have my 'ho's'.  My fabulous ho's.   I used to work with the 3 of them and we've have known eachother over 8 years (I think?) but I feel like I've known them longer.  We all started calling eachother 'ho' as a term of endearment (honest!) and it just stuck.  We try and get away together each year, just overnight somewhere - we've done London a few times, Buxton and other places. We also meet regularly for coffee catch-ups and always have a massive blow out night out at Christmas. We just all click together so well despite our age differences....the oldest is 43, then we have 38, I'm 36 and the youngest is 26 (but to be honest she acts the oldest!).

All these girls mentioned in this post are my nearest and dearest.  The girls I turn to when I need a laugh or I need a hug.  I'd be devastated if any one of them was no longer part of my life.  They are my rocks and they have my heart completely.

I really want my daughter to understand the importance of friendship which I touched on in this post. Friends are such an amazing part of life and I want her to have the same love and support in life from her friends as I do in mine.

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Lady Estrogen said...

Friends like that are so special. My 'besty' and I met in Grade 1 - it's so rare ;)

Anonymous said...

What a great tribute to friendship and women who are lucky enough for you to call friend.

As an only child, my girlfriends are truly like family to me and I cherish these friendships.

It's funnny, similar to you, my best friend and I call each other bitch. In fact, that's in part how saucy bitch and my blog's name came to be. She really is my rock. We texy each other almost every day and we have a standing play date with our kids every wednesday. they play, we shoot the shit. and every now and then we go into NYC for a balls to the wall night out. good times!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Someone said that you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. Not everyone has a supportive family, but most of us are able to surround ourselves with supportive friends to help us through the good times and the bad... an excellent theme for International Women's Day x

Davinia said...

And some friends you just wish lived closer ;) xxx

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment ladies. Cathy you're so right, I always keep that saying in mind.

Davinia - you know my thoughts on this. Big hugs and squeezes to you xx

Anonymous said...

Yes, friends are so important. My oldest friend I have known since we were 16. She developed early onset alzheimers about five years ago and now she doesn't know anyone. My second oldest friend emigrated to Australia about ten years ago. We have met up three times since then:once here, once in Australia and once in South Africa. So , make the most of your friends. I miss these two so much...

Lauren said...

I've only just read this.
I'm so jealous.
I've had the worst time with friends, could go into it but I'd put a huge downer on such a lovely post.
You've always come across as a lovely lovely lovely person and it sounds like your friends and 'ho's' are lucky to have you in their lives :-D

And I did not think you were 36!! xx

Mummy and the Beastie said...

Another lovely post and if all your friends are not reading this then they should if only to read this post! :-) x


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