Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Movie Meme - Directors

The theme over at Hannah's place this week is Directors.  Who is our favourite director and why.

There are many great directors but my vote is going with the great

Danny Boyle

Completely home grown here in the U.K. Danny was born in Manchester in 1956 and is one of only 7 Directors to win the Golden Globe, Directors Guild, BAFTA and Oscar for the same movie.

His list of movies I adore...

Shallow Grave
A Life Less Ordinary
The Beach (even though the end was different to the book)
28 Days Later

But the one film I love more than all of these is, of course, Slumdog Millionaire. The one that swept up all the awards!

You have all probably seen it but Slumdog is filmed in India and follows the story of the young Jamal Malik who grew up in the slums of Mumbai and appears on the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?  When he exceeds in answers the questions, suspicions are raised and he's investigated.

The film is simply beautiful, funny and heart-warming - with a great soundtrack to boot!  Naturally my love of toilet humour will always bring back fond memories of the 'poo scene'.

What's your favourite movie?  Head over to Hannah's place and link up!


Vickie Ford said...

I adore 28 days later I love the rawness to it. The scene with the taxi alone on the motorway is a classic.

Mummy Mishaps aka Jenny Paulin said...

Boyle has done some amazing British films and launched the careers of some great British actors and actresses too. great choice of director x

Metal Mummy said...

I love this man. He's a legend. I thought Slumdog was amazing, but I'd have to go with 28 Days Later as my favourite. So raw and brilliant. Or Shallow Grave actually.

And I'm still yet to watch 127 hours. NEED to watch his latest offering! x

This is not Jerome said...

He was on my list in my head too... a great choice!

Bloggomy said...

I have to say I have only seen 28 days later but I did love it! On my films to see list is Slumdog as I am probably the only one who hasn't seen it! Good choice x

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Slumdog either!

Have to admit I'm not a Danny Boyle fan, except for 28 Days later which is brilliant. I do want to see 127 Days though after hearing Boyle talking about it on the Mark Kermode radio show. Might have to close my eyes at certain points thought (eek!) x

Inside the Wendy House said...

Great choice...homegrown talent and excellent films! xxx

I Heart Motherhood said...

Trainspotting for me, legendary and came out at a time when I loved the soundtrack too. The sh1t scene with spud being the best part!


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