Thursday, 10 March 2011


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I was bathing my daughter the other night, as I have done alone for the past 5 weeks whilst my football playing numpty of a husband rests his broken ankle...have I mentioned that before by the way? Fnar fnar!

Anyway, every time I put the conditioner onto my daughters hair she says "Ooooh tawburry cold Mummy".  Which, in her language means "Ooooh that rather lovely strawberry conditioner is extremely cold Mummy".   It got me thinking....dangerous I know.  The thing is, whenever I condition my hair I always notice the conditioner is slightly colder than the shampoo.


Now, you're probably wondering where the hell I'm going with this post.  To be honest, I'm starting to wonder the same myself.  But, when I think about it, (my) life is full of simple unanswered questions...

  • Why do carrots taste better julienne than cut in circles?
  • Why does Coca Cola taste better out of a glass bottle than a can?
  • Why do I always need to watch a film that I already own on DVD when it comes on the TV?
  • Why does cheese taste better grated than cut in slices?
  • Why do Smarties all taste the same apart from the orange ones?
  • Why do men (ok, my husband) never replace the toilet roll on the holder?
  • Why do I get in the shortest queue at the supermarket but it goes slower than the other queues?
  • Why when I buy hotdogs does the tin always hold 8 or 10 and I can only buy a pack of 6 or 12 finger rolls?
  • Why do 99.9% of older people (or really young people) think it's okay to just pick a lane on the motorway and stay in it
  • Why do flies always bumble their way in and hang about on the small closed window, even though the large one is open?
  • Why when I've packed away the Mega Bloks (for the 50 thousandth time a day) do I always find one that I didn't spot?

I know most of these I can put down to good old Sods Law but some really confuse me...which is easily done - I wonder if I can still say I have 'baby brain' even though my daughter turns 2 tomorrow? Now there's another question!

Anyone else got any good ones that bug them?


Anonymous said...

Why is there a setting on the toaster that will incinerate it to ash?

Love this post!

Vickie Ford said...

Tehe so funny!
I will think and be back later!

Metal Mummy said...

haha, love it.

My question is Why Can't I think of anything witty to write when I had every intention to when I started typing?

Tina said...

You will be finding blocks for the next 20 years I least, that's what I believe. They are very sneaky!!

Manic Mum said...

why do daddy longlegs ALWAYS fly at your nostrils?? as if they'd fit up there anyway, unless you have unfortunately large nostril holes....

really enjoyed this blog!

lots love, tamsyn xxxx

SAHMlovingit said...

Haha Tamsyn! They so DO fly at your nostrils. Brilliant!

I'm So Fancy said...

Why do they just lie there when it's a wet nappie but insist on squirming and grabbing at it when it's full of poo?!

MummyDichotomy said...

Why do pairs of socks go into the washing machine and only odd ones come out?

Liska said...

Thanks SAHM. Not heard of Metanium, but always good to know about things before I need them :-)
Forewarned and all that. x
All set for tomorrow?
Liska x

thingsandstuff said...

Why do I still get asked for ID in bars when I'm nearly 29?
Why do the local buses where I live ALWAYS smell disgusting?
Why does my stomach keep deciding it doesn't like dairy produce?
Why won't my landlady let us get a whippet?

I have umpteen more but I'll save those for another time.....:)

Anonymous said...

Why, when dogs legs twitch in their sleep, does everyone say "OOOh he's dreaming about chasing rabbits!" I'm pretty confident my dog has never even seen a rabbit. Risiculous! Awesome post btw x

I Heart Motherhood said...

Why does my daughter always ask for chocolate when she's only had it a handful of times in her 19 months and she asks for it like it a daily occurance!?

Loved this post and most of your whys I've wondered about too!! x

Lucyslocket said...

I cant think of any whys - brain block - but I love this post

Mummy@Bod for tea said...

When there is one raisin on the floor, why does it always end up squished to the bottom of my sock?

Fab post, really made my day :D

Lady Estrogen said...

Hahaa... all great questions!!
I hate that Coke tastes better in a glass than straight from the can.
And it's not just your hubby - there is a permanent mental block for men when it comes to TP rolls.

HerMelness Speaks said...

Why is a blogger in a separate category to writer?

Lauren "Real Housewife" said...

This is a brilliant post!! x


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