Thursday, 6 January 2011

Bye Bye Baby

My daughter is almost 22 months and I can't believe how fast last year went.  Doesn't seem like a minute ago she was taking her first steps and having her first birthday.  I've gone through her pictures and I can't believe how much she's changed:

JANUARY - A kiss for Mummy

FEBRUARY - All smiles despite a few days of the Norovirus

MARCH - 1st Birthday celebrations
APRIL - Newly walking lady visits the Cotswolds on a mini-break

MAY - Feeding Daddy raisins in Lanzarote
JUNE - Squirrel watching in Grosvenor Park, Chester

JULY - Multi-taking...eating whilst pooing at Hawarden Carnival

AUGUST - My very own Makka Pakka

SEPTEMBER - Move over Lewis Hamilton
OCTOBER - Where did my baby go?

NOVEMBER - Bye bye Grobag, hello cot pillow and duvet

DECEMBER - Eating German biscuits at the Christmas Markets in Edinburgh

2010.  The year I lost my baby but gained my gorgeous girl.


ChocOrange said...

What a lovely photo journal - its amazing how much they change. My son was two in November and he is so grown up now and losing his baby fat - I just want to put him in a magic box so he can't grow anymore!!

SAHMlovingit said...

Thanks. Scary how fast the sprout isn't it?

Mummy@Bod for tea said...

This is the most beautiful post - lovely photos and wonderful sentiment. The eat+poo pic is too cute - was there a potty under that dress somewhere??

Mrs Donnelly said...

This is such a lovely post! I love looking back on old photo's of Isla and seeing how much she's changed too. She's gorgeous!

Sarahmumof3 said...

lovely post, I love my photos too and always like to look back I will have to do a simular post myself, only my eldest is turning 9 in a few days! the years pass so very quickly enjoy every minute xx

Anna said...

I love looking over photos of my little ones too. On the one hand there's sadness that they aren't babies anymore but as you say you welcome a little girl (or boy). I can relate to those feelings. Lovely post.

Emma said...

Found your blog via Alyson and have just had a little cry at this one. Feel the same about Eva and now having Isobel, Eva just seems to have turned into a little girl out of nowhere!

SAHMlovingit said...

Thank you all.

Emma - only just seen this. Scary isn't it how they are going to be 2 soon! See you soon x

wendy_mcd83 said...

Awww! I've been noseying around your blog posts...doing a bit of stalking! Love, love, love your photography! Your Flickr stuff is amazing and I am very jealous. I have a Lumix G2 and can't even use it :(


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