Tuesday, 18 January 2011

7 Random Things About Me

Now there's a meme/award flying around the blogging world and I was tagged by Michelle at Mummy From The Heart  and then again by Fran at Oh Mammy - I'm not quite sure if I should thank them for passing this on to me as I know have the hard task of revealing 7 things that you don't already know about me!  I've already revealed a few random things on my About Me page so this is really hard.  Then I am supposed to tag 15 more bloggers but everyone I really know has already been tagged so I'm hoping they hand the reigns to some more people.

Thank you (I think) to Michelle and Fran xx

Here goes nothing...

NOTE: The first one is a bit gross and horrible.

1. When I was 3 years old I climbed onto my parents bed and was jumping with a pen in my mouth, I fell off the bed, the pen snapped.  Mum & Dad checked me over and I was fine. A few days later my throat started to swell, Mum took me to the doctors to be told I had mumps.  This went on and on for a while and eventually I couldn't eat, I was really sick but the doctors kept insisting it was mumps.  Mum & Dad rushed me to hospital one night and I was taken straight in.  They said they needed to operate and just as they were about to this 'thing' in my throat burst and all this foul smelling green stuff came out.  The pen had caused a serious infection and the doctors at the hospital said I was lucky to be alive.

2. I had a poem I wrote about 'Crow' read out by Mike Reid and Keith Chegwin on Saturday Superstore in the early 1980's.

3. When I was 17, I lied to my parents and said I was staying 2 days at my friends house when really I went to Blackpool with my boyfriend.  I shudder now thinking how irresponsible that was and how I hope my daughter never does anything like that.

4. I have two nasty scars.  One right underneath my chin when I hit a kerb whilst riding full pelt on my bicycle when I was about 8 and the other one from having a mole removed from my lower back.

5. A 'Super Loo' door once opened on me whilst I was having a wee.  The toilet was on a really busy roundabout in the middle of Chester.  Thankfully (I think) I was a little too drunk to be really embarrassed.

6. In my 20's I thought it would be a good idea to get my belly button pierced.  My friend and I went to the pub first and had a couple of ciders for 'Dutch courage'. Unfortunately it was really hot and after I had it done there was no room to sit down as advised so I fainted on the floor.  I haven't worn a piercing in my belly button for about 5 years now.

7. I was once 'dared' to eat a Tequila Worm.  I hallucinated badly and I'll never ever touch one again.

Hmmmm the last 3 were very drink related.  In my defence they were all in my 20's and I'm 36 now ;-)

Looking forward to reading some more posts from my tagged blogging friends.  I'm listing the people I know from Michelles list so you can hop on over and check out their blogs *shares the blogging love*

I'm also going to tag a friend who I met via a birth club on a well known baby website:


Mrs Donnelly said...

these are great! I could have added quite a few lies to parents about boyfriends on mine....oh and drink related ones...how times change!

Super Amazing Mum (Super AM) said...

Ha Ha - I LOVE the superloo one!!!!

wendy_mcd83 said...

Having a poem read by Cheggars...that's so cool. Am following you now :)

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Fab list, I am still sat here thinking yeeeuuucckkk about the pen incident and green gunk in your mouth!

Thanks for playing along. Mich x

Oh Mammy said...

Thanks for the link. What an awesome list. I had a similar worn experience. xx

Trish@Show and Tell said...

Great list! Horror, humour and raging hormones!

PS. Thanks so much for the link. Sadly it's incorrect as it links to my website, not my blog (a slight mix up at the start of this meme). My blog is:


Would be so grateful if you could change this for me! Thanks!


SAHMlovingit said...

Thanks ladies. Off to read more lists now - such fun.

Trish - I've unspammed you again haha and I've changed the link too.



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