Saturday, 29 January 2011

Dear So And So...

Dear So and So...

When I stumbled across this on Kat's blog - 3 bedroom bungalow - the other day I thought I'd start to take part in her Dear So and So linky.  It's quite therapeutic...


Dear Washing Basket

How come, even when I've emptied you out completely, as soon as I've turned my back you're full again.

Yours Washer Woman


Dear New Neighbours

If you drive your car over our front lawn one more time when getting out of your driveway I'll take some scissors to your pot plants.  Learn to drive!


Disgruntled Neighbours


Dear Cancer

Why don't you just f*** off and leave my lovely friends and family alone.


Hurting Lots


Dear Scientists

Please find a cure for cancer quickly.


Hurting Lots


Dear Hannah

My lovely friend, thank you for the wonderful Fish Finger Butty and Cider night you hosted at your house last night.  Sorry I wasn't on top form.

Love Heather xxxx


Dear Random Illness

I'd rather be not ill or properly ill than feel like I do at the moment.  Feeling completely exhausted all the time is not good.   Kindly vacate my body as you put a downer on my night last night.

Yours Ill Person


Dear Magners Cider

I'm sorry I didn't finish you all last night but blame Random Illness.

Yours Lightweight


Dear Twitter

Thanks for being there with new friends and old to cheer me up when I'm feeling blue.




Dear Blog Readers

I love you all, now go write some letters and link up!

Love Me x


Mummy@Bod for tea said...

Ha! Love this - off to pen some letters m'self. *scrables around for paper in overstuffed handbag*

Kat said...

You didn't finish your cider? For shame! LOL! Hope you are feeling better today.

Isla said...

Feel better soon xx

emmaand3 said...

ooh hadn't seen these letters until this eve and now have seen yours and Wendy's and they are both brilliant, well brilliant in a well written kind of way, not neccesarily the content which harbours some sadness. Have a good weekend. x

Trish@Show and Tell said...

Dear Heather

Please take care so you can write lots more lovely blog posts, just like this one.

Love, new friend and grateful reader


Davinia said...

I love this honey :) Really made me smile.

Keep being amazing :) xxx

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Dear so and so are my favourite link-ups! I have not done one for ages - so next blog post sorted!

Hope you are feeling better now. Could it be something nice making you feel a bit icky??? maybe???

Mich x

I Heart Motherhood said...

with you on the Cancer one! Cancer needs to
get cancer and die! x


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