Monday, 31 January 2011

Listography - 5 Most Annoying Kid's TV Programmes

Okay, okay, now I now this is complete overkill and I've now done 3 blog posts today. It's a record.  Not a record I'm proud of but hey, my husband is away on business and there's only so much cleaning, cooking and caring for my daughter I can do in one day right?  Also, I've been blogging exactly one whole month today *fanfare* so it's my bloggiversary!

Anyway, it's worth doing a third post as the lovely Kate from Kate Takes 5 has opened her fab Listography up and I haven't missed one yet since I've started blogging.  They are always such good fun and this weeks is no exception so I want to do it straight away.

So, here are the 5 most annoying children's TV programmes by yours truly:

1. Mighty Mites

Want to see a grown woman jumping around in a tight red jumpsuit?  Any males reading this who've not seen Mighty Mites may think that sounds rather good.  Think again men!  It's not what it sounds like. Sarah-Jane Honeywell (urgh) is the most annoyingly voiced and over-animated female ever. She actually looks quite good in the photo on the left, trust me - the photo has been greatly enhanced.  I feel bad ripping the woman to bits like this but surely she must know how irritating she is?  Not only that but I'm sure the same age group that watch this programme are responsible for her make-up too.  Add to the mix a really annoying orange puppet with a Geordie accent called 'Yo Jo Jo' who says "Can you feel the energy?" and you've got the worst kids programme ever.

2. Wonder Pets

I've only been unlucky enough to see this a couple of times but basically it's a trio of unlikely heroes (i.e. a turtle, a guinea pig and a duck - naturally!) who rescue other baby animals from trouble.  It doesn't sound too bad either BUT almost all of the dialogue in the show is sung.  It's truly awful.  The worst part being that Ming-Ming the duck always says how serious...oh sorry...'seerwios' everything is.  If you haven't been (un)lucky enough to experience this then be my guest and click here!  Do so at your own risk though, you'll never get it out of your head.

3. Big Cook Little Cook

I'm totally with Kate on this one - we call  this 'Big Cock Little Cock' too (obviously not in front of my daughter!).  They are SO annoying it's untrue and when they sing their tidy-up song I literally want to rip out my own ear drums and eyeballs and throw them at the television.  It wouldn't be so bad if they actually made anything edible but most of the time I'd rather eat something that was served up at the Marharaja's dinner in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  Eyeball soup anyone?

4. Yo Gabba Gabba

Another one I've only seen a couple of times.  I just don't get it.  At. All.  Firstly you have DJ Lance Rock with his ghettoblaster.  Someone please tell me his voice is dubbed right?  He opens up his stereo to reveal all these tiny weird characters.  The show just seems to jump from song to sketch, to children doing strange things.  I get that some of the subjects are teaching children about different things in life but it's still crazy.  Maybe it's just me but I'm convinced it's only children who like this.  Or adults on acid.

5.  Carrie & David's Pop Shop

It's not on air at the moment (hurrah!) but I had to add it onto the list as it's truly awful.  The acting, the singing, the 'passing things to the camera' thing they do.  Urgh! They really cannot act at all....added to the fact that they were always in the same clothes so they could use the different (awful) songs over and over again in the shows. Needless to say, when it was on air last year my daughter loved it!  Just incase you're missing it...this is the worst song ever... just look at Carries face.  *SLAP*



alysonsblog said...

Pop Shop is the ultimate fail - its just horrendous - I cant remember all the words to Big Cock Little Cock can you?

wendy_mcd83 said...

Good call Heather! Any Sarah Jane attack...she's getting it from all angles today. Never had the pleasure of actually watching Yo Gabba Gabba...I'll make sure I never do! I think I must be the only person who actually likes Big cook Little know they're just having a laugh at the licence fee payers' expense. Got to admire that!

Alison said...

Yes!!!! You hate Wonder Pets.I've been watching it FOREVER!!! SJ maybe getting hate mail for too long me thinks

Jayne said...

Oh gosh, I cannot believe I forgot about Carrie and bloody David, it is AWFUL! And has anyone else noticed how Carrie's outfits are far, far too tight to be suitable for childrens telly?!

myevil3yearold said...

2 and 4 are so on my list. I hate the theme song to the WOnder Pets. It gets in my head and I can't get rid of it! Great now I am singing it.

This is sewious

Kate said...

Damn you and that wonder pets song! That's me for the rest of the day then. Argghhh!!!
(Can't believe you're only been blogging a month - but I suppose 3 a day ramps it up a bit!)

Melissa said...


ghostwritermummy said...

Oh yes, carrie and david's pop world. Have you seen boogie beebies? might not be on anymore, but thats rubbish too!

The Renwicks said...

Where do you guys watch wonder pets in the UK?

My kids loved it on our holiday to the US, but that was only for a week.

I too do not like big cook little cook. They cook some really odd things too, that I dont think most kids would eat!

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