Thursday, 20 January 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful...Week 3

Well, considering I wasn't going to blog today this is my second post today.

Okay, so my name's Heather and I'm a Bloggerholic.

It's too tempting though as it's the lovely Michelle's 3rd week of her Reasons To Be Cheerful Blog Hop and we are trying to up the numbers week on week.  So once you've read this, hop on over to the other blogs and also post your own up!

My reasons to be cheerful/thankful this week are:

1. I met up with my new friend today who I talk about in this post.  I only met her for the first time last week and today she invited me to her house and it was lovely (her, not the house, although that was lovely too).  We didn't stop nattering for over 2 hours - she only lives a 5 minute drive from my house...dangerous!

2. We don't have to go anywhere this weekend.  Every two weeks we either go down to Nottingham to see the inlaws, or we meet halfway or they come here.  It's nice to see them but it eats into our 'family' time together just the three of us.  So this weekend it's just me, my husband and Mini Cheddar.  Bliss.

3. The next 3 weekends after this one I'm out every Friday night (why are nights out like bloody buses sometimes?).  Next week is a regular 'Fish Finger Butty (FFB) and Cider Night' with 3 of my closest friends.  The following week it's a night out with my best friend and a girl we both still love who we were in school with.  Then the final weekend it's a night out for hubby and I with another couple - dinner and drinks.  Fab!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart

So, what are your reasons to be cheerful?  Why not join in the blog hop?


wendy_mcd83 said...

Reasons to be cheerful indeed :) xxx

Megan said...

24th follower indeed (: Very cheerful!
Your list sounds great... Friday nights out are always a good thing! Lots of fun things to look forward to.
And ooh, that is close... I live near Chester at home with the family too in Shropshire!!
I will definitely keep following you... love what I have read so far.
Megan xxx

Michelle Twin Mum said...

That is a fantastic list! My hubbie is off this weekend, the first in ages so we have a family weekend too and absolutely nothing planned - divine! Enjoy yours...

Mich x

Trish@Show and Tell said...

You sound like you have a very full and lovely life. A lot to be cheerful about there!


showandtellideas said...

(Trish@Show and Tell)

Heather, I have a couple of comments in your SPAM folder. Sorry to be such a pain!



Laura said...

Enjoy your peaceful weekend! Sometimes it is nice just to do nothing :)

Mom on a Wire said...

What a fabulous list, you are quite the social butterfly!

Have a great weekend!

Herding Cats said...

Sounds like you have an enjoyable weekend coming up. Great reasons to be cheerful!

@jencull said...

hehehe at nights out being like buses, so true though :) Jen

Stumbling Mummy said...

Fish fingers sandwiches!!!! Yummer!!! And enjoy your family time this weekend x

Becky said...

What bliss to have a weekend together!...this means alot to me too. I hope you are enjoying it and having some good quality time together.
B x

Trish@Show and Tell said...

Hi Heather

I've grown tired of trying to get removed from Blogger's SPAM will sign-in using a different method from now on.

Thanks so much for all your help!! Big hugs.

SAHMlovingit said...

Thanks ladies - hope you're all having lovely weekends.

That's such a pain for you Trish, I wonder why it does that?


Caroline said...

Thanks for visiting me earlier this week and taking the time to leave a comment. Have enjoyed reading through your posts, and I love the idea of 'Reasons To Be Cheerful' - what a great way to remind ourselves of all the happy things in our lives. Caroline x


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