Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Movie Meme - Favourite Actor

Oooh it's a toughie over at Hannah's place this week.  We have to choose our favorite actor.

Eek!  An Actor.  One actor.  Shit.  That's hard.

There are so many I love Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman, Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey....I could on....

I had to pick just one.  One.  Did I say that? *shakes fist at Hannah*

So, I'm going with the great Robert De Niro.

I know it's an obvious choice but this man is a legend.  He can turn his hand to practically anything and make the weakest film come to life.  He's starred in over 80 films - and some crackers too:

The Untouchables
Taxi Driver
Raging Bull
The Godfather Part II
Cape Fear

Again, I could go on.

I'm still a firm believer that De Niro should have won an Oscar for his incredible performance in Awakenings.

I can't WAIT to see him in this new one Limitless.  It looks incredible...and there's Bradley Cooper in it too for a little bit of eye candy.

There's my choice.  Chances are I'll be wanting to change it after I've read everyone elses entries but I hope not because I do firmly believe De Niro is one of our greatest actors.

Who's your favourite?  Head over to Hannah's blog and link up...


Vickie Ford said...

Great choice, I couldn't pick one I'm naughty but it was impossible to make me pick!

thingsandstuff said...

Ahhh Mr De Niro.....another hugely versatile actor with an amazing face! I have to admit one of the favourite things I've seen him do is when he was the amazing Captain Shakespeare in Stardust...he cracked me up with his dancing around in corset :) x

Mummy Mishaps aka Jenny Paulin said...

I was going to go with Robert De Niro - great minds think alike and all that! He is brilliant I have admired his acting for a number of years.
Now I will need to think again hmmm.... Or I may have to do the same! Still wearing my thinking cap for the time being :)

myevil3yearold said...

De Niro is my hubby's fav too.

Bloggomy said...

Darn it - this week was tough! Love your choice Mr De Niro is a worthy choice but when you mentioned Jack Nicholson I was tempted to change mine - but no I stand by my choice - great post hun xx

QWERTY Mum said...

I have to agree with thingsandstuff's comment. I saw him in a new light after watching Stardust!

Livi said...

Interesting choice, he didn't even cross my mind but he is amazing!

Mummy@Bod for tea said...

You stole him from me!! Would've chosen De Niro too I think, or Pacino, or... I could have gone on for ever! So I picked Redford and stuck with it :D

Anonymous said...

I think the mark of a great actor is versatility and De Niro has proved he can do polar opposites with equal excellence. I haven't warmed to his recent comedies (Fockers series, Analyze This etc) as much as I've Robin Williams going the other direction from slapstick into sinister thrillers but I don't doubt De Niro's superb talent at being any role he turns his hand to. Has he actually ever made a turkey? I can't think of one. And I think he topped the AFI's Top 100 Actors (and possibly Channel 4's chart too). My favourite films of his are Awakenings (you're right, he was brill) and Cape Fear. Fab choice :)

Metal Mummy said...

I love De Niro. He plays so many fantastic roles and can do anything.

So so versatile.

Favourite film being Cape Fear I reckon. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Travis Bickle all the way. Good choice!

alysonsblog said...

ah him and Pacino the serious cheeses of cinema.. excellent choice


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