Friday, 8 April 2011

Flashback Friday - My Mum Before Me

A little bit later than usual to Karin's fab Flashback Friday this week - I'm normally organised and prep in advance.  Yes, I know I'm sad and I'm writing this on a Friday night but my husband is working late - cue violins and sad face - so I'm blogging.  I officially have no life - cue another sad face.

This will be my second post about my Mum this week but as it was Mother's Day AND her birthday - both on the same day (how cute!) I thought she deserved it.  Maybe one day I'll tell her about my blog....or given some of the rude stories I've divulged previously, maybe not!

Now I'm a mother I sometimes struggle to remember my life before my daughter so I imagine how hard it must be for my Mum.  She's 66 now and has two daughters ages 36 (me) and 39.  It must be so strange to look back on her younger days when she was footloose and fancy free.

So I dedicate this weeks post to my Mum before she had me!

At the beach with her Mum (my Nanna)
Very studious at school
Turning into a young woman
With my Nan again at a wedding
Dancing with an old boyfriend - go Mum!
Then she met my Dad - I *love* this photo
Mum & Dad
If you're interested in seeing what my Mum looks like now and you didn't see my entry to The Gallery this week you can have a little look here.

Now I'm heading off to link up with Flashback Friday over at Cafebebe and rummage through everyone else's archives on this lovely sunny Friday night.


Inside the Wendy House said...

I love the fashion through the decades! Lovely set of pics. Lovely tribute to your mum :) xxx

Beadzoid said...

I love your Mum's hair and glasses in that last photo. Super-sharp stylish! Great photos, and eh-heh-hey your mum had a good set of pins in that dancing pic or what?! Makes me think I really need to raid my Mum and Dad's photo albums next time I'm back 'oop norf! xXx

Mummy Mishaps aka Jenny Paulin said...

Wow your mum was a good dresser! Love the photo of her jiving! Really lovely set of photos of your lovely mum x

Mrs E said...

This is a lovely photo tribute to your mum and I agree that its a real look at fashion through the ages! x

Liska said...

Amazing photos x

QWERTY Mum said...

fab photos - and what amazing clothes!
love the dancing shot x

The syders said...

Awwww Lovely post for your Mum. I sooooo love her polka dress! x

SAHMlovingit said...

Thanks ladies. I love looking through fashion in these old photos - so amazing! x

Anonymous said...

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