Thursday, 14 April 2011

Broken Bird

The other day my daughter and I went out for a walk together. Mini Cheddar was proudly pushing her pram with Minnie Mouse and Pluto in. Yes, all the dolls get thrown away to make way for Disney characters!

We left home, stopped off at the bank, then went by the duck pond on the way to the local shop.  On the way I saw a dead pigeon on the grass verge.  I tried to steer Mini Cheddar away from it but was too late, she doesn't miss a trick.

"Aw broken bird" she said pointing at the poor bird and the mass of feathers surrounding it.  Then she looked up and me with sad eyes and said "Poor bird".

It made me smile even though it was a sad thing to see.

Before she went to bed we were talking (I use the term loosely as she's only just turned 2) about her day and she recalled the 'broken bird'. She looked sad again and said "Mummy fix bird".

It choked me up.

Isn't it amazing how children look at things through different eyes to us? Innocent eyes.  Eyes that see the world in a better way than we do most of the time.

I've had a lot of things niggling away at me recently.  Things that keep me awake at night. Things that matter. Things that don't. If only I could take Mini Cheddars way of seeing things from time to time, maybe it would help.

I think sometimes we can learn such a lot from our children. Their innocence is a great joy to experience and one to treasure forever.

I don't want her to grow up.

Note: I'd just like to point out that I'm not in the habit of photographing dead pigeons.  Pigeons getting jiggy with it maybe but this pigeon passing was a one-off - promise!


Alysonsblog said...

super post Heather - our children do see things completely different to us - in Lucys case completely mentally but they can show us and bring out in us something really magical

Mrs E said...

I am glad you wrote it- It is a heart warming but simple story. Sometimes I wish I could see the world through a child's eyes again- the world is sometimes horrible and it would be nice to see it with a childlike innocence sometimes rather than see everything as a potential threat or danger.

Bless her. xx

Very Bored in Catalunya said...

Aw bless her, it's so nice that at that age they really do think we can 'fix' everything. Thankfully you still have plenty of those innocent years yet. x

I Heart Motherhood said...

she is so cute and reminding me a lot of my girl too, they observe things in such a simple and uncomplicated way - wish they could stay like that! I also have to add that Minnie is also the favoured buggy passenger in our house!

HerMelness Speaks said...

We are super men and women to them - until they hit puberty and realise we are as vulnerable as they are. Poignant post.

Manic Mum said...

ahhh she loves minnie too!!! that big one (thanks 4 ur comment btw) is bigger than her, and insists on cuddling it everynight, even tho' it wakes her (and, of course, us) up, due to it's gargantuan proportions!!!

that's so cute the story. we all saw a squished prt rabbit on the drive to school the other day, i had to wait till noone was driving by so it didn't look like i'd done the squishing, then walked up to it to 'place' it on the side of the road, only to see it's eyeball hanigign out on a string, and covered in blood and flies. RANK, big fat rank. i pincered it up in the tips of my fingers, then hoyed it at the road side, it smanked against the wall and slid down. it was a dreadful experience, from which i'll never recover...!!

see u soon, i love ur blog so much.

tamsyn xx

Hot Cross Mum said...

Oh that's so cute (and a bit sad about the pigeon). Children are amazing - we can learn an awful lot from them. Mini Cheddars is such a cute nickname by the way (I'm assuming it is a nickname....?!!)

SAHMlovingit said...

I've had to delete the 'broken bird' picture from my phone as Mini Cheddar kept seeing it (she goes through the pics on my phone) and getting sad and asking me to 'fix it'.

Lauren "Real Housewife" said...

awwww this is so sad but so cute at the same time.
Children are so innocent. I love how she thinks its a simple as mummy fixing it :-) Such a sweetheart xx

SAHMlovingit said...

She still talks about the broken bird even now :( xx


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