Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sunshine, My Daughter, Cybermummy, Take That & Save The Children - What More Could I Want?

Those of you that follow my blog or tweets will already know that my daughter was in hospital a few weeks ago with norovirus, then I got it.  We had a few days of respite before the worst cold/flu ever struck her which she's just getting over.  My best friend is also going through a really traumatic time at the moment and I'm doing as much as I possibly can to help her.  Unfortunately when she was at her worse I was laid up with norovirus and I felt like a failure for not being there for her when she really needed me.

I know my troubles are NOTHING in comparison to what some people go through/are going through at the moment but those people know how much I think about them and admire their strength in times of adversity.

In between this we have had some moments to keep us afloat.  Only small things but good things nonetheless.  It's often these small things that can make us smile the most.

1. The sun has been shining

Granted, the best days we had so far I spent in bed ill but the brighter weather is back again and the power of the sunshine works wonders for lifting the mood!

2. My daughter is hilarious

My daughter has this amazing little sense of humour which is so funny and can be a little cheeky sometimes but in a good way.  She has me in stitches on a daily basis.  Her speech is coming along in leaps and bounds.

3. I'm going to Cybermummy!

See that badge on the right hand side of my blog?  Well that means I've booked my ticket to Cybermummy - yaye!  Michelle and a couple of others asked me back in January if I would go and I was a new kid on the blogging block so was a little apprehensive so didn't do anything about it.  Then the other month I saw one of my friends, the lovely Alyson over at Alysons Blog asking about it on Twitter so I asked her if she fancied teaming up with me.  I met Alyson on a baby forum when we were pregnant (our daughters were born the day after eachother), we met up after the girls were born and have been meeting up ever since. Anyway, we have dragged our heels in sorting it out but then 2 days ago I saw a tweet saying 12 tickets left.  That made up our minds.  We are both coming to meet all our lovely blogging friends and we are SO excited.

4. I'm on the guest list... see Take That in concert.  I've known about this for a few weeks but kept it quiet.  I'm a bit ashamed as I have bleated on Twitter about Take That not being the same now Robbie has re-joined and I think Robbie and the boys have all sold out a bit.  I also have visions of the tour going a bit 'Pete Tong' and I just didn't want to bother buying a ticket to see them blah blah.  Well, I have been offered for me and a friend to be put on the guest list for any show of my choice.  Hard to turn down really isn't it?

5. I'm loving my volunteer work

I volunteer my Friday's to work in a Save The Children shop and I absolutely ADORE it.  Due to the illness that struck our house I couldn't go in one week (and only managed a couple of hours another week) and I dearly missed it.  Everyone I work with are lovely and the customers are a great mix of characters.  If anyone has any spare time - I know in this fast paced life it's difficult but it can be done - then I'd highly recommend it.

So, that's me in a nutshell.  I've not joined in with Michelles Reasons To Be Cheerful for a while now so I thought it was about time I had a cheerful catch up.

What are your reasons to be cheerful?  Join in the hop and make some new friends and discover some fabulous blogs...

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart


The syders said...

Hahaha...Sad as it sounds I was actually someone who cried when Take That split up! Thing is I wasn't a teenager I was a 'grown up' Mum in my twenties, lol! I used to have a huge crush on Jason Orange and one christmas my family bought me everything orange...The Nutters, lol! x

Liska said...

Hey Missy why'd you hate Mariah Carey???? :-)

I just did the first five albums owed meme x

Going to read your post now. x

Liska said...

I got my ticket last night when they said 2 left......xx

Sorry to hear mini cheddar now has a flu. Is she on the mend yet?


LinzW1976 said...

You're on the guest list for Take That?!!?!?!?!? I might cry with jealousy :D


Michelle Twin Mum said...

Turn down the guest list for Take That - no not exactly a hard decision is it??

Glad to hear you have some cheery reasons again!

Mich x

and of course I won't mention the super ranking in the Tots and Wikio, Miss Superstar.

mum in meltdown said...

My goodness you have had your hands full. Glad your all getting better and I know it's just great that we have had some long awaited sunshine.Very jealous of your guest list ticket for Take That!!! Can't wait for the post on that one T x

MaƱana Mama said...

Ah, poor you, glad you are feeling a bit better now (aided no doubt by slapstick from your comedian daughter).

Can't wait to meet you and Alyson at Cybermummy! Are you based in London or are you travelling down for the day?

Inside the Wendy House said...

Woohoo to Cybermummy!! xxx

Kate said...

Yay - see you at cybermummy! (The Strokes, Takes That...Any chance of getting me on the guest list for KOL - you know, just in case Caleb wants to meet me..?)

emmaand3 said...

There are some fab reasons- so glad your coming to CM. As for the tickets - the word jealous is falling out of my mouth!

SAHMlovingit said...

Update - I've had to give up my guest list passes for TT as I've booked a holiday :( but :)


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