Saturday, 28 February 2015

#MeAndMine - A Family Portrait (February 2015)

I find myself saying the same thing at the end of each month over the last 6 months or so.

"Where has the month gone?"

This month is no exception.

I wish I had a pause button sometimes as there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Now we are coming into March which is the month of both MC and TC's birthdays (6 and 3 respectively) so that will be busy. It's my Mum's 70 in April and then May we are off to Orlando again! I have so much to organise it's untrue.

February has seen us on short breaks away twice. The first, just Matt and I to York to celebrate 11 years of love and happiness together and we've also went away with Matt's parents for 3 nights to Center Parcs at the beginning of the half-term school holidays.

We'd never been away with them before and we'd also never been to Center Parcs. If I am totally honest, neither Matt nor I were really looking forward to the weekend. We were worried for various reasons and one being we didn't think we would like Center Parcs. We didn't think it was 'our thing'.

I'm pleased to report that we were both pleasantly surprised by Center Parcs. We went to Whinfell Forest in Cumbria and it was lovely. Our lodge was immaculate and had it's own private jetty onto the lake and everyday we had an abundance of wildlife on our patio - it was like being in a Disney movie! The children had a lovely time with their Grandparents who they don't see as often as my parents who live a few miles away and Matt and I got lots of time to ourselves again. Would I go back? The jury is still out on that one. If we did I think it would definitely have to be in term-time because the price Center Parcs charge in the school holidays is outrageous!

My mother-in-law took our Me And Mine photographs this weekend and her photographs are usually terrible she isn't known for her photography skills but she did me proud.

Oh and yes, I've gone back blonde again...

dear beautiful


dont call me stepmum said...

loving the hair, these are great shots. So glad you had a great time at Centreparcs, this is somewhere I'm hoping to steal the hubby away to for a short break when he actually gets 'holiday days' working for agencies is irritating sometime but the nature of the job I guess. I love all the pink, you all look gorgeous and very snuggly xxx #meandmine

Alex Bump to Baby said...

Gorgeous photos! And congratulations on 11 years together <3


Oh Little One Sweet said...

These are lovely photos- Centre Parcs looks lovely and so relaxing! Makes me want to book a little mini break! My friend is at the same centre parcs at the moment! Amelia x #MeandMine

LauraCYMFT said...

These are lovely photos. March is a busy month for you! Mind you, we are the same with our two having their birthdays 4 days apart. Bad planning on our part LOL. Your hair looks lovely.

Mummyconstant said...

Lovely photos. It looks like a nice place to go :) x

MrsShilts said...

What lovely photographs, your MIL did well! I would love to go to Center Parcs sometime, it always looks really wonderful #MeandMine xx


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