Thursday, 2 June 2011

Top Trumps

Well I've already blogged about dog poo, baby poo and vomit on my blog so it was only a matter of time before I blogged about wind.  Actually, now I come to think of it I have already blogged about wind a while back. The complete set!

However, there's always room for another story of flatulence. Oh yes.

Come on, stop squirming it's only natural.

Trumps, farts, guffs, boffs, squeezing cheese, air biscuit, flatulate, break wind, bottom burp, parp, leak gas, play the band (my Dad always used to say that one!), letting rip, brown cloud, toot and so on. Any more or are you too grossed out?

Mini Cheddar Laughing
Well, it seems Mini Cheddar (must be in the name) is fascinated by trumps. Oh the shame.  I swear she can detect the most quietest of trumps from 100 metres!  She must have an in-built air biscuit radar.

We were away in Hampshire for 2 nights the other week and Mini Cheddar was in our hotel room with us but in her own bed.  She went to sleep fine and my husband and I even watched a film as she slept until it was time for us to call it a night.

Teeth brushed and undressed we climbed into bed.  We lay there in the dark listening to the sound of Mini Cheddar breathing.  I snuggled up to my husband and at that point he decided to let one go.

How romantic.

There was about a 2 second delay before Mini Cheddar decided to shout out "truuuuuuuuump" in a rather amused voice from her bed.

My husband and I must have laughed in bed for about half an hour.

She can even detect them in her sleep. Our daughter is clearly a gifted young girl!

I'm so proud.


Vickie said...

Hahaha my lord I don't think I would be able breathe for laughing! Haha

Katie aka @mummydaddyme said...

How funny- and also impressive! And aren't men just so romantic as well? Oh the romance since being married, Mr E farts all over the place! x

Inside the Wendy House said...

Her talent will stand her in good stead!! What a little legend she is!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the Boy likes to announce "Daddy done a fart" - no matter where we are!!

Makes you so proud! ;)

Lady Estrogen said...

Haha - it's like she has a sixth sense - I'd be very proud too.

Edspire said...

What a great story to find in my inbox this morning. Made me laugh out loud x

HELEN said...

ha ha, brilliant - she would get on perfectly with Jack, he can detect the quietest of trumps too - shouting loudly 'pardy Mummy' !

Lauren "Real Housewife" said...

ha ha ha!! Brilliant!
Pops, as we call them, are funny here too. Pops and BIIIIIIIG pops.

Moaning Mummy said...

So Funny. My 2 year old niece has a major fad about this at the moment and is constantly telling people that so and so has Farted! Nice

Anonymous said...

Oh that's funny. Like most men my husband likes to celebrate his farts and he has imparted this enthusiasm to our son. aren't i lucky.

Claire said...

That's hilarious! My dog is the same. If you let go she stands up and stares at you. If she farts then she turns her head to look at her bum. The Trumps Detectives!

Manic Mum said...

our word is 'pump'....which makes me giggle. i am like a child every time i hear the word, as obviously it's used a lot in my house for it's real purpose, but also one 'pumps' things up etc etc, the kids fall about laughing when dad comes in talking about the 'pumping' waves -surf chat-

so there we go.

brown cloud-that's just too gross...



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