Monday, 13 June 2011

Anything To Avoid The Housework

I should have been busy sorting the house, trying to tidy up and get organised after having our bedroom re-decorated.  I should have been cooking.  I should have been cleaning. I should have been packing for the holiday which I may be on by the time you read this.

I was doing none of these.

What was I doing?


Wood Train Set

"Aw, playing with Mini Cheddar though, that's good" I hear you say.

Well, it would have been if Mini Cheddar hadn't have been taking a nap. Yup, I was playing with her train set without her. I think I need help.  I'm 36 but clearly I think I'm still 6.

Sod it, the housework can wait, I've got a train to loserville to catch!

I must remember to put Scalextric on my Christmas list.


Bloggomy said...

*confesses* I love lego :)

HELEN said...

and don't you just hate it when the little ones come along and start messing with the track or putting trees in the wrong place!

katie @mummydaddyme said...

I don't care that Mads is a girl, she is getting a Scalextrix when she is older! I loved them when I was younger! Hope you are having a lovely holiday. x

Dia said...

Totally agree with Helen! When I was a teacher, I was reluctant to take out new felt-tips and crayons because I just knew that they would soon be messed up!

Stromi said...

I got my eldest a Simpsons Scalextric for her first Christmas. She was 3 months old but loved it. Honest.

She wants me to convert the loft into a Scalextric room. I know she does. She just hasn't asked me yet.

Beadzoid said...

Hell yeah! That's an awesome piece of kit!

If you don't get your converted loft you can bring it all to mine and we'll have races!!! :D xXx

SAHMlovingit said...

I'm SO glad I'm not alone.

My Sister and I always wanted a Scalextric but we ended up with the poor mans version 'TCR' one Christmas - it was still awesome though.

I'm so not into girly toys!


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