Thursday, 18 July 2013

First Builders By Mega Bloks - Making Our New Build Move Easier

I knew moving house was pretty stressful. I'd done it 5 times before.

However, I'd never moved with children before.

So to move with a 4 year old and a 15 month old was hard going. My parents (thankfully!) had the kids for us the night before and the day of the move but we still had 1 or more of them almost everyday leading up to that. Everyone who knows me knows how stressed out I was before the move.

I was also wondering how the kids would settle in the new house and how on earth Matt and I were going to unpack with them both running rings around us.

In all the stress I'd completely forgotten to buy the kids a couple of 'new house' toys.

That's when The Entertainer came to our rescue.

We absolutely love Mega Bloks in our house. Mini Cheddar had the play table, lots of bags of bricks and an In The Night Garden play set when she was a year old and beyond. We'd not long put them away before TC arrived on the scene. Around his first birthday I got them all out again and he loved them. Surprisingly, so did MC.

So imagine the delight when The Entertainer sent us a bundle of the new Mega Bloks 'First Builders' toys to put to the test.

First Builders are new learning blocks aimed at 1-5 year olds and I thought both the kids would love them. I just never realised how much.

We were sent the following:

First Builders Big Building Bag
First Builders 1-2-3 Count!
Lil' Vehicles - Dylan Dump Truck

They have been perfect for keeping the kids occupied safely whilst Matt and I have been unpacking boxes (although I fear we'll still be unpacking by Christmas!).

As with all the Mega Bloks range they are bright, chunky and easy to assemble.

MC was actually first on the scene and was eager to unpack the blocks. I thought she may be disappointed that they were 'baby toys' but she loved them straight away.

I have to admit, that at 15 months, TC was more interested in the bags - which, are now environmentally friendly PVC bags - and loved putting taking the blocks out and putting them in again. He then discovered he could do the same with Dylan Dump Truck and, what's more, the truck could tip it's dumper so the blocks came out which amused him greatly! It also came with a few blocks which was a bonus.

The1-2-3 Count! bag was my favourite (apparently they do a letters version too) as, not only were there 30 blocks included, there were also over 50 stickers containing numbers and pictures to stick on the blocks. MC is due to move up to reception in September and has already started learning to add and subtract so these blocks are perfect. We got the Mega Bloks table out to stack them on and had fun practicing sums.

I think it's a great and interesting way to teach sums for pre-schoolers and I know we'll be getting a lot of use out of these over the summer holidays which start tomorrow. Yay!

Of course, the Big Building Bag was great too - 60 blocks of various shapes and sizes which have been primarily either thrown around the room (TC) or built into the tallest towers ever (MC).

All in all, we think these new range of blocks from Mega Bloks are fun and educational. What every pre-school toy should be.

You can buy the First Builders range from your local The Entertainer store or online ( for the following prices*

First Builders Big Building Bag - £15.00
First Builders 1-2-3 Count! - £10.00
Lil' Vehicles - Dylan Dump Truck - £10.00

We are part of The Entertainer review team and were
sent the Mega Bloks First Builders toys to review 
but all photographs, words, views and opinions are entirely my own.

*prices correct at time of writing

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