Monday, 30 July 2012

Move Over Linda Blair

This evening I lost my sweet little girl for a while.

Sure, she's had the odd tantrum before (thankfully they are mild and few and far between) but tonight's performance was spectacular. If there was an Olympic medal for tantrums she would have won gold 100 times over.

Matt and I seriously thought that she was possessed at one point. I was totally waiting for her head to spin 360 degrees like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Yes, it was that bad.

So, what sparked this defiant outburst?

She didn't want to wear her pink shoes.


Yes, she went into total melt down because she wouldn't wear her pink shoes. Madam had decided that because her outfit didn't have any pink in it that she couldn't wear her pink shoes. I don't think Gok Wan himself could've convinced the forceful fashionista to be persuaded otherwise.

There was screaming.
There was crying.
There was dribbling.
There was kicking.
There was hitting.
There was feet stamping.
There was spitting.
There was shoe throwing.

I've never seen anything like it from her before.

The full force of it probably lasted a good half an hour. She even needed a wee half way through, took herself to the toilet and continued the tantrum whilst sat on the throne. Her knickers were thrown across the downstairs toilet as she kicked and screamed in a voice that I imagine the devil himself would be proud of.

So, what did I do?

I did what every good Mummy should do of course.

I secretly videoed her*

Hey, don't judge me...I need some good fodder for her 18th Birthday.

Let's hope we don't see Linda again soon

* I did consider blogging the video but I'm really not that cruel. If you want a copy, drop me an email ;-)



It happens to the best of them, bless her little heart!  I love that it was her fashionista tendencies that triggered the outburst. xxx

Sharon Donnelly said...

oh my god - I want the video - only so I can compare it to the tantrums that we had from Isla in the early days of Noah. the best one where she was banging on the windows in the car and people at the lights must have thought I'd abducted her!!! I love the comparison to linda Blair - they do just get like the devil!!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I'd love to know the full story? Perhaps she should just pick her own outfits from now on, with a veto from mum of course!

PhotoPuddle said...

Just a thought... If she was having a tantrum about putting on shoes weren't you meant to be going out somewhere? Or did that get abandoned in amongst the crying and screaming?

Abbey said...

Oh my goodness! I can only imagine....I don't need to see the video, the pic looks scary enough! The determination in her eyes! I love the wee break - hilarious! :)

HELEN said...

haha that's definitely an Exorcist moment! ..... (you have my email address, right?) ;-)


One Mother's Notes said...

Please, please, please invite me to her 18th birthday party! I don't blame her. Wouldn't want to wear pink shoes either. How could you?!

Christina E said...

Haha, I'm not judging - I'm taking tips! :D

We've had many meltdowns over similar things and of an almighty magnitude. Trying 3s eh? Gotta love em...x

Honest Mum said...

Wow we've been there-it is pretty traumatic isn't it. Apparently all 'normal' behaviour. I thought I had a psycho on my hands there for a while. Wow toddlerdom is tough. For everyone x

Village Mama UK said...

Ah, the toddler tantrum...Sometimes I'd love to throw a toddler style tantrum at Him Indoors.


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