Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I'm A Bad Person

Okay...I'm not a bad person really but today I did feel like one.

Something happened that made me realise I'd been stupid as I'd upset someone.

This person isn't a friend or anything like that but it doesn't mean I still don't feel bad.

This person and I are thrown together on very rare occasions. Sometimes we can go a couple of years without ever seeing each other. I always felt this person didn't like me. Their body language and other things I picked up on made me think this. For instance, I always felt like I made the first move to be friendly and break the ice. Now, having taken time to reflect, it was probably just the sheer awkwardness of the situation we were both put in.

Anyway, I said a couple of things on Twitter. Yup, public forum. No, I didn't threaten to blow up Robin Hood airport! In actual fact I didn't say anything bad about this person but I just said bad things about the situation that, in hindsight, I shouldn't have.

I (stupidly) have always looked upon Twitter as my escapism. My followers don't know the 'real' me in real life apart from one or two who don't really use it much anyway. Well, appears that someone on Twitter is showing a keen interest in me as this person supposedly found out through a friend who was watching my Twitter feed. This I find a little stalkeresque which I did mention to them.

It did cross my mind for all of 30 seconds to shut down Twitter and my blog but I don't think it's needed. Yes it creeps me out a bit that someone who doesn't know me but knows 'of' me is following my movements but hopefully they will get bored and move along. Nothing to see here and all that. After all, the people who actually know me and are friends with me know that I always hold my family and friends close to my heart.

I've just suffered a moment where I just didn't think about the consequences of online banter hitting me in real life. I got caught up in the moment. Never for a minute thinking about Twitter being a public forum. Doh!

I have apologised to the person involved and I think (hope) they realised how genuinely sincere I was and it's all water under the bridge now and we can move on. We actually talked more than we've ever talked before. The odd thing to come out of this is that I actually have a lot of respect for this person and really feel in another life we could have even been friends.

Strange what life throws at you sometimes.


Lady Estrogen said...

OMG - that happened to me too, but someone a lot closer.
It upset me that they were totally stalking my timeline without acknowledging their presence by following me - AND they don't see the weirdness of that at all. BLARGH.
Anyway, after being upset and PISSED OFF for about a week, I emailed said person and told them that if they can't laugh at themselves or the drivel I spew out on twitter, they need to reassess what's important in their life or life's gonna eat them alive.


Looking for Blue Sky said...

As far as I know this hasn't happened to me yet, TG. It sounds as though you turned it around so you nearly have a positive outcome now :)

Northernmum said...

SSounds like you handled it well x

One Mother's Notes said...

I don't think you can call yourself a bad person when you've apologised and tried to put things right. Glad you're not closing down your blog too!


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