Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hello Moon

First I have some GREAT news. Well, it's great news for our house... Mini Cheddar is fully potty trained! I can't tell you how happy I am about this. I felt so deflated at the end of October over the whole potty pressure. So, I stepped off the gas, relaxed and just let her lead the way and it's worked. 2 whole days with no accidents and today I gave her a lot of water and we even went out twice - a total of 11 wee wees and only one that I prompted her to do. It means so much that we can go away next week and in January for our big holiday without having to take a suitcase of nappies or Pull-ups with us.

So, the real reason for this post...I had to share this with you.  This was taken a couple of weeks or so ago when MC decided to talk to the moon through the patio window. For those of you know don't know, Betty is our dog who had to be put to sleep on 3rd November.

Here are some other gems that MC has come out with in the past couple of months or so as I need to document them:

MC: Yaye! We are going to Biscuits today!
Me: Where?
MC: Biscuits! It's going to be wonderful Mummy!
Me: I think you mean 'Whizz Kids' sweetie (Whizz Kids is a play centre near us).

Grandma: Is Grandma a boy or a girl?
MC: You're a girl Grandma!
Grandad: Yes, Grandma is an 'old' girl (my Dad trying to be funny)
MC: And you're an old boy Grandad! (touché Grandad, touché!)

Me: We need to go to Asda today to do the food shopping.
MC: (adopts a stern voice) Well we'll see about that Mummy!

MC: (talking about Halloween) I think ghosts are very spicy.
Me: I think you mean 'spooky' darling.

MC: I want a yoghurt!
Me: Aren't you forgetting something?
MC: manners?
Me: Yes, so what do you say?
MC: But Mummy, I've lost my manners. I can't find them anywhere! Where are they? (raises hands in the air and looks left and right)

MC: (running her toy Dyson vacuum cleaner over the carpet) PHEW! (wipes mock sweat from her brow)

MC: (coming into the kitchen) What are you doing in here Mummy?
Me: I'm making dinner
MC: How long is it going to be?

MC: Mummy! (shouting from the lounge...I'm in the kitchen)
Me: What?
Me: What?
Me: (running into the lounge in a slight panic) What darling?
MC: I'm playing with these stars (some plastic stars she has). You can go back in the kitchen if you want.

Me: Come on sweetie, I need to get you changed
MC: Calm down Mummy! (she's clearly been listening to Michael Winner!)

(MC is listening to noisy banter between Matt and his family)
MC: Everybody just calm down please!

MC: (pretending to talk to Daddy on the toy phone) Daddy, I'm at Grandma and Grandad's house. I've made a right mess!

MC: (fussing over a new baby she's spotted in a cafe) Aw, he's SO cute!
Grandma: Yes, Mummy has a baby in her tummy doesn't she?
MC: Yes, but I want that one! (pointing at the baby)

For previous MC conversational delights, have a look at these:

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Lady Estrogen said...

Hahaha - an OLD girl. Love it.
Love the video - my heart melts at little children with UK accents. HAHA.

Blue Sky said...

I just melted at the 'Mummy, I've lost my manners,' comment xx

Kelly Simmonds said...

Ah these little snippets are brilliant! So lovely to record them x

alysonsblog said...

yay they all get there in the end!

love her MC'isms so very cute x

I Heart Motherhood said...

i love this vid! So cute. I love that they are at an age when they talk, Isla says some hilarious things too. Great that you've got the potty training sorted before baby arrived, have to say that it's been hard doing it with baby on the scene, but she's in 'big girl pants' now.

Mari said...

Firstly congratulations for MC and her toilet expertise! I'm so pleased for you both and enjoy these few nappy free months before you start all over again :)

Adorable chats she's coming out with, I must remember to write the girls stuff down, I forget far too quickly xx

Michelle Twin Mum said...

She is a real sweetie, these are the kind of things that a blog was made for.  I have forgotten nearly all the conversations I had and then I look back on my blog and my heart melts.

Well doeen to MC with the potty training, not to seem like spoil sport but maybe take some pull-ups if you go away, as we went on hols about a month after Miss E was trained and life was too much fun on holiday, she forgotregularly  and wet and obvioulsy we only had limited clothes!

Mich x

Notmyyearoff said...

She is sooo cute! She must have you cracking up all day every day :)


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