Monday, 15 August 2011

The World According To Mini Cheddar

Sincere apologies for the lack of blogging action these past couple of weeks.

Life is a bit hectic which has meant blogging has taken a bit of a back seat.  Also, once you let things slide it's so hard to get back in the groove.  I even missed my first ever Silent Sunday yesterday!

I know! *shocked face*

Due to the horrible cold that Mini Cheddar and I suffered the other week we spent last week getting over that - therefore, last week was a bit of a 'nothing'.  I just did freelance work and sulked a bit.  I haven't really felt like blogging and I haven't really been reading any blogs either (that will be remedied this week, I promise!)

Being ill though has meant a lot of time in the house just Mini Cheddar and I which has been lovely. So much so that lately she's been coming out with some really cute things that melt my heart.

These past few months she's really found her voice and is never quiet.

She's always talking away about everything, constantly exploring and questioning.  I have to say that I am loving this age. I think 2-3 years is a really amazing period full of so much development and discovery of independence.

She'll always be my baby though.

I just wanted to share a few gems with you all.  The first couple are dedicated to 'Mr. Blooms Nursery' which she only discovered last week.

MC: I want an aubergine
Me: An aubergine?
MC: Yes! I love him!
Me: (gets a plastic aubergine from her play kitchen)
MC: (looks disheartened) It doesn't talk


MC: (throwing her arms around my neck) I love you Mummy
Me: Aw that's nice, I love you too
MC: I also love veggies


MC: (sniffing me)
Me: (laughing) So, what do I smell of?
MC: (looks at me as if I'm mad) Mummy


MC: (sitting on potty)
Me: Do you need a poo?
MC: Yes
Me: Ok then, do a poo
Me: (pretends to strain, grunts and pulls a face then giggles her head off)


MC: (eating a fig roll so fast it doesn't touch the sides) Mmmmm
Me: Is that nice?
Me: It is. It's very delicious in my tummy


MC: (Jumping on my head in the morning) I'd like my Weetabix now my tummy's rumbling


MC: My tummy is rumbling
Me: We'd best get you some food then
MC: Yes, help my tummy feel better


MC: (walking from the lounge into the kitchen where I'm busy tidying) What are you doing here Mummy?
Me: I'm cleaning
MC: (looks concerned) Come sit down and have quiet time


MC: (breaks wind and looks proud) I did a trump!


MC: (pretends to cry)
Me: What's the matter? Are you being silly?
MC: I'm crying in my home
Me: Why?
MC: I'm very sad
Me: Why?
MC: I don't know


MC: I want to watch Mickey Mouse
Me: It's not on sweetie, you'll have to watch Special Agent Oso
MC: I not like Oso
Me: Aw, he's nice
MC: I not like him (shakes head vigorously, gets up and turns TV off)


Me: (sniffing the air) Have you done a poo?
MC: No
Me: Are you sure?
MC: Yes, it was just a trump


I'm sure there will be many more of these to come!


Karin Joyce said...

Bless...utterly adorable. And I've missed you and MC! Take care of you lovely. Glad to see you back! ;)


LauraCYMFT said...

Heheheh so funny what they come away with especially when they start talking. Miss C is coming up with some crackers at the moment. Great that we can blog to document them to remind them of all the funny things they said...esp when they turn 18!

Emma said...

Ha ha, I love those. Kids are hilarious! xx

Mcai7td3 said...

Awww she sounds very cure and clever! I love bow they start mimicking adults :)

mummydaddyme said...

MC is such a cutie Heather, I hope Mads comes out with these gems one day.  They have had me sat here at my computer smiling away!  Glad to see you back! x

dreamingofbeer said...

They are funny, aren't they! Although E looked out of the window this morning, saw Daddy's car had gone and announced "I miss Daddy!" I could have cried!

jessies_online said...

ah these are very cute....I need to start writing more of Jacks down, they are such funny little characters at that age & I don't want to forget.
I love that the hormones have kicked in already & she doesn't know why she's crying....or was she just taking the pee out of you!
I missed Silent Sunday this week too!

stromi said...

These comments are whatbeing a parent is all about. Everyone I know says at one time or another, "He/She's so funny. We should write these down". I'm glad you are to preserve them for posterity and to makke us go "Aaaahhhhh".

Lagos Mum said...

Awww - how cute! I've had a real giggle this morning :)  I look forward to the day when V can communicate like that!

FrauFancy said...

Ha. Glad to hear you are in the same category as veg. Cute. 

Mummyandthebeastie said...

Ah she is too cute! She sure loves her trumps! who does she take after?! Beastie has got to that typical boy stage where he has started to push them out and finds it hilarious! xx

dreamingofbeer said...

They are funny, aren't they! Although E looked out of the window this morning, saw Daddy's car had gone and announced "I miss Daddy!" I could have cried!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

How lovely :) I adored it when Angel was that age too :). They're just a delight and are entertaining all day long xx


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