Tuesday, 30 August 2011

No More Park Life

It's only a few weeks since the mindless violence of the riots were splashed all over the media. I avoided taking to my blog about it, I didn't see the point as it would have just got me riled. I was just one of the millions of people who sat open-mouthed at the 'idiots' who thought they were above the law for those few days. I'm just glad Mini Cheddar was young enough to be completely sheltered from the images that graced our TV screens and webpages.

See Saw Marjory Daw
Although there's something that's impacting on her right now that is getting me a bit hot under the collar.

We are lucky enough to live in quite a sought-after area with a lovely play park which is just moments from our house. As residents we pay a management fee for the area we live in which pays for the upkeep of the public areas, the play equipment and insurance of the park. We don't mind, it was something that was part of the house we bought. Mini Cheddar gets so much enjoyment from the park that it pays for itself practically on a daily basis.

However, the day we returned from holiday (14th June) there was a note through the door from the chairman of the management committee to say the park was closed due to vandalism.

It's not the first time. The park was shut last year as someone had damaged the seesaw badly.

Even when the park is open it's subject to the handiwork of the youths. The pictures below were taken before we went on holiday as we played in the park one day. 

However this time it wasn't just stupid graffiti.

They have now taken knives or some other sharp instruments and dug up large chunks of the blue flooring - it's in such a mess.

That was well over two months ago now and the damn park is still shut.

As residents we are responsible for the upkeep of the park which obviously has an impact on the insurance so we've had no alternative other than to close the park until we can put new flooring down. This has to be paid for out of our pot of money.

Access denied
I fully appreciate that the young people of today (man, I sound old) are bored, government cutbacks mean youth services around the country are being closed but is that really an excuse to vandalise young children's play parks? I'm 36 (almost 37 *sob*) so grew up in the 80's - we didn't have the video games or gadgets that the youths of today have but I never went around vandalising things.  

I know I sound all high and mighty, I know I sound like a total 'do-gooder' and I know I sound like a miserable bag but every time we pass the park Mini Cheddar looks so sad and asks me why 'her' park is closed. I'm just frustrated that's all.


Stephanie - Home with the Kids said...

I'd be frustrated too. There's no reason for older kids to vandalize anything, much less the play area the younger ones need.

Melksham Mum said...

That's so sad. Our little park up the road does not escape the pathetic graffiti writing about who has sha**ed who but thankfully the equipment stays safe. I hope your park opens soon x

helloitsgemma said...

I just don't get it - I wish I did? I really don't understand what anyone hopes to gain by such mindless behaviour.
What a shame, how on earth do you explain that to a child. X

Blue Sky said...

No you don't sound high and mighty. As a mum you're in an impossible position when something like this happens and it is just pointless destruction. I hope it gets fixed up soon xx

SaucyB said...

Oh that's such a shame.  I would totally be upset too.  There's a playground in our neighborhood that we share responsibility for too.  If something like that happened here it would feel like such a violation.

Jazzy said...

Oh, I totally understand your frustrations! So unfair, and how youths can go destroy a little kiddies play area like that is just awful. Most likely done late at night? As usual in these circumstances (including during the riots) I find myself asking the Big Question.... don't their parents know where they are? Thats' why you and I, and lots like us didn't vandalise when we were younger. I reckon!

xx Jazzy

mummydaddyme said...

I totally understand your frustrations- it makes me so angry that kids find it funny to do things like this- what is the point and after the initial buzz of doing it they probably won't think of doing it again and they have ruined a source of enjoyment for lots of children.  Grrrrrr.  

Mummy Beadzoid said...

There's no excuse for that type of wilful destruction.  I hate to think of mini cheddar all sad at not being able to do something that we used to take for granted as kids.  Hell, I lived in an economically depressed northern town that has one of the worst reps going for crime, but aside from the graffiti this just didn't happen when we were younger (or not that I remember).  I hope that you manage to get it fixed before long - will the pot perhaps stretch to CCTV? :/ xX

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