Friday, 9 December 2011

An Awesome 12 Months

I can't believe it's almost 6 months since I attended Cybermummy. I still can't believe I signed up to have my photograph taken by Jay and Tara for the Blogger Calendar.  I hadn't even been blogging 6 months at that point so I was in the 'newbie' section.

The calendar has been produced and it's time to bag me one.

So, what's the inspiration for my blog?

In a word, a photographic word that is, it's this:

My little family (soon to be plus another one). 

I took this back in August 2009 (when Mini Cheddar was only 5 months old).  Little did I know that a year and 4 months later I'd dip my toe into the world of blogging, feel the warmth and love and dive straight in head first! 

As a SAHM I felt I wanted somewhere to jot down my thoughts, my feelings, my ramblings, my journey and somewhere to record my experiences with my new family. I never really imagined anyone would even read it, let alone actually enjoy reading it.

Yes I'm coming up to my 1st blogoversary at the very end of this month. I shudder when I look back at my very first blog post 'Three Little Words'...not only because I cringe at how I started my blog but because I've only really achieved 1 out of the measly 3 things I said I was going to do this year. How rubbish am I? Actually, don't answer that.

I've had an awesome 12 months!

I (somehow) made the finals of the MAD Blog Awards for Best New Blog which was totally overwhelming.

My blog also gave me my freelance work which I love so I can keep my CV rolling (and bring in some money) despite being a SAHM.

Blogging has made me laugh, it's made me cry, it's made me excited, it's made me frustrated but most of all it's made me make some amazing new friends, many I've met personally and have all lived up to their blogging personalities.

Since becoming pregnant my blogging has been a bit quieter but it doesn't mean my passion for it has gone, I still adore it so here's to the next 12 months!  Although there will be little 'events' for me this year - I've had to bow out of BritMums Live or Cybher as I'll be up to my eyeballs in nappies and milk.

This was posted to receive one of the fab calendars kindly put together by Jay and Tara. For more info:


PhotoPuddle said...

Happy Blogoversary!!! I didn't realise your blog was so new. But then I really can't believe I've had my blog for nearly two years. Blogging is a fantastic thing, so glad I discovered it!

@c_oreilly said...

Congratulations on your blogaversary - I find is hugely entertaining looking at my first post, which I'd say no-one at all saw at the time, and laugh at how naive I was!  Also well done on the freelance work, I haven't achieved that yet, but I hope to xx

bod for tea said...

Wow hasn't that year just flown by! I can hardly believe it. We started blogging around the same time and I'm so proud of everything you've achieved. Well done you!! *beams* I'm hoping to go to Brit Mums this year, so sorry I won't be seeing you there. Happy Blogoversary xxx

workinglondonmummy said...

what a lovely photo. Hope you are feeling better and that pregnancy is going well! 
I am now 29 weeks rolling into 30 and constantly exhausted. congrats on the blogaversary xx

Sarahmumof3 said...

I love your first post! and maybe you dind't complete your three goals but the end outcome was probably the same you had a fab year!


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