Monday, 23 May 2011

Mini Cheddar Does Peppa Pig World!

On Thursday last week the sun was shining, it was gorgeously warm and we were in good spirits.  Why? Because we were down in Hampshire to visit the newly opened Peppa Pig World at Paultons Family Theme Park!

I know a few of you have asked what we thought so here is a full-on account of our experience.

It was a long drive (240 miles) down to Hampshire on the Wednesday as we live in North Wales - just outside Chester - but it was totally worth it.  We'd been telling Mini Cheddar for a couple of weeks we were off to visit Peppa Pig and she was just as excited as we were - I'm not going to deny it, my husband and I are big kids!

We got to the park at 10am when the gates opened (rides were due to open at 10.30am), collected our tickets and walked towards Peppa Pig World.

As soon as we got there we could see just how lovely it was and the attention to detail that the people at Paultons Park had gone to. The atmosphere was fantastic and the place was immaculately clean. All the music and voices piped around the park just added to the whole experience.  Now we were even more excited.

We had a wander around before the rides opened and first stop was Peppa Pigs House, of course!  Here we could step inside Peppa's kitchen with George, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and Peppa herself and listen to them talk about making pancakes.


Mini Cheddar loved it and just kept screaming "Mummy Pig" or "Daddy Pig" whenever one of them spoke!

Then the rides opened and the real fun commenced.

First 'up' (excuse the pun) was 'Miss Rabbit's Helicopter Flight' where up to 4 people could take a ride. I thought Mini Cheddar would be a little nervous but she loved it - which bodes well for our forthcoming holiday abroad!

What is great about all the rides at Peppa Pig World is they are designed for little kids (and adults) to enjoy and there appears to be literally no minimum or maximum age limit. The only ride that we couldn't go on at the park was 'George's Dinosaur Adventure as Mini Cheddar was about 4mm (achingly close) too short to ride.  I was gutted as it was the one I really wanted to go on.  My husband said I should have gone on it alone but can you imagine what a narner I would have looked?
Nevermind, we settled for a go on Grandpa Pig's Little Train instead.

Mini Cheddar waited patiently for her turn.  She decided she wanted the yellow car at the back and her wish was granted and her and Daddy admired the park on their travels.

I loved watching Mini Cheddars face as she noticed little things around park and would squeal with delight. She was always so eager to go on all the rides too which was fantastic.

Then it was time for a go on the 'Windy Castle' ride which takes you up the side of a castle in a cloud car.  It's fairly obvious from the picture on the left what Mini Cheddar made of it all.

Once up on the Windy Castle we were able to get a great aerial overview of the park...

This is only a section of the park, there's so much more to it.  Like 'Mr. Potato's Playground' which we had great difficulty persuading Mini Cheddar to leave she loved it so much.

Again, the attention to detail and the purpose-built equipment for the real young ones is great. They even have small water fountains where youngsters can pretend to splash in muddy puddles!

There are colourful rainbow pathways that lead you through the park and it is surrounded by little houses and picket fences which make it just adorable.

You can see from the photos how cute it is.

The floor is made from that fake grass which is really soft and spongey - perfect for when the little ones take a tumble which is pretty much inevitable with Mini Cheddar around.

Across from the playground is the largest Peppa Pig shop in the world.  Just be warned - it's lethal letting your kids loose in there.  Even I wanted to buy everything.  Mini Cheddar walked away with a Candy Cat cuddly toy, some stickers and some colouring items but we could have spent so much more!

After a spell in the shop and trying to drag Mini Cheddar away from the array of toys, games and clothes it was time for lunch and what better place to grab a bite to eat than 'Daddy Pig's Big Tummy Cafe' (yes, you read that right).  We were expecting the food to be over-priced (as often found in theme parks) but we pleasantly surprised that they had only added on a slight premium for the captured audience.

Call us slightly mad but we decided to let Mini Cheddar run riot in the toddler section of 'George's Spaceship Play Zone' after lunch.

Put Mini Cheddar anywhere like this and she's in her element! I had to go in and retrieve her (and the large smelly deposit in her nappy) in the end.

The park provides good toilets and baby change facilities.  I loved how the toilets had extra seats that you could pull down for small bottoms. Too cute!

After a clean up it was back out into the sunshine and a chance to try out Grandpa Pig's Boat Ride.  I loved this so much, as did Mini Cheddar.  So my husband and I both had a go to get some good photos. Yes, big kids as I said earlier!

See my bra strap sticking out of my vest top?  Well that bra strap is still visible when I take my bra off now. Must always remember to put sun cream on myself after applying Mini Cheddars!

Then the highlight of Mini Cheddars day...she got to actually meet Peppa Pig and hold her hand.  Too cute.
I bet the poor person in the costume was roasting though.

After so much excitement it was time to head inside Madame Gazelle's School House to join in the class.  Mini Cheddar fitted right in!

Seeing her standing there in the school holding Peppa and George's hand almost made all the emotions of the school form hand-in come flooding back.  See, I told you all I was emotional at the moment!

After lessons it was time for a well deserved ice cream from 'Miss Rabbit's Ice Cream Parlour'.  If only to ply Mini Cheddar with some sugar to keep her going.  Not that she needed it.  I was surprised as she normally has a nap between 1.15pm and 3pm every day but she didn't even start to get crabby at all.  The sheer excitement of the park kept her a happy little bunny and we didn't leave the park until 3pm.

Before we left the park though there was plenty of time to have a go on 'Daddy Pig's Car Ride' where Mini Cheddar could sit in the front and pretend to steer the car around the road (without mowing down Rebecca Rabbit and George Pig!)

We actually went on most of the rides twice during the day and Mini Cheddar would tell us where she wanted to go next.  We only had to queue for about a maximum of 5 minutes which was great, even though we thought it was quite busy for a Thursday in school term.  I would imagine that it will be very busy in the school holidays but the ride turnarounds seem pretty quick.  Also, there is so much going on in the park that I don't think it would be too much trouble to entertain the kids in the queues.

Before we left there was a final chance to go on 'Peppa's Big Balloon Ride' and go "up sky" as Mini Cheddar says.

All the rides are really great and the park has been extremely well planned with clearly a large amount of money put into it.  As I mentioned earlier, the attention to detail is fabulous and there is so much there for the family.  There are also plenty of other rides within Paultons Park itself that there is literally something for everyone.

Tickets can be purchased in advance from Paultons Park website at a reduced rate (children under 1 metre go free) and for a family of 3 you can expect to pay £56.00.  That gives you access to the whole of Paultons Family Theme Park though and we think it's good value for a day out.

I honestly can't fault Peppa Pig World at all. I would go back there in a heartbeat - it's just a shame it's so far away for us. It is definitely worth making the journey though - the pure enjoyment that Mini Cheddar got from the day is so heart-warming. She keeps saying "Go back to Peppa Pig World please".  We just wish we could take her there more often.  If only for this scene afterwards...

Just because it would be rude not to - here are a couple of short videos from our day out!

This is not a sponsored post.  
We did receive free entry to Peppa Pig World but all views,
opinions, photographs and videos are entirely my own.


Rachel and Jemima said...

Awww love it!! Jemima's very jealous and was talking to Freya about Peppa :) We so have to go!! x

This Mid 30s Life said...

I am so glad you loved it!! It is amazing isn't it. We didn't do nearly as many things, we spent so long lining up.

Must admit that reading that got me a bit emotional, how sad is that, but especially seeing the boat ride. My daughter was absolutely beside herself on that one and it's such a beautiful memory.

We'd love to go back. But so many other things in the UK for us to see, and with limited time, I just don't think we'll make it. But I love recommending it to people!

Lauren "Real Housewife" said...

What a fantastic post. Looks like you had so much fun.
We're not really Peppa Pig fans [due to the fact we don't watch it really] but would be very tempted to visit! I can't believe how bright it looks.

And how cute is Mini Cheddar in that first video!! xx

This Mid 30s Life said...

PS: the kids are still asking to go back.

Mummy and the Beastie said...

Ah it looks like you had a fab time! such a great post with lots of photo's. The video's are a bonus. It's so lovely to see their excitement. Imagine Disneyworld!! can't wait to go to such places xx

SAHMlovingit said...

Thanks gals :) We honestly loved it so much.

Lauren - Mini Cheddar isn't a massive Peppa Pig fan...Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her thing but it's cheaper than a trip to Disney World ;) She loved it though and has probably become more of a fan of Peppa Pig now. It's still worth going xx

Mañana Mama said...

Wow that looks SO fun! Must pack a bag and get on the road...

Glad you had a fab time - lovely pictures - Mini Cheddar is really growing into such a lovely little girl (the pic with the ice cream is just priceless).

I Heart Motherhood said...

I've been waiting for this review and it doesn't disappoint and also makes me want to go just for me!! We love all things Peppa Pig in this house and I know Isla would be just as excited as Mini Cheddar. I think a visit in September once baby boy can be left with nany and grandpa is in order!!! The photos make it look fab!

Vickie said...

It looks amazing and so wants to make me go now, shame its sooooo far away :(

Anonymous said...

That looks ACE! LOVE peppa Pig. If we're ever down that way it's a must (although here up North we do have the Cumbra Pencil Museum, housing the worlds largest pencil and an informative video on how pencils are made - something for you to think about there.)Great post x

Stromi said...

it looks absolutely fabulous and I can't wait to go my self. my little lad met Peppa at a party yesterday and was beside himself so i can just imagine his face if we go there.

And your videos are so cute.

Thanks for the info.

HELEN said...

It looks Fab, I really want to take Jack but my other two (10& 8) are not keen on going, can't understand why!
Did you come back the same day or stay over? I was thinking it would be too much for us in one day but if you managed it then maybe we should give it a go.
Great photos & videos

SAHMlovingit said...

Thanks for your comments - it was such a fantastic place.

Helen, the admission price gives you access to the whole of Paultons Park so there is plenty for everyone. We stayed down in Hampshire for 2 nights so we travelled down on the Wednesday morning, had the afternoon down there and then spent the whole of Thursday at Peppa Pig World and returned on the Friday. Definitely worth it.

I did notice there is a premier inn right near the park that are advertising rooms for £30 a night. May be worth looking into?


alysonsblog said...

sounds like a superb trip Heather looks like you all had a blast!

TheBoyandMe said...

Sounds excellent and I *have* to go now! Thanks for the advice.

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Fabulpous, so glad you liked it. We are all looking forward to our return trip already!

Love the dark hair, very pretty.

Mich x

itsamumsworld said...

Aw really glad you enjoyed yourselves. I did a post about our visit a while ago, we thought it was fab too! We're lucky that we only live 20 minutes away, so our 4yo's also been with her friend from preschool as a birthday treat, and I can't imagine that she'll make it through the summer without another visit! x

Vanessa (Housewives Inc) said...

What a great review - thank you. Peppa Pig world is literally about half an hour away from us and we haven't tried it yet. Little Moo is a BIG peppa fan, and now that i've read your positive take on it we'll definitely pay a visit! (I was worried that all the marketing stuff I've seen is hype - but I really want to go now!)

Anonymous said...

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