Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Poo Cycle

He wants feeding.

I feed him.

He poos.

He falls asleep in pooy nappy.

I change him.

He wakes up.

He wants feeding.

I feed him.

He poos.

He falls asleep in pooy nappy.

I change him.

He wakes up.

He wants feeding.

You get the gist. The never ending poo cycle! How you are ever meant to get anything done or leave the house sometimes with a poo cycler is beyond me.

Almost 8 weeks old and crapping for Britain. There should be an award for it...he'd take on every baby in the world and win hands down.

Sometimes we change him thinking he's filled his nappy only to discover it was just a little 'blipper'. Then he's all awake wanting food and afterwards usually fills his lovely clean nappy completely. I'm sooooo going to invent see-through nappies and take them on Dragon's Den. I'm convinced Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis would invest.

Despite the poo there's this...

How can you get frustrated with the poo cycle when he looks like that?

Biased, I may be, but my boy is gorgeous.


Lorraine The Party Times said...

he is gorgeous
amazing that once you have children your life is ruled by pooh, sleep times (for them not you) and meal times (again for them not you!)

HELEN said...

did someone say poo? I can always sniff out a good poo post.... see through nappies, yaay why hasn't anyone invented those yet..genius idea Heather!

tinuke said...

I would gladly invest in your see through nappies!!

Mari said...

And the good news it all works inside that beautiful baby boy - maybe a little too much but all is in perfect working order ;)

Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy said...

He is definitely gorgeous. And you have my sympathies on the poo cycle, my little guy was the same until about 10 weeks when he suddenly stopped pooing all the time and would go once every 3 days or so. But in epic blow-out style. You just can't win!

PhotoPuddle said...

That's the trouble with babies, they're just too cute to stay mad at for long.

And my little boy has a very annoying habit of waiting til we're just about to go out before doing a huge poo that leaks all over his clothes.

Honest Mum said...

That is a cracker of an idea-Theo Paphitis follows my @vickifilm account so I'll put a word in. I've got the crap cycle take 2 to come in Sept-can't wait x

alysonsblog said...

He is totally adorable and blatantly has the perfect mans life, eating, sleeping and sh???ing, is there really much more to any mans life?

Beadzoid said...

awww. Exactly! You can forgive them anything when they're this cute :)

We call the 'blipper's' reconnaissance poos or pathfinders in our house - the minor drones sent before the top dogs attack! :D x

Mummyandthebeastie said...

I am stuck in an endless poo cycle too, my boy just never stops. It's really annoying when they have only done a little bit but you have the nappy off anyway and have to change them. It's really annoying when you have fed them and they have maybe done a poo and had some wind, so you change their nappy...only for the main explosion to happen in the clean nappy! grrr xx

Oh and he is absolutely gorgeous too :-)


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