Monday, 14 May 2012

I'm Really MAD...Again!

I took a blog break last week.

Yes, it was only a week but Tiny Ched and I were full of cold and my freelance work had been catching up with me a bit. I've also been off Twitter and Facebook, choosing to lose myself in the escapism of the photographic loveliness of Instagram instead.

I was completely unaware of something major happening in the world of parent bloggers last week.

The MAD Blog Awards finalists had been announced!

I didn't have a clue.

I wasn't expecting to be shortlisted. I thought it was sheer fluke I was up for Best New Blog last year.

So, imagine my surprise when the very lovely Katie from Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three (she's up for some awards, check her out - she rocks!) wished me congrats on Instagram and asked if I was going to the Awards Ceremony.

I was drinking Yakult at the time (yes, I'm THAT rock 'n roll) and it almost came out of my nose! I headed over to the MAD Awards website, clicked on Best Pregnancy Blog and low and behold there was my name. Wow!

I was over the moon!

Then, almost 24 hours later I got a tweet from the MAD team with a #ff to the Best Baby Blog finalists and mentioning me.

Eh? *confused face*

I went to write a tweet back saying I was 'Pregnancy' but before I did I checked the site as I'd not had chance to go through all the finalists at that point...I'd just headed straight to Best Pregnancy. Sure enough, there I was down for Best Baby Blog too. My baby is only coming up on 7 weeks old. Double Wow!

So, this post is to say a huge....


to each and every one of you who voted for me.

I only have a very tiny number of close friends and family who know about my blog and a small number of followers compared to my fellow finalists so it means such a lot to me that you guys got me through.

The fellow bloggers in my categories are all amazing and I'm feeling like the donkey in a race of pure thoroughbreds. I'm quite sad that a lot of bloggers that I voted for who I assumed would easily make the finals haven't.

I'm under no delusions of grandeur, I haven't a hope of winning and, you know me, I'm not one for asking for votes but hey I'm ecstatic that I've made enough of an impact in the blogging world to make it through to a second consecutive final. I've only been blogging less than 17 months so you have no idea what it means to me.

I love you guys so much.

Thank you once again for making me MAD. Not often you can say that without sarcasm!

Mum and Dad Blog Awards 2012
Vote for your winners above

Tiny Ched and I say THANK YOU!


Lady Estrogen said...

Congrats, again!!
Awwee - look at Tiny Ched. Sooo cute :)

Blue Sky said...

Well deserved and I really hope you do win and yes that pic is just gorgeous xx

PhotoPuddle said...

Congratulations. You definitely deserve this. I think your blog is fantastic!!

Emma said...

Well done you! Love your blog and tiny Ched!

Older Mum said...

Congratulations. Enjoy the moment!

Honest Mum said...

I voted and you totally deserve it, you are utterly fabulous x

Katie said...

Congratulations lovely I have voted for you and I am so glad I was the one to tell you the news! Your blog is fab and your family is gorgeous. That is all! ;) x

Beadzoid said...

Huge congratulations! I actually voted in the MADS (in about 4 categories!) so glad to see one of my choices make it as a finalist :D

Ps you're no donkey;)xx

Jazzygal said...

Fantastic news! Huge congratulations to you and Tiny Ched :-) Whatever happens you'll have a MAD night out!!

xx Jazzy

One Mother's Notes said...

Congratulations and a well deserved nomination :)

Jess P said...

Congrats you totally deserve it :) xxx


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