Tuesday, 11 March 2014

MC Is 5 Today - Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl

I can't believe my daughter is 5 years old today.

What an amazing 5 years it's been.

From korma poop pub embarrassments, hilarious baguette stealing incidents, the cutest voice ever, ultimate tantrums and difficult times of late (to name but a few) she never ceases to amaze me and amuse me.

Everyone she meets is taken with her infectious personality.

She is the most loving big sister ever. She's the most incredibly bright, independent and loving daughter Matt and I could ask for.

We're watching her grow into such a wonderful young girl. It only seems like yesterday she was just a babe in arms.

Every year, month, week, day, hour, minute and second we realise just how lucky we are.

11th March 2009

11th March 2010

11th March 2011

11th March 2012

11th March 2013

11th March 2014

Happy Birthday Mini Cheddar. 
Daddy and I love you 
'to the moon and back'


PhotoPuddle said...

Happy birthday MC. Doesn't she look so grown up xxx

Susanne Remic said...

Ah love her so much! Luka cannot wait to see her this weekend. Hope she had a wonderful day and I know her party will be awesome! See you soon x x x


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