Friday, 28 March 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Little Man

He's 2 today.

I can't believe it.

Doesn't seem right calling him Tiny Ched anymore. He's really growing into a proper little boy.

He loves cars, trucks, diggers, trains, helicopters and aeroplanes. He also has a fondness for One Direction!

He adores his Micro Scooter and has done for the past year. Everyone who sees him whizz past always comments on how he looks too little to be able to scoot so well.

I'm hoping he has the same passion for the first bike we've bought him for today.

His speech is coming on in leaps and bounds and despite being a strong-minded little boy he is the cutest, funniest and most loving little boy we could ask for.

Here's to the coming year. I just hope it goes slow as I don't want to give up my baby boy just yet.

Happy Birthday TC. Mummy and Daddy love you so so much xx

28th March 2012
28th March 2013
28th March 2014


Susanne Remic said...

Ah, I hope he had a really lovely day- see you soon with pressies!
x x x

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I feel privileged being able to watch your children grow and thrive on here. Happy Birthday TC, hope you love your bike xx

SAHMlovingit said...

Aw you're too kind Susanne - you didn't have to buy him anything, thank you. Really can't wait to see you…and not for presents…just to give you a hug as usual xx

SAHMlovingit said...

What a truly lovely comment C, thank you. He does love his bike - although his legs need to grow a bit! xx

Elena said...

What a sweet smile! Bless him x



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