Friday, 28 February 2014

#MeAndMine - A Family Portrait (February 2014)

Confession time!

You know what I'm going to say, right?

Yes. I took this photo yesterday.

On my phone.

A 'selfie'.

I know.

Epic fail!

Although I do have good reason. After the trouble we've been having with MC lately I had decided that this week (it's half term here) I was going to spoil her. I had each day planned out pretty much. Even including a day when I was just going to go out with her, have lunch, let her choose a new outfit and take her to the cinema to see the new Tinkerbell movie. A real girly day.

It all went out the window.

Matt and I were at a wedding on Saturday and MC became really poorly Saturday evening whilst staying with my parents. She didn't get any better and Monday she was even worse so her half term started with a trip to the doctors. A viral stomach bug coupled with a chest infection (needing antibiotics) which was seeing her cough uncontrollably and being so sick at the same time. I knew she was seriously poorly when she just wanted to stay in her bed in a darkened room. With the antibiotics and some TLC, I'm happy to report she's feeling much better (can't you just tell by the photo!) as of yesterday. But our half term plans have been snatched away from us and that makes me sad for my little girl.

She deserved a special time.

However, I've savoured the extra cuddles and downtime with her - I haven't savoured the sleepless nights but I've dealt with them as they are part and parcel of being a parent.

This week Matt has been working from home all week. It's been such a relief to have him here but I had planned for us all to have a couple of hours out together, as a family of four, one day. THAT was when I wanted to capture our Me and Mine photograph.

It wasn't meant to be.

As this post goes live I'll be preparing to travel to Kent with Susanne and Lisa where we'll be staying overnight. We are all attending Matilda Mae Remembers on Saturday morning.

As much as this week has been tough, I've stayed positive because I know just how lucky I am.

dear beautiful


Mama Syder said...

Gorgeous selfie! I love family selfies, so cute. Glad to hear MC is on the mend xxx

Capture by Lucy said...

Absolutely, those selfies are actually so so precious, real life, happy life, family life. I blooming love it! xx

Sarah said...

I actually love this photo. Natural and very happy xxxx

Lucy said...

I'm so sorry your half term plans got written off, but I'm pleased to hear (and see) that she's got her sparkle back now. You certainly look like you're all having fun in that photo. x

LauraCYMFT said...

I love your photo. You all look so happy and the kids look very cheeky indeed!

Jocelyn (@ihavecards) said...

This is a brilliant photo! So fun! Mine's a mobile phone selfie, too, this month, about as natural as you can get, too! #Me&Mine

Lisa said...

I love this photo so much, it sums up your family - happy, silly and there for each other xxx

JessMcGlynn said...

I love family selfies!! It's so natural, and it looks like you are all having a great time together, even if your half term wasn't quite how you imagined x

Charlotte said...

I think it's a fab photo! I might have to turn to my iPhone for this months as my camera isn't working. :( x x


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