Monday, 11 March 2013

4 Today - Happy Birthday Mini Cheddar!

Exactly 4 years ago today I was a woman about to embark on an incredible journey.

That journey was motherhood.

I was about to become a mother for the first time.

Until then I had never realised just how much you could love something so small with all of your heart.

I didn't realise just how much my life was going to change.

For the better.

When I look back over each year I can't believe how much my beautiful baby girl has changed. How she's growing up into a confident, beautiful, intelligent and caring little lady.

Just after her 3rd birthday last year she became a big sister. She's been nothing but loving to her little brother and I trust her completely with him.

The two of them (and their Daddy) are my world.

My perfect world.

Happy Birthday MC. We love you very much xx

11th March 2009

11th March 2010

11th March 2011

11th March 2012

11th March 2013

I've not been blogging much over the past few months and I've certainly not been putting enough of my children on my blog. I want to spend more time documenting their lives so things are going to be different. Recent events have showed me just how much blogging is a world of love and memories.
Watch this space.


Susanne Remic said...

Absolutely beautiful! Hope you have a lovely day

Helpful Mum said...

Lovely post. Can't believe they are four already!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Happy Birthday MC xx

alysonsblog said...

the difference between year one and 2 is just startling isnt it - hope she had a wonderful day, life is never the same after children, they show you so many wonders that you never even knew were missing from your life xx

Christina E said...

A happy belated birthday, MC!!!! What a grown up little beauty :)
(But not too grown up - don't worry, mummy!!!!) ;)

I know what you mean about wanting your children on your blog more - not so long ago I thought the same too - and I think it's a lot easier the older they get - little anecdotes, the things you can suddenly do together....

I think a mixture of a record of your life as a family but also the individual woman that you are makes for a good record. After all, if your children do get to read this later on then they will want to know about what the other side of their mummy that they didn't see, in terms of interests, passions, and so on. x x x

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