Thursday, 7 February 2013

Once Again, I Thank You

Last week we were all really poorly.

It's not often I take to my bed with illness. I think as a mother you have a duty to 'soldier on' regardless. It's something that programmed into you the moment you give birth. You have someone totally dependent on you so illness isn't an option.

Last week though, I was defeated. I spent 2 or 3 days in bed feeling dreadful with this nasty virus that is doing the rounds. I didn't have the energy to blog, I barely had the energy to take myself to the loo. I'm still struggling to recover from it even now.

Anyway, it seems last week The Mad Blog Awards 2013 nominations opened and I missed all the excitement and chatter. I really can't believe it's that time of year again. I think they are earlier this year as I remember it still being at the open nominations stage when Tiny Ched was born 28th March. I was so lucky to be nominated for the Best Pregnancy Blog and Best Baby Blog and was completely blown away when I won the latter.

I checked out the nominations so far this year and someone has very kindly nominated me for Best Baby Blog again (I'm still eligible having a baby born after 1st Feb 2012). So this is a post to say THANK YOU, whoever you are. I know you're not my Mum as I haven't told her yet!

I'm not one for begging asking for votes, it's not my style. Some people do and that's their choice but it's just not something that comes naturally to me. If you enjoy my blog and wish to vote for me then you can do so by clicking on the button below or by visiting The Mad Blog Awards vote page here. There are tonnes of amazing blogs out there though so go ahead...make someone happy. I've still not cast my votes yet - it's going to be tough this year!

MAD Blog Awards

Nominations close at midnight 18th February 2013. 


Looking for Blue Sky said...

So sorry you were so poorly, but hoping you get lots of nominations to make up for it :)

Gemma Kelly said...

Hope you start to feel yourself again soon, I agree about the soldiering on, sick isn't an option with little ones! Good luck, hope you get lots of nominations! Xx said...

What a lovely blog you have got. You deserve to win! You shouldn't be ashamed to ask for votes :)

Anonymous said...

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HonestMum said...

You have a fabulous blog and deserve a win! Voted x


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