Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Date Night With Chiquito's

I have to be completely honest, I haven't been to a Chiquito restaurant in a very VERY long time. In fact, I think it was well over 10 years ago. Almost as long as I've been with Matt. It's his fault! Matt doesn't 'do' Mexican food.

So when the people at Chiquito offered me the chance to try out their tasty new menu I hesitated a little. Matt and I have promised ourselves to do regular date nights and this would have been ideal but I didn't even ask him because I knew what the answer would be. Then I asked myself "Why should I miss out because of Matt?"

I also had a superb idea!

Use it as an overdue GIRLY DATE.

I get to treat a friend and get out for a bit for some adult conversation. Win-win!

My best friend and I don't see each other as often as we'd like. I've blogged before about how different our lives are now and lately she's been jet setting everywhere. We've had one proper night out for dinner/drinks since TC was born, I think. The thing is though, we've been friends for 32 years now and I think we always will be friends - we have too much info on each other for a start!

So, the other week my friend and I headed out for an early dinner date to Chiquito's at Cheshire Oaks. We decided to go early as we were both tired (probably due to the fact we are both 40 next year!) and dealing with lots of personal stuff.

We were shown straight to the table and given a menu.


I couldn't believe how much choice there was on the menu. It was like a book!

It took a while to decide on what we were going to order and we both changed our minds throughout the process.

It was a really extensive menu with a lot of food even Matt "I don't do 'fancy' food" Lucas would have loved. Ha! His loss.

We did have to wait quite a while to be offered drinks. In fact, by the time we were offered these we were ready to place our order. It would have been nice to have had the drinks whilst we looked over the menu.

I was driving (I'm such a good friend!) so my date ordered a White Russian which she was disappointed with as it came in a really small glass. She said it also just tasted like Bailey's (other brands of coffee liqueur are available, obviously!). She said it wasn't worth the £5.79.

But then came the food! Hurrah!

For starters we ordered Peri Peri chicken wings which came with a sour cream dip. They were amazing (really needed a finger bowl though). My friend ordered potato skins which she really enjoyed too.

There was definitely more than enough for a starter and my groaning hungry stomach was very satisfied.

Then came the mains. We'd both taken so long to decide what we were having and my friend changed her mind at the last minute and ordered the same as me. She was glad she did.

We both ordered the South-Western Meatballs and they were amazing.

What's not to like about this?

"Seasoned pork and beek meatballs in our signature tomato sauce served over sliced peppers, onions and Mexican spiced rice. Topped with sour cream, salsa and guacamole".

In a word. Yum!

And, because we were filling our boots we ordered a side of garlic bread with cheese.

Yup, that's how we roll!

So, I bet you're reading this and your mouth is watering? I bet you're also thinking that we couldn't possibly have room for dessert.

Well, you'd be wrong. Of course we ordered dessert...we're not mad!

My friend ordered the Banana Taquito (a whole banana fried in a cinnamon tortilla served with ice-cream). She said it was really nice but a little dry and could have done with some sauce.

I went for the Golden Nugget Cheesecake. Just look at it? Amazing or what? I sent that photo to Matt by text and I found him crying when I got home*

Our bill came to exactly £55. For a 3 course meal, drinks and a side for 2 people I think this is really good and I can't complain about the food or the atmosphere. I'll definitely be considering Chiquito's in the future. I did have a look at their Kid's Menu and it looks really good. I think MC would like it.

If, like me, you've not tried Chiquito's for a while then it's worth checking out their extensive new menu.

Also, it's a lovely reminder for me to make sure I get out more with my friends.

Thanks Chiquito's!

* Not really, obviously.

This is not a sponsored post.  
I did receive a £50 voucher to spend at a Chiquito Restaurant 
but all photographs, words (apart from quoting from the menu), 
views and opinions are my own.


HELEN said...

I can't wait to go in a couple of weeks as i'm going with a friend too! I was going to try the banana but I'm not so sure now.... The meat *cough* horse balls look nice but think I'll give them a miss......

grumpinator said...

We really like it there. They have a really extensive kids menu too and the plateful you get is great! My JC is a huge eater so he always leave with a huge smile on his face x

HonestMum said...

Never been but will try it now, looks great x


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