Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Jugs Like Jordan

Just incase you're in any doubt...THIS ISN'T ME!
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If you've found this blog post via a Google search of the title, then I'm afraid you're going to be bitterly disappointed...and shame on you! *shakes head and tuts loudly*

Yes I'm breast feeding again.

I breast fed Mini Cheddar and was 'large' when my milk came in but jeez...this time...

This time my jugs were epic.

I don't think it helps that Baby E is a lazy little bugger. When my milk came in after I had MC, every time she fed it was like it was the last feed she'd ever have in her life. Baby E just sleeps and sleeps (and no, I'm not really complaining) and so my boobs were just throbbing and huge until my body established the whole 'supply and demand' scenario.

It's wasn't sexy, it was just plain awful. I had backache and I couldn't sleep properly. Why anyone would choose to have norks this humongous I'll never know.

I'm dreading post-breast feeding. After these bad boys go what am I going to be left with?

Spaniels ears?

Fruit Winders?

Bungee boobs?

Rocks in socks?

Whatever it is, it ain't going to be pretty but it will be worth it. Feeding my boy is something to treasure - that closeness, that bond...I love it.

So what if my tits head south and start poking out under my least they will be like that with good reason.

In other, totally random news. I have found out I've been nominated for a couple of MAD Blog Awards. Last year I mad it through as a finalist for the Best New Blog which was amazing. I think this year I've been put forward for Best Baby Blog (not sure how as my baby is only a week old) and Best Pregnancy Blog - Yaye! Thank you SO much to whoever voted for me.

If you want to cast your votes for your favourite blogs then click on the MAD button below and make your favourite bloggers go a bit MAD. Feel free to throw me a nomination to if you enjoy my ramblings. My blog address is:

MAD Blog Awards 2012


LauraCYMFT said...

I remember the huge boobs well. I couldn't get over them as I went from a B-C cup to a DD! They aren't that bad now, I just wish along with the big bum and saggy tum I seemed to have kept from post-pregnancy, the huge boobs had stayed too! Congrats on your nominations :)

Kat said...

Oh God, you've brought it all back... The uncomfortable enormity of it all! I was over a size J and there is no way I would ever pay for that amount of discomfort!! I am still hoping they will reduce a bit more but as Squish is now 4 months old I think they have all done with the shrinking thing. I now have very sexy polished rocks in over stretched socks :(  Good luck my lovely. Wishing you love and elasticity ;) x

bod for tea said...

Ahhh I remember it well, breastfeeding giveth and then it taketh away. I was most impressed with my new knockers until the milk came in - OUCH! Unfortunately I ended up with less than I started with *sigh*. Good luck with the Mad nomination - well deserved Mrs :D

Northernmum said...

this is why I am still breastfeeding, I think I will be left with empty carrier bags when I stop!

Anonymous said...

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