Monday, 16 April 2012

Bring Me A Dream (My 2nd Birth Story)

Most of my regular readers will already know from Mini Cheddar's Birth Story and other posts that I had a her by caesarean section. You will also know from my more recent post that I took the decision to have a repeat caesarean to bring my baby boy into the world recently.

My boy.

I'll never tire of saying that. I'm completely in love with him and he's an adorable addition to our family.

His 'blog' name will be Tiny Ched (a play on Tiny Ted) from now on thanks to my Mum and also the lovely Annwen from Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy.

This is his birth story...

I'd had well over a month to prepare myself for my c-section date. Having had a previous caesarean section you would think I would have taken it all in my stride. I didn't. I was unbelievably nervous and anxious - moreso than last time.

Matt and I arrived at the hospital before 8am on Wednesday 28th March (my parents were looking after MC) and were shown to the waiting room. We were still there 40 minutes later (not good for my nerves) when Matt decided to go find someone to ask what was happening. Just then we were called down to our room.

The midwife explained that there was an emergency section taking place and so the 2 planned sections would be delayed. I hoped I would be the first one called through but my chances were slim as the other planned one was a lady who had been admitted overnight.

I was starving! Fasting from midnight when pregnant is not good and I was ravenous. It hadn't been helped by a quick stop at McDonalds for Matt enroute to the hospital (it was my idea so he had something to keep him going).

The midwife returned and told me I was going to be the second elective so I wouldn't be having my section until at least lunchtime.

I was crushed.

A moment later the anaesthetist came into the room to introduce himself. I told him I was ravenous and he said that they would put a fluid drip into my arm to help get something into me. He disappeared and then returned later with a cannula which he inserted into my arm. Then said "Well, you're up - they've moved you forward".

I had no time to think before the room was filled with medical staff introducing themselves. They were all lovely and friendly and were cracking jokes to try and put me at ease. Then I walked across the hallway and into theatre.

Seeing them write my name on the board brought all the memories of MC's birth flooding back to me.

I started to cry.

Our family was about to become 4.

I was about to meet my baby boy.

Two female surgeons had delivered MC and my little boy was to be delivered by two men. One of which was the top consultant who was absolutely fantastic.

I'd been apprehensive that, after the amazing experience of MC's birth, this birth wouldn't be the birth I'd hoped for.

I was wrong.
Fresh out the womb -
the first time I held hands with my baby boy

It was better.

The medical team were just amazing.

I actually felt Tiny Ched being born. I felt him being pulled out of me - something which I hadn't felt with MC's birth. It was incredible.

When he entered the world he certainly made his presence known. He screamed and screamed. Something that MC didn't do (she just poo'ed!).

He was born at 10.44am at 39+1 weeks and weighed a good 8lb 2oz.

His birth song? This was playing on the radio in the theatre the moment he was brought into the world. So I now have two amazing songs that I will always hold dear to my heart for the birth of my beautiful children.

Matt was incredible throughout the birth. He was constantly supporting me and I couldn't have gotten through it without him.

Tiny Ched was passed to me as soon as the cord was cut and we were able to have skin to skin to establish breastfeeding whilst I was stitched up.

MC and TC get to meet (I'm a bit emotional)
That afternoon my parents and parents-in-law brought Mini Cheddar to meet her new baby brother. They all waited in the cafe so Matt and I could introduce the two on our own. It was incredible. I knew straight away I was going to adore being a mummy to two children.

My recovery went well and the next day I was up, out of bed, showered and changed - all before 8am. I knew I wanted to go home that day but I wasn't sure they would let me as normally a c-section involves at least a 2 night stay but they were happy with my progress. I left the hospital just after 4pm that next day and they rest is history. I have arnica to thank for my speedy healing! I swear by it and I'm already driving again.

Tiny Ched will be 3 weeks old this coming Wednesday and it's like he's always been here. He's the world's most contented baby - he sleeps all day and all night. If only MC had been this easy!

He certainly lives up to his birth song.

He's a dream.

My boy


Katie said...

Gorgeous story Heather and your little man is just gorgeous.  Your birth does sound like a dream, as you know my elective c-section was wonderful too.  It is so lovely to read how happy you are- your post exudes this through and through.  Its making me feel a little broody- one is amazing enough, I can't imagine being a Mummy to two. xx

Siân said...

What a beautiful birth story. Tiny Ched seems such a chilled out little boy. I found having a girl a bit of a shock as my son had been such a breeze!

Mummysknee said...

What a lovely story, it nearly made me cry. Your birth sounds ideallic wow, very proud of you mama of two! Well done!

Inside The Wendy House said...

Beautiful Heather!  I'm so glad you had such a positive experience.  Your little man is just gorgeous. Your family of four is obviously bringing you all the joy and happiness that you deserve.  Love to you all! xxx

emmaand3 said...

awww so glad it all went so well and he is totally adorable!

Jennypaulin said...

Awwww what anwonderful post harsher and he is just gorgeous and I love the last photo of you and your two children. You seem to be coping so well and to be blogging too - you are a super mum I hope it continues for you xx

LauraCYMFT said...

Such a lovely post. It's great to hear positive, happy birth stories. He is gorgeous!

PhotoPuddle said...

Oh no, I knew reading this would end up leaving me with tears in my eyes. A wonderful post. So happy for you. Can't wait to meet my little bundle of joy. Not showing any signs of making an appearance yet though.

Lisa said...

Loved reading your story and congratulations on your little boy again! X

Blue Sky said...

Aww he is soo gorgeous, and I'm glad that his birth worked out exactly as you wanted.  And hope that you will be feeling better soon too xx

Ramblings of a Suburban Mummy said...

Beautiful birth story, reminded me of my daughters in many ways. I had a natural with my son and then a planned section with my daughter. Due to severe SPD I was wheeled to theatre in my wheelchair and the experience was in some ways better than I thought and in some ways worse. I know now I should have spoken up and told them it was painful when they were stitching me up but at the time I thought I was being a wimp! But what matters is that Lissy was born safely and I didn't suffer from severe pelvis damage as was the probable outcome of a natural birth. 
She was born to Lady Gagas Bad Romance it made us laught at the time and whenever I hear it I smile and give her an extra special squeeze.

Thanks for the name credit - I think it really suits him! Big kisses from 'Auntie' Annwen xx

Older Mum said...

That was wonderful. I am so glad things went so well for you. The photo of you holding him for the first time is just so lovely. Great to hear he is such a great little sleeper. Welldone you!

farfromhomemama said...

Lovely, lovely story. I'm sooooooo broody after reading this. xxx

Jazzygal said...

Read this with tears in my eyes! Congratulations and welcome to your beautiful baby boy. You have 2 gorgeous children ;-)

xx Jazzy

Beadzoid said...

What a truly lovely birth story and a beautiful photo.  I love a happy ending! :D x

Village Mama UK said...

Glad to hear the full story and that it was all really positive. xx

Claire Toplis said...

Congratulations  lovely lady xx And to hubby too he (helped) x

alysonsblog said...

so so SO happy you got two such amazing birth stories Heather - what a complete blessing your adorable family is - well done you xxx

ScienceSparks said...

What a lovely birth story! Mini Ched is a great name too :-) I'm glad he is being a good boy for you. Emma x

Honeysmunny said...

So cute, congratulations! Im expecting a little boy after already having a little girl, so exciting! Glad youre all ok xxxx

Notmyyearoff said...

Congratulations!! (again!). I've only just got round to reading this but it's so so lovely!! I hope you are all doing well and you've got all your strength back. Xx

Northernmum said...

I just blubbed!

congrats again

Emma said...

And I am crying at the end of this.  Just lovely!  He is so gorgeous as well!  :) 

Michelle Twin Mum said...

I meant to comment when I read this but I was on my phone.  Super post, so glad the experience was good for you.  Very similar sitaution to my 2 sections too.  Mich x

Workinglondonmummy said...

many, many congratulations! I had an elective CS too and similar emotions. Love the pictures especially you with MC and baby boy xxx


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