Tuesday, 30 September 2014

#MeAndMine - A Family Portrait (September 2014)

September has been a busy month. 

Really busy.

It's been a month of birthdays, nights out, days out, meals out and general madness. I feel like I haven't even got time to break wind right now. I'm also on countdown as I'm turning 40 in less than 2 weeks! Eep! I'm going to be revamping the look of my blog to coincide with my birthday too and I have some very special photographs to share. I am really determined to find the time to blog properly again.

Anyway, back to this past past month...

Matt and I have weirdly become closer than I ever imagined over this past month. We've always been incredibly close - we share everything - but this, this closeness is amazing and something I wish I could bottle and sell to every single couple I know right now. We are so thankful for a lot of things too. We have two happy, healthy and beautiful children. We have amazing family and friends and our house move last June was the best move we have ever made. We love our new house and have made some fantastic new friends from our neighbours. We are off for a third trip to Walt Disney World with the children next year and my parents are joining us for part of it too. I could go on.

We've lived in this area together for over 10 years now (I've lived here all my life). We are a stones throw from beautiful countryside, amazing cities and lovely beaches. We have the perfect mix of what we need at this time of our lives. We are also very close to Chester Zoo.

Because of this we have a membership which means we can go along anytime we like. Sometimes we will just go for an hour so the children can visit some of their favourite animals and play on the play ark for a while. We love Chester Zoo and I've written about it before we had a membership. 

What makes it so special now is that we have been watching the new BBC drama 'Our Zoo' which is based on the true story of the Mottershead family who founded the zoo in the 1930's. The series documents their fight to make Chester Zoo work, despite huge opposition from the locals of the village of Upton.

It's fascinating watching the history of a place I love and have known all my life. I was born just down the road from Chester Zoo too so it makes it even more special.

The only bad thing (for us) is that, since the series has aired, Chester Zoo seems to be a lot busier than it used to be. This is a great thing for the animals and conservation work they do though and I'm so pleased the series is such a huge hit. Thankfully, even when it's busy it's still a superb day out. If you haven't been then you should make sure you manage to visit. I may see you there!

I've been to Chester Zoo a couple of times this month with TC and friends but we went there as a family on Matt's birthday weekend. It was perfect weather - not too hot or cold - and there were plenty of animals to see and fun to be had. MC wanted to go on the monorail as she'd never been on it before. I decided that this was to be the setting of our family photo for this month.

Matt decided to yawn on the first take.

Then TC shut his eyes on the second.

But I didn't bother taking a third photo as both of these were enough. They show us as happy and together and that, for me, is the perfect photo.

dear beautiful

This post is not a sponsored post
I wasn't asked to promote Chester Zoo or Our Zoo -
I just love them both


Cariemay said...

I think you've got it spot on - pictures don't need to be perfect to show you happy, and it's the ones with the yawns or the eyes shut that tell more of a story or give more of a clue to personality.

Lauren_W said...

These are lovely. It's clear to see just how happy you are, and that makes me happy. Your relationship with Matt sounds wonderful. You are very very lucky xx

JessMcGlynn said...

These are lovely; I still haven't perfected the 'everyone looking, everyone smiling' picture either! Sounds like you've had a wonderful month too. Hope you have a great birthday :) #meandmine

LauraCYMFT said...

Sounds like you've had a brilliant month. Love these photos.

Michelle at Bod for tea said...

Love that you've had such a fun September - going to the zoo is a great family day out isn't it? We visit Colchester Zoo quite often and it's always fun. Clearly you and Matt have such a special bond - reading your words made me want to run over and give the husband a huge hug! Happy happy happy birthday lovely lady and can't wait to see the changes you're planning over here! X x

Lucy said...

You definitely didn't need a third photo, as you say, these show off your togetherness and your fun day out together just perfectly. It seems like everyone has been having a manic September as go round the Me and Mine posts. Can't wait to see what you're doing to update your blog... how exciting. x


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